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  1. Coming from experience, I can confidently say that psychedelics (and mind-altering substances in general) are NOT a good idea for at least some individuals prone to mania and psychosis. I say “at least some” because I don’t want to pretend as if my personal experiences are representative of the entire bipolar population, but as someone who has foolishly triggered a severe manic episode on more than a couple of occasions (due to the reckless mindset of “maybe this time will be different”), my advice would be to tread with caution when it comes to these substances. I would say if curiosity gets the better of you and you do decide to experiment, the most important thing is to dose low. While the experience may not be as profound as if you took a higher dose, the cost of a manic episode is too dear a price to pay for a more profound experience. Also, you will need to make sure that any medication you’re on doesn’t have any known adverse reactions to the psychedelic that you plan on taking. I know that you said you’re not currently on any medication, but I’m just giving you this heads up in case you do start taking anything again. An example of a potentially disastrous combination that springs to mind is that of Lithium (a commonly prescribed mood stabilizer) and LSD. This can be life-threatening, and triggering a manic episode would be the last of your worries if you had the misfortune of unwittingly combining the two.
  2. @Leo Gura Do you plan on doing salvia at a higher dose in the future to further explore its potential?
  3. Here's an interesting article on stage coral. I'm at stage coral myself (I believe), so I'd be happy to discuss what my day to day life is like. Basically I just don't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks and do what the fuck I want. Well, that's not entirely true because I care deeply and don't judge anyone around me. I literally have zero shred of judgement because I know there is no free will so it's simply illogical to judge anyone. God just plays the 7.5 billion (or infinite sorry) characters and he's doing a masterfully perfect job of it. https://medium.com/@sterlingcooley/coral-meme-spiral-dynamics-level-9-3db412799198
  4. Please don’t lock this thread for trolling, because I think this question is actually helpful and interesting to explore. The reason I ask this question is because I think that there are a lot of enlightened people out there who don’t show any signs of enlightenment. Ram Dass talks about how your mum, who stays at home cleaning and cooking all the time could be enlightened, while you go to some Indian Ashram in the hunt for this elusive ‘goal.’ I listen to a lot of underground rappers on soundcloud and, based on their lyrics, they sound enlightened to me. Enlightenment means you basically don’t give a fuck about anything. Literally. I’m of the personal belief that this term ‘zen devil’ that Leo has come up with is actually an egoic construct trying to impose itself on how an enlightened being should behave. Thoughts?
  5. You are who you are, so just do whatever you want to do in the moment. It’s simple really. I know that it’s not that simple, because the unenlightened mind is befogged with delusion, so it’s not able to live authentically. Authentic living is what enlightenment is all about, however, I believe you can be enlightened yet still not living an 100% authentic life. Self-actualisation is the point you reach when you are living authentically. In my experience, I became enlightened about 2 or so weeks ago, and today when I woke up I had the epiphany that I think I am self-actualised as well. I’m by no means the first to self-actualise (Einstein for e.g was surely) in history or even in this present day. That being said, it’s extremely rare (maybe 1 in 1 million or so). Not trying to beat my own drum, I’m just relaying my direct experiences for you guys as they may be of help. Take it or leave it, it doesn’t phase me
  6. No doubt religion is highly underrated if interpreted in the correct way. I have a highly unique interpretation of the Bible that I think is accurate, that I will go into in detail in a future post but I’m too tired right now aha
  7. @Nahm I agree also. Esther/Abraham Hick’s main message revolves around Law of Attraction. And, what people fail to realize, is that Law of Attraction actually is the FUNDAMENTAL law in the universe. There is no other law that supersedes it.
  8. @zeroISinfinity That is simply false. When God (you), wants you (God) to become God (you). You (God) will become God (you)
  9. The mental masturbation on this forum is rampant. I guess some of us have to masturbate tho, right?
  10. @eputkonen You are correct, although I was more talking on the relative level. Yes, on the absolute level, every day is as good as the last, but on a relative level, each day seems to (non-linearly mind you), ramp up in terms of the pleasure, love, joy and peace that you feel. Because, as Leo constantly re-iterates, there are many, many depths to enlightenment. In my view, there are infinite depths, because reality (God) is infinite.
  11. Food for thought I know it through direct experience, but I just wanted to hear you smart ppls thoughts
  12. @outlandish Yeah man, he was just an alcoholic who happened to be enlightened haha. I’m enlightened and I smoke 50ish cigarettes a day. As Sadhguru says, we have to have at least one vice or we’ll leave the body Nah man, you want the Australian accent (like mine). I’ll make a vid one day and send you it aha
  13. @Inliytened1 Sorry, but the fact of the matter is that I am. Becoming conscious of absolute love is not necessary when it comes to enlightenment (at least in my definition). I never really feel the emotion of love (on rare occasions I have), but love doesn’t have to be all gushy and emotional. Unconditional love, in my eyes, is unconditional non-judgment, and I certainly have that. How can you judge someone that has no free will? You simply can’t, if you’re being purely rational about it (and don’t be so quick to bag out on rationality - use the mind don’t let the mind use you - and all that Jazz ). My definition of enlightenment is the cessation of suffering (as the Buddha taught), and I no longer suffer. As an anecdote, I’ve had a severely swollen ankle the past few days and I’ve been walking and skating with it, and I’ve been in pain, yet not suffering. Of course, being burnt alive or something is a whole ‘nother beast, but I think I would maintain equanimity through that (although it wouldn’t be pleasant). I’m not asking you to believe me. I’m just hoping you see that I am the more you read of my posts ?
  14. @herghly But should you be doing the practice that you enjoy the most or the one that is most helpful? I guess you could argue that the most helpful is the most enjoyable aha
  15. I’ve done one Vipassana retreat around three and a half years ago, and that really kickstarted my journey to enlightenment. I feel as if the body scan meditation is very helpful for releasing bad karma if you can be equanimous with the pain that will inevitably arise. In Buddhism, past karma is called samskaras, and they arise if you’re in an equanimous state, and as they arise, if you remain equanimous, you have just eradicated some past ‘bad’ karma
  16. @Dan502 I work at an Ethiopian coffee shop (it’s chill as ), but I have a strong vision of becoming the best writer and musician in the world. I also want to do pure chemistry at uni in the not too distant future. I’m only young (21).
  17. @Markus An abiding non-dual state is not what enlightenment is. Enlightenment is becoming God on earth (so to speak), and thereby no longer suffering. Does God suffer?
  18. Do you think enlightenment entails the cessation of suffering or not? And if so, why?
  19. I say this because he actually has some profound wisdom for those with eyes to see (I believe he has embodied coral and yellow quite substantially), whereas a lot of people peg him as fairly blue. Don’t be so quick to box someone in just because they are ‘religious’ and conservative. I put religious in quotations because Peterson is by no means a fundamentalist Christian. If you actually listen to his talks on religion, you’ll realize that he has some profound insights to share. What do do you guys think?
  20. @zeroISinfinity You’re funny. I like you ? I would’ve put a ‘❤️‘ but I’m a zen devil, so I’m a cold-hearted motherfucker (although I don’t go as far as to actually fuck my mum ?