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  1. Can you see how this logic also applies to you needing to point out his behaviour in your post? And also in me having to point this to point you out for pointing him out?
  2. This is the truth. We should all investigate the anger in us not the person that the anger is seemingly pointed at. The person has nothing to do with the anger that arises within us. If something we should actually be grateful to the person that is triggering the anger in us for revealing where we still have healing to do.
  3. Well he has the biggest spiritual ego in the scene at least. That's an achievement as well.
  4. Imagine this world if all of these body minds were developers of existence hahaha
  5. You are god mistaking himself to be this separate unit. The suffering comes from this illusion of being separate. There's only one god that is infinite and it includes everything, including you and me and everyone else. The suffering is simply here to wake you up from this dream of thinking you are a separate unit. There is no one who punishes. The god lovingly allows everything to be as it is. There is no god outside of you, you are the god, infinite awareness in which all of this takes place. The suffering is created by you(god) mistaking to be this body and thoughts.
  6. I see. Yes of course the understanding deepens along the way. The awakening is just the beginning. Once you start embodying this that's where the true joy starts to emerge. I see how this way the psychedelics can be quite frustrating for some. As you can get a taste of a deeper understanding, but once you are not having the chemical effect any longer it falls off. You had a glimpse but you lost it. You need a new trip to access it but if your mindset is wrong even then you can't get it. If you progress on this path without the help of substances you can always go back to the same understanding you already had by just simply choosing so. The longer you go the more natural this becomes and it starts to be your natural way to live your life by resting as the awareness instead of pointing the focus to the experience.
  7. His faith is flickering because right now he isn't "god realized" as he puts it. He only gets it with the help of DMT. When your faith is flickering, you get this need to push your ideology to everyone else and try to convince everyone else about it. His ego has shaped itself around these experiences he gets when high. He takes them as personal achievements. There seems to be a lot of attachment to these experiences and states. In reality there is no right or wrong experience or state, they are all perfect and equal, they are all god expressing itself. It's basically no different than a extremely religious person pushing his religion to everyone else saying everyone else's religions are wrong and his is right. This happens because the extremely religious person has bought the teachings in his mind and is not living the truth from his heart. The same pattern applies here. I'm not saying DMT isn't helpful, i'm sure it can be. It's just easy to get attached to the experiences. I'm sure once Leo can see through this it will bring massive spiritual growth with it.
  8. Who is the one that has been more conscious than Shinzen?
  9. You suffer because you resist what is in your current experience. It's that simple. Suffering is very important thing on spiritual path as it works as a sort of an alarm bell. It's the god's way of saying "wake up from your dream". Suffering is caused by attachment to how things should be or how they should not be. This way you are not in alignment with your true nature of consciousness. Consciousness doesn't have any opinion about any life situation. It allows everything to be as it is. It is the finite mind in you that is resisting what is and that is what is causing the inner conflict of suffering. Suffering is completely psychological phenomenon, it's active doing by the mind. You can get free from suffering by surrendering your need to control how things are and just allow them to be how they are. This doesn't mean you shouldn't take action on things in your life. But take the action from place where you are first allowing the things to be as they are. Your true nature is infinite love, it resists nothing. It just loves. Once you align with your true nature it's the end of suffering. Now it's easy to understand this as you should be passive and let people rape each other etc. No this is not what i'm saying. You can take action on surface level of things. I'm talking about the inner acceptance and loving of how things are in your experience. What ever arises, love that. -Matt Kahn
  10. You are already complete, there is nothing to achieve. Believing you are the one that is seeking to achieve something is the thing that is creating the illusion of having the lack in the first place. There is no where to get. There is no state to be achieved. This is it. Just stop.
  11. Yes ultimately there isn't anyone to stop seeking. But from the perspective of the ego there is the seeking. Once you stop the seeking there is no seeker of course.
  12. If you can authentically help other people it's something that works on higher frequencies. You can help other people on most careers. Just put your heart in to it. Helping other people will raise your vibration even more. Egoic goals tend to be very self-centered. You can upgrade many of these kind of goals by turning around the "what can i have" to "how can i help you?".
  13. Spiritual teachings are pointers to the relaxation of the mind. You see, we live in a world where most humans are so lost in their minds that they create their identity of their thoughts. The effort comes from this mind made self trying to achieve something. It can achieve lot's of things. Success, self-improvement etc. This is the one thing that no matter how much effort it puts in, it can not achieve this. The ego can not get enlightened. No matter how hard you work on spiritual practices you will not get enlightened until you stop all doing. However as i said some circling around in effort is often needed at first. Just to realize that this doesn't work. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the story of Buddha, but he put really hard work on his spiritual practices. But only once he stopped and went to full relaxation did he realize the completeness of his being. I'm not diminishing anybody's hard work, as i said it's often needed to work hard to realize that it's not effective. I did my part of hard work as well. But it's not what lead me to realize the nature of myself. It was the stopping of all this effort.
  14. You are mistaking to think that enlightenment is something to reach. Realization of your trueself is totally effortless. However it might seem that there is effort at first. It's complete relaxation. Or complete surrendering. I like how Rupert Spira puts it: It's like having been clenching your fist your whole life, then unclenching the fist seems like there is effort required. But in truth it's just relaxation of the fist. This is not about lying to yourself, it's realizing that you are already enlightened once you stop seeking anything more to add to your experience. What work are you talking about? What could you do? This is no self-improvement. There is no self to improve. The self that we are talking about is already complete. It has always been this way. The only thing that keeps you from realizing this is that you think there is something more to do. And by all means if you feel like you still need to do something to achieve something please do so. You have the freedom to do what you need to do. After you are done doing circles you will come to the point where you can see that no matter what you try to do you can not achieve what we are talking about by doing something. That's when you let go. We all have our own paths of doing circles around in this life. I had my own aswell. For each individual it's different, for some it takes decades, for some it takes years. Sooner or later in this life or next you will come to the realization that there's nothing you can do to make yourself complete. It's the dissolving of the seeker, realizing that you have actually been complete all the time. And that is of no effort. It's non-doing, it's relaxation, it's surrender. It's beautiful.
  15. The point is you can't work this out like every other area in your life. It's true that some seeking is often needed but it also needs to come to an end. There's lots of endless seekers on this path and this post is for them. Many are at the point that if they only would stop seeking something they would realize the completeness of what already is. You can't achieve the knowing of experience. You are the knowing of the experience no matter what you think you are. This path is not about achieving anything. There is absolutely nothing to achieve. The ego wants to achieve things, it thinks something in the future will make it complete. There is no such thing. You are already complete. Ending this seeking is the way to see it. It's relaxation of the mind. It's non-doing. It's effortless. Just stop.
  16. If you are good in sports you are not in control. You are in flow state, the movement doesn't come from the little me. It manifests from the source straight through your nervous system. There's been studies where they monitored the brain activity between pro football (soccer) and amateur players. The results showed that the best players had very minimal brain activity during the game when the amateurs had much higher brain activity. I'm not talking about being passive in life. Quite the opposite actually, once you surrender to your true self is when you are in full control of your life. I was talking to the ego in you when i pointed out that you should give up the control. You are not the ego, the ego is an illusion. You are the life that mistakes itself to be this mind created little me.
  17. This was meant for people who have been spiritually seeking for long time. It's alright if it doesn't resonate with you right now. You are still complete just as you are. There's nothing to be afraid of. The infinite love is what you are. All you have to do is to let go of trying to control your life. Nothing needs to change, allowing this to be as it is reveals the truth. What is blocking you from seeing that you are infinite love is the fact that you are resisting life. You are resisting what you are. You are life, you have always been life. Surrender yourself to god. Let god take the wheel. The little me is like a baby trying to drive a lorry. It can't control it. In fact the baby doesn't even exist, it's an illusion created by the continuous stream of thoughts. It's a story that we tell ourselves and identify with.
  18. I hear this sometimes aswell. Try to surrender to it. The resistance towards it is the problem. Not the sound. You are actively making it in to a problem. Stop that and you are free. (Until you resist something else, and the same recipe works)
  19. Crying is good. Sounds that you are getting good results with what you are doing now so what is the problem you are having? Not being in bliss 24/7? Try to stop more. See what happens if you stop a little bit more? No need to be aware of awareness. Just stop it all. Forget about your spiritual to-do list. Just stop. See what arises? Is there resistance towards it? Stop resisting, let it be as it is.
  20. Just stop, my friend. Just stop. You don't need to make any transformation you are already enlightened. Just let go of all the effort to do any spiritual practices and be still. Don't try to get anywhere just be here as you are. The god is always within you in every moment, all you have to do is let go of control. Surrender to what is now. Every moment.
  21. If you want to do this path seriously you do semen retention abstaining from sex/masturbation all together. Ive been doing it for a while now and it changes everything.