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  1. Guys, I found a great place for Strange Loop memes: link
  2. We are stuck. Why do you choose to believe the traditions and teachers that Enlightenment is possible, yet completely ignore the fact that they all say It's absolute and primordial, meaning it's always here. I mean, not just an 'awakening' experience, but a complete full blown enlightenment. Isn't reality fractal? isn't every awakening experience, much like a shape in the fractal, is just embedded within another shape,? Could it be we are just justifying our own ego trip? @Leo Gura
  3. Listen to your intuition. Journal. Contemplate. or my favorite method,,, EGO-BACKLASH THE FUCK OUT! But don't worry about it, a genuine growth desire might spring from the ruins afterwards.
  4. I have a cycle where I want to see my girlfriend, but she's busy so I break up with her only to come crawling back. This is horrible, in the past month I broke up with her every week and she still accepted me back, I don't know if she's going to accept me this time. I promised i will stop, but the moment she tells me "No, I wanna study at home, not at yours", I get really offended and immediately explode and dump her. I think I understand why it's happening, but the emotion keep coming back and I keep behaving in this way and feeling guilty for my own emotional pain and she doesn't deserve it. Any suggestions? Should I go to therapy? I don't think this is about her..
  5. You have to ask your self what anger is, and how does it relate to consciousness. In my experience you could be very conscious and angry at the same time. Also, the more conscious you are, the more you will LEARN from the angery. Obviously everything is perfect, so don't fall into moralizing about anger
  6. For the people that say "No, it cannot be explained because .." , Can anything be explained? Can science explain gravity? I'm pretty sure the standards you put on explanation consciousness would say no. "Yes gravity is the force that attracts stuff to stuff" - you would say this is valid explanation, but, why is it any different than "Yes, consciousness is the field of information which we are aware of" ? This goes deep, because every explanation can be satisfied on four different dimensions. In my own experience, in objective terms, in cultural, or social terms. You're probably speaking of cultural and social terms. Like, you would say science has explained gravity because it measured and model it, and most important of all, *there is a social and cultural consensus that the explanation is valid* If you find an explanation that works on your own experience, such as "All substance is made of consciousness", this might not work on a social level, because your friend might say, no consciousness isn't substance. Or, the culture will reject it because it has absolutely not value, like Einstein said even if God exists, he is not a factor in the equation, since he is all present, we can just ignore him to eliminate redundant factor. I would recommend reading Ken Wilber, and his Integral approach to this question is quite amazon in my opinion.
  7. How you survive without Beige? It's the only stage that values survival.. I think they're all necessary.
  8. This is a life long practice! So, you need to invest years into experimenting with different techniques. However, if you feel like you can't commit to any particular technique, try to stick to just a few which work for you. And if still, you find you can't even pick just a few, do however many as you like. But do it with complete involvement, and once you meet your `soul mate` technique, get down on your knees and marry it Good luck
  9. papa pls im scurd @Leo Gura
  10. Hi fellow integral fucks I wanted your take on this. In Judaism, most of the practice is about proper attachment, rather then detachment. There are so many guidelines! like 613, some of them are in form of `don;t be a woman`, etc. A third of the Buddha's teaching is about proper attachment, which is the morality part, Sila, which is basically about living life for the benefit of yourself and others around you. I'ts often said, concentration and wisdom( of nothingness) can be mastered, but the morality part cannot be and goes on forever. I'm pretty sure all tradition include some form of `proper` attachment, growing up in Israel, I hated the guts out of the orthodox Jews who were so strict with their Kosher and shabbat and that shit. But now come to think of it, how valuable this can be? Live consciously, any question about the behavior and morality is answered by the holy books, and you just follow and concentrate on being with God on the way. We here, at often here that we are God, but yet to be aware of that, that we are nothing, but the infinite one-ness suchness that prevails all of everything and anything and absolutely infinite and benevolent. Imagine coming to terms with that, physical reality ceases to exist? everything disappears? Every time you have a conversation will you deny everything and claim "No no no, we can't have global warming because there is no planet, and warmth is a dualistic concept" I take a guess that it doesn't happen. We are stuck in this physical dualistic world so long as we are aware of it. So, detach all you want, but perhaps it will be much more beneficial to attach properly, as the Jews do, not necessary in their style, but you get the general idea. Thoughts?
  11. To whom? Your wife? Your children? The bus driver? I think being honest is the lowest common denominator!
  12. It's amazing! In my experience It's difficult to `drive` on shrooms, meaning, I can't guide my trip to meditate, or self inquiry, or anything. I start meditating, but as soon as it kicks in all goals vanish and they start teaching me whatever lesson they think I need to have. Sometimes it's not even a lesson, it's like a HUUGE emotional release tears laughter hysterically..I don't know they have their own unexpected ways. If you can guide them to the inquiry, awesome!
  13. They are apparently different. Fundamentally, all techniques aim at the same thing. "Quieting the monkey mind", "Eternal bliss" "Enlightenment" are like carrots for our donkey. Choose the carrot you prefer most and follow it, see if this path works for you, if not you are free to change it at any point.
  14. Hey guys, I know you're tired of your self-enquiry, so I wrote a script to do it for you #!/usr/bin/env bash while true; do whoami done