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  1. I think that I'm in a similiar position that you are in. I wish I would be doing more with my life. The answer to all of this in my opinion comes down to what causes motivation and drive and that is a persons' psychology (subconscious beliefs, values, etc.). There are ways to change yourself, I'd suggest watching videos and/or books on the subject: , NLP is an area of psychology that often creates subconscious change faster, you could look it up if you want.
  2. Hello, I hope that you are having a great day. Ever since a child I love video games. Art has been always one of my strengths and when I discovered that a person could draw for video games as a profession I felt like something clicked and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I started going to therapy around grade 10 for personal issues (around the time I chose this dream). My main problem was that I couldn't bring myself to do anything (like doing homework, etc.) I spend years wasting time without being able to make myself do anything productive and sometimes nothing at all (only laying in bed for hours). I never took action on my goals and dreams. I finished school and went to art university (with a degree in becoming a teacher) for a year after which I quit (that was a couple of weeks ago). I wanted to switch to a painting degree but that didn't work out. I feel like I'm pushing myself to draw and I know that if I don't love it, I won't succeed and also there is no point in chasing it. It seems that I want to become a concept artist not because I love art, but because I love video games. I never ever considered myself to be an artist. I always saw being an artist as a non-productive profession even though it's one of my strengths (I have that first push that people call talent). I see it as meaningless and with me starting to see video games as a waste of time I don't know what to do. The thing is, I want to love art, I want to see it as something meaningful. Leo, in his latest video said that art raises people's quality of consciousness and that is exactly what I want to be doing in my life, raising people's level of consciousness. But doesn't art do that for a very short time, and isn't it very little contribution in comparison on other jobs like becoming a doctor, a psychologist? Whenever I imagine someone getting another person an art gift I imagine that the recieving end experiences a sense of joy and hightened consciousness, but doesn't the feeling fade and become very small? For quite some time I imagine myself becoming in love with art, I want that to happen. I think that I love my dream so much, because emotional needs (like significance, certainty, uncertainty and others) are associated to it. I learned (as far as I know from Tony Robbins if 3 needs are associated to an idea it becomes addicting). Subconsciously I feel like this profession will give me a lot, when in reality it won't meet my needs if it happens. I think that my number 1 value is contribution, yet I see art and video games as meaningless (mostly). I feel like eithter I need to change and see the value in drawing and video games for others and myself or give up and choose something else. My numer 1 value seems to be contribution, yet I feel that artist don't contribute. Could you please share your views on art?
  3. I think you really helped me with your reply. I would like to ask you, do you think it is possible for a person to add positive (non consumerism) value through being a video game developer and an artist? It seems to me that it is almost a necesity in society to use abuse this consumerism mindset if we are to succeed financially in society (with some exceptions).
  4. Hello everyone, I hope that you are doing great in your life. I wanted to ask, do you believe that meeting other people's needs (when giving them gifts, going on a vacation, playing video games) equal contribution to the other person and therefore to the universe. In this video Tony Robbins talks about how someone he knows earned money by meeting people's needs for significance. So, do you believe that there is a point in eating chocolate, playing video games. A quote by Tont Robbins says: The secret to success is... is no secret. It's called work your Ass off and find a way to add more value to peoples lives than anyone else does! So is giving value a positive or can it trap people in doing meaningless things like playing video games and eating chocolate.
  5. Hello everyone, I hope that you are having a great day. I'm sorry for creating a topic that is heavily influenced from other topics I've posted. I would like to know if video games help society as a whole and people individually. Achieving my life purpose goal means working in the industry and I feel that the industry not only doesn't benefit sociey but also hinders it by wasting people's time. I want to follow my goals but I also want to have a fulfilling, meaningful job. Thank you in advance for your comments Have a wonderful day
  6. Hello amazing people :D, I hope that you are having a great day. I would like to ask you a question regarding my life purpose. In one of his videos, Leo talked about how his passion and calling was the game industry, before he decided to leave it and search for a new calling (mission). I feel that the game industry (concept art) is my passion and purpose, but I don't see how it helps society. I want my personal mission statement to be: I want to devote my life to increasing my and other people's level of consciousness and quality of life and to make the universe a better and happier place. The issue for me seems to be that video games (in my opinion) mostly waste time and don't increase people's conciousness level. My question is, what do you think of video games, is it worth chasing this life purpose and do you think that it fits with my mission statement, or do you believe that it would be more constructive for society if I stop wanting this life purpose and try and find another one, that im just as passionate for, like becoming a therapist or a life coach (im not as passionate about them). Do you think that these things help society more or I would contribute just as much if I become a concept artist ? Im sorry if this topic is very similiar to other ones I've made, I hope this isn't against the rules. I hope you have a great day, thank you for your time reading this.
  7. As far as I can help, there is a technique called the Sedona method, which is used for releasing emotions and feelings. Leo even has a video on it : . I hope it helps ! Have a great day !
  8. @Saarah Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel finally free of resistance after seeing Leo's video about resistance where he talks about the sedona method. I feel like my life could change, thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hello, Im writing about a serious problem that I have in a combination with other things. For years now I have this resistance stopping me from doing things that are important to me. It seems impossible to make myself do my college homework or to brush my teeth, I just quit. I want to change, but don't know how. If we look at things from the standpoint of psychoanalysis I might have a very strong Death drive and a weak libido. I found two books by Steven Pressfield on what I pressume is my problem, except for me resistance has utterly ruined me. The books are named "The War of art" and "Going Pro". What do you think about resistance ?
  10. Hello everyone. In the last couple of weeks I have felt my identity to be falling apart, to deteriorate. This has lead to a major life-changing breakthrough in my life (I think that this has led to it) but now I feel like I've lost my own identity. I no longer feel passion for anything, I don't feel any desire for anything as well. Before I really wanted to become a concept artist and wanted to live the self-actualized life and I also had a stronger moral compass, now I can't feel them, it's as if a part of me is missing, yet... I feel okay, I feel at peace. I also have lost my intuition which helped a lot with drawing, now I simply don't feel it, it's like a guiding hand is lost. Also my knowledge and ability to think have been blurred. It's like my higher sensen and spiritual feelings have been lost. I can still kind of remind myself of them by trying to remember how they felt but only for a very short while and they disappear. What im suspecting is that my level of consciousness (vibration) dropped, or that some of my chakras closed.I also feel small and new ego-driven thoughts [(such as being slightly annoyed at someone, (before... this very rarely happened)]. What do you think, how do I go back to who I was in terms of my motivations, do I try and open my chakras and increase my consciousness. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Have a lovely day and a happy week !!!
  11. Hello , I decided to post this topic in the "Life purpose discussion", I hope that here is it's place. I would like to ask you lovely people what do you think true success to be, im speaking from the idea that contribution is the purpose of life. I'll give you my idea and ask if you believe them to be true? So, Leo said (if I am correct), that our purpose in life is to increase the quality of consciousness, why is that, is it because that is what causes the most change and contribution to others and the world and if that is true, then I suppose that the reason why being a sage is the most successful (contributing) job is because it massively increases the quality of peoples lives and therefore affects and contributes massively to society, life and the universe. This is why I see the entertainment industry as not very meaningful, I don't think that it very often increases people's consciousness? What do you think ? Thank you for your time. I wish you a happy day.
  12. Hello everyone I hope that you are having a great week. Im writing to ask about questions regarding my life purpose. Im still not certain weather or not following my desire to work as a concept artist is what I want to follow even though I thought that art was my passion. I have a couple of questions: 1. What purpose does the entertainment industry have? I see it as pointless and see myself wasting my potential to life a fulfilling life if I work there (the only thing that I feel that the industry does is easily fulfill our needs) , yet I want to work for an important studio like Naughty dog or Blizzard entertainment. I LOVE Video games and at the same time DISLIKE them. I understand that there are more art-like games, and while I love them I still feel like I want to work for the companies that I see as the ones on the top (not because of the money). I seem to be very confused about what I want from my life. I know my values, and yet this dream... this... passion... doesn't fit my values. Truth is that my passion was created before I became more aware of the world around me. So I decided to write in what is most important to me and ask my questions regarding the industry. Value: I want to put contribution first, by that I mean that I want to give to the world, humanity and the universe with all of my abilities and I even believe that maybe it would be best to NOT follow my passion, just so that I can contribute more. ( I now know that following my passion is probably whats best because I'll probably contribute more then). But... what if I can stop my passion and redirect all of my energy towards the most productive path and profession and somehow make THAT my passion. It seems a little bit... weird, wanting to give up my passion, time and desires just so I can fuilfil my most important desire, to contribute, to not waste my life, to live the self-actualized and sage life. I want THAT and yet I want art and the gaming industry. So I want to ask: 2. Can I be a sage and life the self-actualized life AND be in the gaming industry and follow my passion (do they fit), do I have to give them up and find new ones, like psychology for instance ?
  13. I have a dream of making comics as something on the side, thank you for the idea. I have these ideas for a graphic nove (long paged comic) and maybe I could add elements like these to certain characters, actually, now, because of you I had the idea of basing characters on spiritual ideas. I don't know if you remember me, but I was the one that made a topic about weather or not entertainment is a more productive carreer than psychology and am still sort of confused about that. I don't know if this is the place to ask or as a personal message, but do you think that entertainment helps our society? I see it as mostly pointless and meaningless and dont see any part of it in a spiritual society of people, all living their fullest and trying to give to one another love and knowledge.
  14. Hello. Firstly I would like to wish you a happy Christmas and a Happy new year. I would like to ask you a question regarding life purpose. I feel like I have a passion for video games and for quite some time now I want to chase my dream of becoming a concept artist. The problem is that I criticise the industry for contributing to wasting many hours of people's lives. From a different perspective, yes, video games make many people waste their time and energy for things that don't really give anything to the world, but they also help people meet their needs, depending on the game and the player,of course. Another life purpose that I could chase is that of becoming a psychologist, I consider this job to be very positive for society and the world, because I think it very ofter, maybe especially often in psychoanalysis, increases peoples' consciousness level. And considering I want to devote my life to making a better world with more conscious and aware beings this seems to fit perfectly. I consider improving other peoples lives and creating growth the purpose of existence and have seen life like that for a while. I felt great after I saw Leo's video on being a sage because I realised that was what I wanted to be, I just didn't have a name for it. The problem is that I dont know if I want to become a psychologist and don't really have a passion for it. Maybe it's possible to create the desire and passion, but then I feel like I'd have to somewhat let go of art as a profession. My questions are: 1.Will I contribute to society more if I choose my life purpose to be being a psychologist or an artist for the video game industry? 2.What do you think I should do if my focus in life is to give to others and to never hurt? Thank you very much for your time and attention. Have a good day.
  15. Hello everyone, I would like to ask you a few questions. Ever since I was little I love video games, they have given me hundreds, if not thousand of hours of pleasure. The more conscious I become, the more I realise that video games waste my time in this world, they can give me pleasure and maybe even fulfilment, but what is the point of these feelings, if they arent attached to me doing things in the real world. I could feel great after beating a game... but that feeling is meaningless because I didnt actually acomplish anything, the feeling is thicking my brain into thinking ive achieved something meaningful, when I haven't. Lately I've been thinking and I have been wanting to love psychology and art, I see them as things that I can actually use to help others and improve actual lives... thing is, I LOVE video games and WANT to be a part of them, more than psychology or art... So... how can I change, how can I remove my passion for games and create passions for what I want in life. I want to stop feeling this strong desire constantly pulling me towards watching endless YouTube videos about video games and to actually draw and study.... thing is art and study barely give be enough pleasure for me to want to do Im in a position, where I want to desire specific things and stop feeling a strong desire for other things. It's like all my years of my life I've been absolutely programmed to want specific things that are not healthy, that waste my time and it turns out they give me a lot of pleasure and cant stop. Thank you for reading and commenting.