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  1. Yes, thank you, Leo <3 I re-watchef a couple of your videos this past week for a Meta perspective, were very helpful.
  2. @ivankiss Thank you <3 Will check the vids out today. Matt's talks have very comforting meditative quality, perfect in times like this especially.
  3. @mandyjw Thank you <3 I do realize I got caught in the mind-story. And yes, he's here, I feel his presence around and in those moments this soft peaceful calmness comes over. The special connection Max and I shared is beyond the relative, it's indeed eternal.
  4. @Preety_India @DrewNows Thank you, guys, for the comforting and kind words <3
  5. Yes, someone else also suggested I consider volunteering at an animal shelter or get another pet. Time will tell if and when I'm ready. I do have lots of love and care to give, just need the right timing. Thank you <3
  6. @RickyFitts Thank you <3 Yes I've been sitting with my pain and feeling a little better every day. Will try your 'loving attention to resostance' technique and allowing the time needed for healing. I've also used some talk and crying therapy. Work and art projects have been helpful distractions, so is going out in nature more.
  7. Love and hugs
  8. @RMQualtrough Yes, and step 2 is - take 'yourself' out of that belief, aka dis-identify/detach.
  9. Claims like this one is out of touch. Stay grounded, please. Thanks.
  10. @Anton Rogachevski Detachment is non-identification. Indifference is not caring. You can still care while not being attached.
  11. Why wasn't the vaccine made mandatory? If it's optional to take it, why there is so much pressure on those who choose not to take it? Just curious.
  12. Recently started to hear reports that China and Russia are planning for an attack on the United States. Real possibilty or BS media hype?
  13. Hitler made a peace agreement with the Soviet Union right before he sneakily and unexpectedly attacked in the night
  14. @Shin I couldn't fall asleep for a long time after having heard about it. My survivor instinct kicked in strong lol Btw, why would you worry, you live in Europe, not USA ;-)
  15. My mom heard it on a mainstream U.S. tv channel the other day. I will ask her which channel
  16. After 3 days of fasting your body stops craving food, but yes the first 3 days can be hellish. Youd have to use willpower to get through.
  17. @vedame Whats 'left' when a wave realizes it's water? What has always been there all along, no?
  18. Yes. Like, animals don't always have it easy, but they don't conceptualize as in 'poor me'. They don't give meaning to pain or death. They just are, experiencing in that moment without 'thinking' about it.