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  1. 1. God is not real nor it's unreal, it just what is. 2. That Self realization is conceptual. 3. How ordinary it actually is and so very obvious and self-evident, yet most don't 'see' it. 4. No. 5. There was no one to know or have doubts. 6. Relief and peace that transcends all understanding/ the mind. 7. No. 8. My sleep has always been good, before and after awakening. 9. 3 things happened - I left a relationship I was in for 4 yrs, left the church, and quit the job I had had for 18 yrs that didn't really like. 10. No. 11. Infinity. 12. This is it and all of it is 'you'.
  2. This reminds me of one of the definitions of enlightenment as awareness being aware of itself.
  3. @somegirl We attract people of the same level we're currently ourself at. So perhaps raising the bar and working on yourself would be the next step for you. Like working on your shadow, childhood traumas, cultivating healthy self-love, etc.
  4. Love it! What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing
  5. Are there still anger, fear, sadness? Do you see it as evil act or someone's act of love? How unbiased are you?
  6. I'm so slim and trim, calling me fat might come across as a complement actually
  7. The Purple Frog is a species of frogs that was discovered in 2003 in the Western Ghats of India
  8. Yes, same. This work chips away from anger and fear, for sure. Reality is not as threatening as it once used to be.