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  1. A few months before I discovered Leo in 2015, I discovered Noah Elkrief. I can honestly say that this dude changed my life. He started me on the spiritual path before I even knew what spirituality was. His videos are great for everyone, but especially for those who are new to this journey. His teachings are direct and simple. If you just want a little taste of the spiritual path or need help with dealing with your emotions first, his videos are a great starting point. Example videos:
  2. Hey ya’ll! I’m 23 and I was diagnosed with Asperger’s in my teens. Just wanted to know if anyone else was in this community was diagnosed with it. If you are, and this journey feels a bit lonely for you, feel free to private message me
  3. I saw this video recommended on my YouTube feed and it got me intrigued. I was very surprised when I watched the interview. He talks about love, Jesus, and God. Just wanted to know what you guys thought about this interview, and do you think he had genuine reconnection with God? Either way, this is definitely a miracle at work.
  4. This, too, shall pass.
  5. Hmm... dunno what device you have, but I have an iPhone. I was able to simply click the Share icon and choose “Save PDF to Books” or “Create PDF”.
  6. As someone who has high functioning autism, I can say that I used to really close myself off from love (not as a child, but afterwards). However, one of the things that really changed for me was when I watched your “How To Be A Man - Part 2” episode where you talk about owning and accentuating our feminine qualities. I started getting more in touch with that this past year. Just last month, I became friends with a a girl. I can express all my emotions to her and she can really relate to them. We don’t judge each other and accept each other for who we are, but especially the flaws. She even opened up to me about how she is constantly suicidal. She was contemplating suicide one day; the only person she could open up to at that moment was me. Is this one example of love?
  7. I am just curious if any of you (or know someone) that has ever decided to just call it quits after you’ve heard about spirituality, enlightenment, and the practices such as yoga, meditation, psychedelics, listening to satsangs, etc. Either completely stopped or took a break. Not just because you became enlightened and that was it, but you just changed your mind and decided to go back to ordinary everyday stuff like focusing on your job, family, vacation, etc.
  8. @Shadowraix I just realized you’re wearing a seatbelt in your profile picture. That’s a good safety practice my dude
  9. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but giggle a bit that this was @winterknight’s AMA, and now Leo is answering seekers’ questions
  10. Just thought I’d share Leo’s blog entry from July 19, for those who haven’t read it. Just to get a better perspective of where he’s coming from before you criticize him:
  11. @Shadowraix What if you get a bad trip or the therapist obviously knows your on something lmao? Can’t you get into legal trouble? I’m sure the therapist wouldn’t want to lose their job either haha
  12. Yeah, I can relate. I need to get independent with my financial situation. For example, I love buying eco friendly products, but they’re obviously more expensive than big brand. My family mostly supports buying them since I still live with them, but there’s no way I could afford that if I lived on my own.
  13. @Keyhole Wow thank you for sharing. Also, I never heard of the term apophenia before you mentioned it! I looked it up and I can relate to that!
  14. @Shadowraix I’m planning on being high af, but still aware while doing therapy sessions (I’m obviously gonna let them know first). Will report back with my discoveries in the future. I’ve never done this before and every time I’m in therapy I’m still very much in my head and trying to “figure things out” about myself. So this experiment should be an interesting one.
  15. Oh, nice! Have you noticed improvements with how you relate to life? If you don’t mind me asking, could you share a bit more about that? I would say I’m not taking a a full break from it. But I am focusing more on my personal life to get that part stable. It goes hand in hand for me.
  16. I took way too much weed than I could handle a couple times and yeah I had a state like that. For example I observed my dad’s body walking, but instead there was no “me” looking at “him”. Just movements, man.
  17. Psychedelics should be the least of your problems. We are all hooked onto experiences one way or another - caffeine fix, social media, Netflix, fast fashion, the list goes on It’s not the substance or tool that is the problem, it’s how you relate to it.
  18. @Mikael89 When did you start your journey, so to speak? Mine started in about 2015.
  19. I know right? I discovered his channel back in 2015 when I was going through serious mental issues and he literally saved my life and got me on board with this journey (:
  20. Haha, he must have heard our cries. 2 hours after you posted this he’s back baby
  21. I have this sensation every time I meditate and it’s also on my forehead. I’ve asked here about it before, but only a couple people responded and didn’t know what I meant. Do you recommend I focus on the sensation when it arises or let it go? I focused on it today while meditating with eyes closed and things were becoming white-ish.
  22. The app Headspace actually has a group meditation session every hour. Not specifically for the purposes you mentioned, but it’s still nice to know that you’re meditating with others at the same time and place.
  23. @kieranperez Thank you for your well thought out statement. I could really relate to what you said. Maybe Actualized could extend its reach to those with traumas/mental disorders so that they don’t feel left out (perhaps a teacher hired by Leo to work closely with the current Actualized content and have its own channel). As I’ve said before there are many of us who do want the help and are willing to do the work, but we aren’t being guided properly.
  24. What’s your biggest doubt?