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  1. Do you remember mentioning, "To me, John Flores is sucked in the evil twin of enlightenment."? Looks like you don't bode well with the truth. Did you recognize the answer had been in front of your face when you said, "I don't know what 'people make such out to be'... No, please if you'd like explain by yourself what you mean."?
  2. Contemplate: if you seek "enlightenment, that is an act of will which you hold. Therefore that is use of decision and proof of free will. Now, since you exist, obviously a self exists. However, if you classify self as other than you, you are merely treating yourself as a stranger which is contradictory because you are not other than you. The whole "self" thing is you. But I bet as you read that you still read "self" as though that were not you. But you're wrong. The truth about people is that they are a combination of elements which respond according to that which you are subject to. Even your will responds according to its composition. Nothing impossible has ever happened. Therefore existence cannot contradict logic. Even imaginations are existent. They are merely a rearrangement of the things of existence. A unicorn is a mix of a horn, a horse, and the colors of the rainbow. Even concepts do the same thing with words. However, though someone can form the "intention" to do the impossible, that does not mean that intention will work. However, if you treat yourself paradoxically (considering yourself a stranger to yourself) you obviously are struggling against nature which does not favor paradoxes. Naturally your experience becomes hellish because you are trying to build a foundation the wrong way and nature is tearing it down with the use of gravity, wind, and so forth. That is why Paul the Apostle suggested building with truth. consider this: if imaginations and concepts are real, how much more real is that which nature cannot contradict and runs on as a gear? Therefore truth is very real and by treating yourself with a lie you have not abided by that which will please you in the survival of the fittest.
  3. Perhaps you should ponder whether that which you do is as important as you consider such to be. A great advice is: "only commit the necessary and forsake the non-essentials." Of course you may understand just how futile your [ast actions are and boil your idea of that which is essential down to something of use like wisdom, efficiency, beneficiality, and effectiveness. ... I became aware of all of the aforementioned and more by applying the principles stated in the original translations of the Bible.
  4. That's preposterous. If you aren't prepared, how can you help someone else. The Bible obviously states that the "sick need a doctor", not another sick person. But you said, "Enlightened people who focus on self-work don't exist." Perhaps you're right and the only thing that makes you right is that enlightenment isn't the thing people make such out to be. I think you can refer to John Flores who commented before me to understand that which I mean.
  5. I sent a message regarding an option to delete one's account and/or personal posts.
  6. Anyways... let the man make decisions without you. What makes you think you're so wise and yet you don't ask for details before replying. A wise advice is, "Be quick to listen and slow to speak." The names of the books as well as the Author I mentioned likely met the awareness of something in your life and you, perhaps a slave to them, are attempting to make a horrible stand. One book gives advice on how to approach lifestyle and the other reveals an attribute of the things that go on in the realm of things invisible to mere man.
  7. I recommend reading C.S. Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters." and C.S. Lewis's "Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer" Perhaps you should utilize the advice of not to ever make assumptions and to only affirm or deny if the situation is proper.
  8. if the self were separated, it would be like a numb arm. The example of a numb arm is that the arm is actually separate from the strings pulled by the self. It is the movement you can enforce with the numb arm that is caused by you using the strings so that the arm becomes your tool. Similarly, to have another self you must be in unity with it, so that would be like two or so working non-contrarily to each other. What "seems" to be the object of this conversation may either be a question posed indirectly by forces you are familiar or unfamiliar with. Soul exists. Spirit exists. Yes.
  9. If you try to control what you cannot, that is the definition of insanity. You would be trying to move a numb arm expecting something, but that is the definition of insanity. Unless there is another force involved. Thomas Aquinas also explained this in the Summa Theologica when he spoke about how to make something levitate. He said that there must be an additive force. Therefore, miracles are only logical events in nature. To summon them in an attempt to boost your confidence or ego is not the additive force your require. In fact, perhaps some of the witches burned at the stake in england were not witches at all. Perhaps some had wisdom and love.
  10. So the self exists as a combinations of elements which react similarly to those of the universe. Therefore, because the universe is only a name for a body of elements which react in different ways, the universe is not in synchronicity; this explains why someone whose actions are determined by the the reactions of the elements they are moved by can be part of the universe. It also explains why the bible states that there is such a thing as predestination. Every reaction can be tracked to find what will later react to its stimulus to find what lies in the future. Time is a concept. Cause and effect are more complex. Time is simply a matter of identifying the periods during which a cause and effect happen. If you could reverse the cycle of cause and effect, that would be to "go back in time". The Bible explains that the universe operates within the boundaries of logic, "By wisdom the LORD laid the earth's foundations, by understanding he set the heavens in place." Therefore, the question, "Do we live in the best of all possible worlds," is answered by, "Yes." Because the wicked are perishing not by an unjust God, but because the laws of nature do not agree with them so that the elements they are composed of separate and they die. This is why the messiah said, "They will be chopped into pieces and thrown in the fire." Perhaps the fire is to represent an oven with which a new element is born and that is why another area says that the wicked will be ashes under the feet of the righteous. The righteous will prevail because they did not "Rebel against the laws of God." One theologian said, "Nature is grace." Therefore, the stories of the bible make sense. Even Thomas Aquinas mentioned that catholics are wrong to reject the proper explanations given by science. This is because the "fake church" lacks true faith. Now, there is much more proof. But on your question of the self, your notion that you do not choose to react or respond or act is wrong. You are compelled to act due to what you are composed of, and since it is in fact you which is composed of it, you do not disagree. In some aspects, things like the body may act apart from yourself. This is because it is not in fact controlled by yourself. Just like a numb arm that you can barely move, the self only carries out the actions it can do with it. But there are other forces which are at play.
  11. What are you talking about? Of course there is a self. Basically, your choices are as explainable as the manner chemical reactions take place. You are part of the universe. Not that you are one with the universe, but that the elements and existence which compose you serve a purpose and react with other things just like the universe reacts with itself. Just as the universe, what you combine and react will affect your condition. The point is that the elements you are composed of are so complexly combined that your choices seem to be free of the laws of nature (which operate within the boundaries of logic). The fact is that your will is carried out by yourself, and since it is based on chemical reactions, your will blends in with the nature of your elements. This means that your will is in fact in agreeance with the qualities of the elements you are composed of. An "unconscious movement" is when one of your tools (like the body) become detached from the grasp of the self (such as by blood flow or other factors which deem an instrument unusable). The body is only a tool and therefore the detachment of it does not destroy the self. This is why amputation does not kill you if you can preserve the vital members. Knowledge and mind is also a tool, because it can be forgotten (which is like psychological amputation by lack of use and deterioration, this can happen with the body as well considering The superman actor died from sleeping in the same position too long without movement). So, basically, the common idea of free will is that our will can extend beyond the boundaries of nature and logic, but not that we can carry it out if it is impossible to achieve. But the correct information is that our free will can only be exercised within the boundaries of nature. Imaginations and concepts like unicorns are constructed by taking tiny bits of the universe and combining them to form a very existent image. Even the idea of something's reality is copied and pasted and fit to the unicorn's image. But free will is in agreeance and alliance with the elements you are composed of so that your will is like unto as if two chemicals had a consciousness and their only free will was to carry out the logical action. At least, that is the smart manner of going about it. The truth about a lot is that, as infants even, people become familiar with the option of rebellion. They tend to classify the rush they get from it as profitable and safe. It is by copying and pasting the option of rebellion to a natural process that a person can expect a different result than the natural. That is why the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. So basically, its like two chemicals with consciouses who mix with the intention of making what obviously (by logical terms) will not be the result, this being possible by engraining a mindset of rebellion, the attribute learned from parents etc. So the fact is that the things you experience and partake in affect your choices because your character is formed much like how elements mix. If you mix something just right, the idea to commit a specific action may never cross your mind. This is why people search for a sort of "formula" to fix the mind, because it is common sense that they must have a reaction to something in order to be fixed. I know more about the universe than plenty of people. I learned it all based on my method of observing the bible and applying it to other things.
  12. No need for representation, mere fashionable things, and non essential extras. Follow bruce lee's advice and hack away at the non-essentials. Also, do nothing that is useless. If you presented that to someone who desperately need that information, they may turn you away because they don't like "Kali", but if you present the useful information, what can they have bias against?
  13. Keyword, Kali "represents". But a representation isn't what it represents. Forget the mythology and stupid non-essentials and focus on the point. Strong emotion and wonder doesn't equate with convincing truth. There are enough futile traditions in the world and the guidelines for this website is against that afore revealed thing,
  14. It is the explanation before the last which details why Rene Descartes could say, "Each problem that I solved became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems." Because everything in existence abides by logic. In fact, you could say that logic is a sort of string which you can find by comparisons between the things of existence to find facts about one portion of it with another. For instance, reproduction can be used to summarize reproduction and find details of etymology. By combining the likenesses between the two, it is made obvious. A man plants his seed into the womb which is the earth (mother earth) and after laboring hard, the result is the fruit of the womb. Perhaps this is why Miyamoto musashi said, "From one thing, know ten thousand things.", because other riches can be found. In fact, Thomas Aquinas once said, ""All the efforts of the human mind cannot exhaust the essence of a single fly." and this reveals the wealth of existence which is available to find the rest.
  15. The idea is to lower the amount of unnecessary actions yet act only as necessary. The problem with the first one I assembled is that I did not perform necessary tasks simply by not performing the unnecessary ones. However i did identify the unnecessary one's, and by having knowledge of the basics tasks which were necessary I could identify the nature of them to organize a technique which is a map for all useful actions. It boiled down to abiding by logic and not expecting an illogical result, though an illogical result be the aim. It is the illogical result which does not happen during a logical action which is desired, but because the illogical result does not become a reality (nature favoring logic since nothing impossible has ever happened) suffering occurs. Thus it is desire which is the cause of most suffering, and not pain. This is why I found that my senses should be managed more efficiently. So I found that it is logical and beneficial to allow pain (a danger indicator) and resist what causes it. After all, to resist the senses is to be unaware of danger. The same goes with stress, which should not be resisted. Now, the reason why the following method is useful is because it shows people how to manage their body and mind, which they often try to influence in ways which only cause suffering due to their technique. This is why the technique is as follows. Do not seek to better control the mind by relaxing the body. Do not seek to better control the body by relaxing the mind. Do not seek to better control the body by exerting the mind. Do not seek to better control the mind by exerting the body. Do not attempt to influence the mind using the body. Use the mind to influence the mind. Do not attempt to influence the body using the mind. Use the body to influence the body.