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  1. @Matt8800 Damien Echols and Peter Carrol say for sigil magick to work you need to forget about the intention and let it grow in the unconcious while Jason Miller say that it is not the case. What is your perspective on that? Also when it comes to making money do you do divinations to make sure it doesn't turn into black magick? I know Kraig wrote about that being important. I haven't done any casting or sigil magick yet. Been focused on LBPR and Middle Pillar mainly so I wouldn't know but would be interesting to get your thoughts and experiences on that.
  2. @whoareyou When you talk to a relative don't you as an entity communicate with another entity? In the relative sense. You are as much spirit as a machine elf or an arch angel. I am not saying it's still not "divine imagination", in the end it is the grandest masterpiece made out of itself. But is it such a big leap to consider that there are entities not just in this "realistic paradigm" that we are in?
  3. Album of the year. What an amazing band. They usually took 6 years between albums, but this one we got after 13 years. So according to my calculations we should have the next album in 26-27 years.
  4. @abrakamowse Shinzen Young said it took him 20 years to be completely detached from the frustration he would get in trafic and trafic stops. 20. Years. Lol.
  5. I've also had bad headaches on 4-aco-dmt. I think a factor could be lack of water. At least it can soften the headaches quite a bit in my experience. Your body heat increases and you sweat way more than you think
  6. @Matt8800 What do you mean by "local spirits"? And what have you found to be good offerings? I will soon start working with spirits. Been gathering info on evocations but from a Chaos Magic and a more traditional Magick sense. Both styles tend to melt into eachother beautifully in general like you wrote. I've been watching some podcasts with Jason Miller, really resonate with him, and he makes that point as well. The freeing and very non-dogmatic aspects of Chaos Magic merges with the traditional Magick and blends into a very powerful toolset. I have decided to start his 1 year course in some weeks Oh and also. When calling the entity in and you feel the presence. Do you have to make requests? Can you evoce just to be with the deity and establishing a connection? Not talking about doing it for fun and see what happens. But just be present with the deity and be grateful for showing up without neccesarily asking something?
  7. @Matt8800 Is your connection to Hecate distinct from your connection to your guardian angel? When you ask for spiritual guidance from both do you feel you get guidance from 2 entities that are distinctely different from eachother? If you would add another dark Goddess, let's say Kali. Could that create problems? Could your devotion be questioned from any of the entities and create problems for you?
  8. @Matt8800 Very interesting. I will look into his course, thanks
  9. @Matt8800 Just dropping in to say that this thread is just beautiful. I keep getting a lot of very helpful info, books and great advice from reading it. I appreciate the effort you put into this. Thanks
  10. I haven't done rapé together with shrooms. But I have done it together with ayahuasca and peyote. And as far as calming an Ayahuasca trip down it can be true as far as it will help you purge if something wants to get out on Aya but is stuck. Some Shamans use it during the ceremonies while others don't. The Shaman I have been to uses it before a ceremony, during and after, to those who wants it. He describes it as an opening within the opening. And I hear what he is saying. It can really have profound effects if you accept it in your body together with the other plant medicines. It will make stuff more intense for awhile and it might be uncomfortable if there's people around you. Especially if you're gonna start purging. So my advice would be to do it in a secluded area if you are gonna be outside.
  11. @Emerald Thanks, I will check out that book
  12. @Emerald I have just started getting into the Tarot. I have the Hermetic Tarot deck. Beautiful illustrations. Though I bought it for learning to do Divinations and contemplations specifically, Major Arcana. I will probably get deeper into it as I progress. Any literature you recommend on the Tarot?
  13. @ajasatya Interesting. Is this group based on Catholicism like Santo Daime or is it different? What would a typical ceremony look like? If you wouldn't mind sharing.
  14. Cool. I bought the e-book and started reading the opening pages. Seems very interesting.
  15. I believe it is much like a good Tarot deck. The cards themselves don't have any meaning, but they become full of meaning to you once you start playing with them and raising your intuition. So they will start having meaning to YOU, in a significant way. It's a sophisticated system that have a lot depth to it due to how much have been experimented with it over time. You could create your own system, but chances are it will be shallow. Hope that made sense. Same goes for numerology probably, but I haven't looked into it so I don't know.
  16. @Matt8800 Yeah I have no doubt about that. I have seen objects move infront of me aswell. Two noteworthy times were once at a friend. This friend I have known since kindergarten. She actually made a moonharp in school when we were like 7-8 years old. It's now we look back and laugh at how funny and interesting that is. She has always been very special. Anyway, she had an older brother that commited suicide some years ago. I was at her apartment and she was going out to get the laundry. And she had a thing he had painted on the wall. And it bounced from the wall several times. That was less than a month probably after he had died. Another time I was lying in bed and a pet bottle just started moving infront of my eyes. So I guess a clairvoyant would maybe see the actual entity doing these things, right?
  17. @Matt8800 But for the servitor you created with the bullhead and horns. Do you see this servitor visually or is that also more of a knowing for you?
  18. I say both. Listening Bach on DPT are some of the most beautiful experiences in my life. You can see clearly how he constructed the music in a vertical way. Like a master architect but with sound. Can't really describe it with words and it doesn't make sense logically. He was a true mystic. It's also great to turn of all the lights, lay in bed and be taken. So try both. But go for music done by a true artist.
  19. @Leo Gura Well, if we play with the possibility that humans could get the ability to actually materialize stuff in an instant, right before your eyes, I think they would be so incredibly developed that even having agendas would be absurd. The only reports I have seen of this is basically Jesus and Babaji. And by reports I mean other highly advanced beings that have written or passed on reports about it. Make of it whatever you want, I have no idea, I just find it really interesting. If Babaji existed/exists he could supposedly materialize "physical" structures in an instant. So yeah, it seems that you can go deeper and deeper, and the deeper you go the more power you can attain, maybe even changing "physical reality". That is why I also don't think that simply grasping the emptiness gives you a complete understanding(not even close). It seems that the energy/vibration is where the shockingly mystical stuff is and that's what you want to penetrate deeper and deeper into if you really want to get your full knowledge. It also seems to me like this can be highly seductive and if you are not well equipped you can get lost in this mystery. So I want to go in with humbleness and great respect regarding this, but I definitely want to go in. I want to get as full of an understanding as I can get.