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  1. The human population has EXPLODED in the last centuries. So there's gonna be a lot more of everything. Doesn't mean there is a special shift happening. It means a lot more people are awakening because there's a lot more people on earth.
  2. This is a free foundation course in Tantrik Yoga led by practitioner, Tantra and Sanskrit schoolar Christopher Wallis. Tantrik Yoga is an internal yoga originating from the Tantrik Shaivism movement that arose in India over a millenia ago. It emphases embodied awakening and is a path suitable for householders. There will be a 4 year curriculum starting at the end of summer (that is the plan anyway) that will contain 7 facets: Philosophy and View, Awareness Cultivation, Energy body practices, Yogic Lifestyle, Deity Yoga, Mantra Science and Living in the World. This will be a subscription based membership and you pick and choose what you want to work on. So for example, if you just want simply practical teachings and are not interested in Non-dual Shaiva Tantra Philosophy you simply skip the View teachings. It's very cool to see a curriculum being built on this very rich and beautiful tradition.
  3. Yes he moved to Portugal to the newly built retreat center there. Christopher is a great teacher indeed and is making a wonderful job of making these sophisticated teachings accessible to our time and culture. He also has a great Patreon page where he has webinars on (part of) his translation of Abhinavagupta's Tantrasara and works by Utpaladeva and other great sages of the tradition. It's really mindblowing how deep and profound these teachings are when you start to go deeper. Yes, we definitely have our own unique path, I agree. These teachings which have been a huge blessing in my life might be complete dogshit for someone else and vice versa. People have a tendency to want to impose what has worked for them and take for granted it has the same effect on others. But if someone finds this stuff valuable then great!
  4. I never picked up that book. I remember reading reviews on it and something rubbed me the wrong away. I think it was something about the author taking chunks from online sources and putting it in the book.
  5. @Leo Gura Sorry Leo, will find a more suitable thread.
  6. @modmyth I remember seeing a documentary on youtube about DCD and the influence of that Bulgarian choir was mentioned. If I remember correctly she had just began learning that technique and tested it out on The Host of Seraphim and apparently they weren't happy with the result at first and almost scratched it from the album. Which is funny considering it is their most well known track. I had never heard the choir before so thanks for sharing that! That was really good, I will check more of that out. The influence it had on Lisa is really obvious listening to it! Haha, I have never heard his voice being described as a darkwave/goth-ish Frank Sinatra before but that is exactly what his voice sounds like! I could see him playing Frank in a slightly twisted darkened parallel universe kinda movie Zappa is great! I was also the only weirdo being into that stuff as a teenager. Of course, you also take pride in standing out at that age so I used to love wearing the famous t-shirt image of him sitting on toilet taking a crap lol. He was such a gifted musician and so ahead of his time. And seeing old interviews with him on Letterman and whatnot he came across as really clever and good dude. There is this guy on Youtube called Smalin that does visual representations of Bach (and others) music that I have been really into lately. There are a bunch of them now but he was the pioneer and started doing stuff like this in the 70's I believe. It's really interesting to see visually how he constructed his music.
  7. @modmyth That's awesome! Aion is a great album. But I mean every album is. Within the Realm of a Dying Sun is really special to me. Brendan is amazing, very underrated indeed. I mostly resonated with songs where Lisa was at the forefront in the beginning but that quickly changed. But I mean Lisa, wow.. She channels something. I have never heard a voice like that. I love how they mix things up with soundscapes from different eras and cultures to just really well-crafted pop songs. Yeah, Danny is an amazing drummer. But everything in Tool feels just right. You can tell they have a lot of respect for each other as musicians and for the songs in that they let everything breathe naturally and invite each other to do what is best for the song and the composition as a whole. I have two older half-brothers, 7 and 10 years older. The younger of them was into metal and rock. Guns 'n Roses and Metallica and stuff like that. So I always had that around me growing up. The other was into Frank Zappa, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, stuff like that. Some of which I started appreciated when I got older. Nowadays I mostly listen to classical music. Especially Bach (which is Baroque but nowadays falls into the classical category), imo, the most accomplished musical genius and composer ever. Everything aligned just right with Bach. He had naturally gifted musical abilities, was raised in a dynasty of high-level musicians, he was very intelligent AND he was devoted to God which is very apparent in his music. It's just perfect. His violin concertos led me to other composers violin concertos like Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and Brahms which led me to their other works and on it goes
  8. @modmyth Yeah. Whenever I think of Agalloch I think of that passage you posted. It's a beautiful one. Haha no, progressive metal is usually non-aggressive, and when it tries to be it just sounds out of place. Dream Theater was actually the first band I really got into back in 6th or 7th grade. I loved them. For me they haven't held up at all though (except for some songs, like Space Dye Vest, but that is more Kevin Moore's creativity than DT as a band). Progressive metal did get me into Tool though, and that is probably my favorite band (maybe tied with Dead Can Dance). Those 2 bands are great examples of bands that transcends genres, like you said. Even their earliest material still sounds fresh and relevant, and I think that's a testament of truly good artists. Danny Carey is also into the Enochian material, and their work together with Alex Grey is just a perfect marriage. What a great band.
  9. You're absolutely right. Thanks for the input, Carl.
  10. @modmyth I used to listen to Agalloch alot back in the day. Both Ashes Against the Grain and The Mantle are great albums. Yeah that have a gloomy feel to them, as an angst ridden teenager it was very cleansing for me as well. Isis I still adore (to the CIA; the band, not the terror sect). Panopticon is a masterpiece IMO. Cult of Luna is a great band. Salvation and Eternal Kingdom are very good albums that I still play on occassion. For me it vibes very well, bit on the dark side but in a very beautiful way. It is a big music collective with 7-9 members I think. Yeah the bands that has been mentioned are pretty much it for me when it comes to Post-Metal so it is not a huge genre and I haven't really followed it enough to see if there's something new on that scene. It was an introduction for me to Post-rock - Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and God is an Astronaut I especially like.
  11. Yeah, post-metal is the metal genre I go to nowadays. Pelican, Russian Circles and Cult of Luna is high quality metal I completely agree. There is low and high quality stuff in every genre. In classical, in jazz, in pop, in metal. It is more fair to put it it like that than saying a whole genre is a lower art-form.
  12. Well said. Metal as an art form is very broad. There is metal music that is very sophisticated with very high level of musicianship and artistic integrity. Post-Metal is not brute force aggression it has a deep atmospheric element to it with long build ups and crescendos. Death Metal is just over-the-top gore usually with an obvious comedic hint to it often. Much like the splatter film Brain Dead Black Metal in all its subgenres does take itself very seriously usually and there are bands that are probably not that healthy to listen to. There are classical music you can say the same about. Shostakovich's first violin concerto has a demonic vibe to it. Just because you have distorted guitars doesn't make it demonic or aggressive by nature. There is metal that is happy as well. The people I know who are horror movie nerds and go see old classics every weekend are stage green vegans and probably the most non-aggressive people I have met in my life. @Leo Gura I am surprised to hear you that talk so much about nuances and open-mindedness make such broad generalisations and label it as "lower art". It's like listening to Sadhguru talk about psychedelics.
  13. I am not doubting that he had an awakening. However that "Woah, what the fuck you guys!!"-moment whether on psychs or from meditation shows a lack of grounded awakening, that's just how it is. I have had it too, and I even believed my work was done. But identification to the body slowly creeps back. I just didn't jump on a computer and wrote about it. Aww, you even love my ego. That humbleness is amazing. You truly are an angel!! I love your ego as well <3 <3 <3 *kisses*
  14. Healthy red I can think of is Yakuza helping japanese citizens during crisis.
  15. @Jed Vassallo I guess he is orange yeah. But it is hard to label comedians. True comedians/tricksters ideally should stand aside and make fun and provoce people on the whole spiral. But of course they will have preferences and imperfections, but their spirit should be to make fun of the absurdity of it all including themselves. That's why comedians that turn political get so horribly bad.
  16. All these manic "Guys I am enlightened. I LOVE YOUUU" threads really show a lack of groundedness and an unhealthy spiritual ego. Let's see in a couple of months if you are as manically lovey dovey as you are now. Maybe you will end up like some users here and post the same redundant shit over and over again in every thread.
  17. Could be, yeah. Just be persistent and patient and sleepiness will pass with time. It is a fairly common defense mechanism. Also you could try focusing there with your eyes open. Just soften and widen your gaze so the visual field is spread equally while attention is on the third eye.