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  1. "You know the funniest part about doing an office conga line? When you look back and realize you're doing it alone and you're not in an office, you're in a psychiatric hospital."
  2. This is a free foundation course in Tantrik Yoga led by practitioner, Tantra and Sanskrit schoolar Christopher Wallis. Tantrik Yoga is an internal yoga originating from the Tantrik Shaivism movement that arose in India over a millenia ago. It emphases embodied awakening and is a path suitable for householders. There will be a 4 year curriculum starting at the end of summer (that is the plan anyway) that will contain 7 facets: Philosophy and View, Awareness Cultivation, Energy body practices, Yogic Lifestyle, Deity Yoga, Mantra Science and Living in the World. This will be a subscription based membership and you pick and choose what you want to work on. So for example, if you just want simply practical teachings and are not interested in Non-dual Shaiva Tantra Philosophy you simply skip the View teachings. It's very cool to see a curriculum being built on this very rich and beautiful tradition.
  3. @Leo Gura Thanks Leo. Both your latest video (especially the part about love) and this Shunyamurti video has been tremendously helpful and perfectly timed. I am using my time off work (due to corona) spending a huge majority in silence with no external stimuli. Love you.
  4. No, not the competent ones that have truly done the work.
  5. @VeganAwake Isn't it taxing to constantly have to make these threads to seek validation and attention? Why is it so important to be viewed as a teacher and share your "teachings"? Do you understand that you are depleting yourself? I hope you start looking into purification work.
  6. @Guillem12 If Sadhguru said it is useless to learn yoga from a book then Sadhguru is wrong.
  7. @UNZARI Hey. Sorry if this is going off topic but it's very interesting the way you are living. I remember seeing a documentary called Off The Grid: Life on the Mesa some years ago. How does the free food work? What are your obligations to this town so that you can get free food, water and shelter?
  8. I have been eating meat the last 4-5 years and have been sick for 0 days. Must be the meat. Wonderful logic, right?
  9. @Leo Gura So what you are saying is I am imagining you completely. There is no your POV and my POV existing simultaniously and overlapping eachother. Because if there were Leo's POV I would have to be aware of it since I am God, and therefore absolutely omniscient. All you are is a sophisticated character I have dreamed up doing all this deep work that is helping me become aware of what I am?
  10. Lol. Hope the Isha kool-aid was yummy
  11. @Galyna Lol the 2008 financial crisis is childs play compared to the consequences of this. Not even in the same ball park. People seem to have an idea that we will close down society and when it is safe to go out we will carry on business as usual. We will likely see a collapse of the whole economical system. It has happened before and now it is happening again. Old structures are wiped out and better structures will be built. Without Order nothing can exist, without Chaos nothing can evolve Civilization is so frail that it can't handle a lockdown for more than a couple of months. We need something better.
  12. @The Blind Sage You watch your fucking tone (love you too btw)
  13. @Arnold666 You disagree that I don't need to calm prana without having "bad experiences"? Same goes for tons of other people btw. Well alrighty then, buddy.
  14. @Preety_India Thank you Stay safe too
  15. Sweden is following UK's example, while our neighbours Norway and Denmark have closed the borders and schools. Let's see how this plays out. My gut is saying it is probably not the best tactic to keep schools and borders open right now. People hoarding food like crazy. This shows how frail civilization is and how unprepared we are for stuff like this.
  16. DPT + Bach = Words cannot describe. I did that combo for years. I can imagine an artist like Wagner could have profound effects as well. Listening to true artists can really have amazinh effects and is very underrated as a spiritual practice. I like to walk and listen to Bach and let the music flow through the body. It has healing qualities, no doubt about it.
  17. @Arnold666 Who told you this? That guy from the Kriya Yoga thread? And now you are parroting it as a fact? You don't HAVE to calm the prana. If that's what you gotta do then great, do that. I function great on high prana and I "surely" haven't had any bad experiences. I just know how to balance it, after alot of trial and error. Just because one school says you have to calm prana doesn't mean it is a fact across the board. There are householder paths for yoga focused more on the energy aspects as well. Very sophisticated ones that has withstood the test of time.
  18. @sunny33 It sure is. Look at the threads Leo recently locked and you will see how incredibly sneaky the ego is Lots of "prophets" on the forum.
  19. *sniff sniff* smells like shit in here