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  1. Why do you want to delete it? Just don’t visit the forum.
  2. @Julian gabriel I’ve been doing meditation while laying down for the past 6 years, and achieved enlightenment 3 years ago. It works. I never fall asleep since I basically spend all day in bed, so I got used to it.
  3. @Razard86 Are you and @PeaceOut96 the same person?
  4. @PeaceOut96 Just last week no one had ever heard of alien awakening. Then Leo makes a thread about it for the first ever time, and you have the gall to say you had it before him, mr copycat.
  5. @Marvelllious There’s no way back, you’ve seen too much. You might as well move forward and complete the journey.
  6. @EugeneTheSage I would also recommend listening to binaural beats during meditation. It makes it a lot more pleasant.
  7. @Onecirrus Do you know how many times Leo has changed his mind on things. Who remembers the tour that Leo was going to do.
  8. @PepperBlossoms You should read Bart Ehrman. The historical Jesus was as far away from enlightenment as you can get. He was a Jewish apocalyptic preacher, basically teaching that the world was about to end. There’s nothing wrong with reinventing him as an enlightenment teacher, but you should remember it isn’t true.
  9. You’re jealous cause he’s got more hair than you. 😂
  10. @Razard86 If you’re not conscious of something, then it doesn’t exist.
  11. This forum is a graveyard.
  12. ‘Subconscious’ doesn’t exist. You can’t see it or think it. If you can think it, then it is no longer subconscious, by definition. Consciousness is everything, so by definition subconscious doesn’t exist.
  13. @Gabith If you don’t remember it, then it didn’t happen. Take solace in that.
  14. Yes, ‘electrons flowing’ is just a thought. It becomes consciousness when (and only when) you actually see it, which no one ever has.
  15. Time to call out Sadhguru as a mythical-oriented person. He’s regurgitating Hindu beliefs without any critical thought.
  16. If I have psychedelics delivered to my home through some website, what is the chance that the cops will intercept it and arrest me for possession?
  17. Seeking is the only way to become enlightened. Whether you are meditating or taking psychedelics, you are seeking.
  18. There is no such thing as alien. There is only you.
  19. @Lila9 There’s a difference between personality and level of development. Stage turquoise isn’t always affiliative and diplomatic in nature. They can be pragmatic and analytical, like Leo is.
  20. Can you do some blog videos on your recent awakenings? They will be very helpful.