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  1. Unconditional stimulus- BEIGE Conditional stimulus- RED
  2. @Wyeth Life is suffering. Just put your head down and deal with it.
  3. I always thought Russia was more advanced spirally, because of its similarity to Europe. But seeing China nowadays, it makes you think twice. Which is more advanced spirally, China or Russia?
  4. @Preety_India Jesus Christ. You’ve gone through a lot. In the UK, we are extra careful not to offend people of other races. Even a small joke will land us in a world of trouble. I think it’s the same for Canada. Perhaps you should consider moving.
  5. Solipsism is the basics of enlightenment. If you haven’t realised that, you’re still a novice.
  6. @North Sea I’m disputing his claim that It’s not just a ripple. Your experience IS all of consciousness.
  7. No such thing. Your experience is all of reality. There’s nothing else that exists.
  8. They would have had an easier life if they returned to Europe after colonialism ended.
  9. @Stenne If you don’t trust Leo, why are you on this forum?
  10. @Rilles @Preety_India The Middle East and Africa haven’t even made it fully to Blue yet! Unconsciousness ain’t going nowhere.
  11. @Leo Gura From Spiral Dynamics book, “Gorbachev was... personally unable to break free of the BLUE/orange Communist shackles which he had begun to dismantle.” (Page 308)
  12. @Focus Shift The sad truth is that most people are simply incapable of enlightenment work. We need an innovation in neurology to bring the experience of meditation to regular folk. Andrew Newberg is a researcher in this field, but there aren’t many others I’m afraid.
  13. @Leo Gura Don Beck put him firmly at BLUE/orange, which is the second half of Blue.
  14. @Leo Gura If you want to start dating, how about you do some in-person actualized events, after Covid. If you do the tour that you’ve been planning for a while, you will get minimum 50 people as your audience right in front of you. The chances of finding cute single girls as your students will be quite high. Definitely after Covid ends, start the tour.
  15. Why not?
  16. Enlightenment is just a very high level of consciousness. Or a great reduction of your ego and it’s habits. I found it through meditation and self inquiry. More specifically The Work of Byron Katie.
  17. Of course. It was the first thing I did, even before life purpose.
  18. Pursuing enlightenment rather than dabbling with lucid dreaming.
  19. Russians have a strange definition of ‘black’. Some right wing vigilantes were looking for illegal immigrants, and they were cursing at them and calling them ‘black’ among other things. The only problem, that immigrant looked pretty white to me. See for yourself: Go to 2:20
  20. @Brandon Nankivell Evil already doesn’t exist.
  21. No stage Blue person would EVER say that! Dalai Lama is very western. You need to go to China to meet the real stage Blue folks. I’m not familiar with Chinese monks, but if you met them, their attitude would be much closer to this:
  22. @yangmilun Visualisation and affirmation practices.
  23. @neutralempty Give me your proof that meat is harmful.