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  1. Just a reminder, Jimmy Carter who was very unpopular and was defeated by Reagan 489 to 49 electoral votes, was challenged by Edward Kennedy in the primary. Carter crushed Kennedy in the primary.
  2. And they are the ones calling for a national divorce. While Trump was at Maryland for the cpac, guess where DeSantis was. Get ready for your blood to boil: California.
  3. Maryland is an extremely blue state, yet Donald Trump decided to host the cpac conference there. I can only imagine what would happen if Bernie hosted a large democratic socialist conference in Flordia.
  4. I asked you a question on this thread a few years ago. Can your spirit answer mathematical questions? Without using a calculator, answer 3124/43 using your spirit.
  5. It does matter. When has the dnc ever come to a red state?
  7. There is a big problem with this theory. If you look at very urban areas of the country, the major cities, they mostly vote liberal, while the rural countryside mostly votes for conservatives. Plus, if you look at the values of conservatism in the west, they mostly correlate with Orange, while the progressive values mostly correlate with Green. This is undeniable.
  8. Maybe in the short term, but once they are painfully aware that the solutions to their problems is only available in Green, they will have no choice but to grow. Growth is always a painful process.
  9. This might actually be a good thing. Discontentment is one of the conditions necessary for spiral change. All this suffering will force young men out of Orange and into Green.
  10. The reason why Stage Yellow conservatives is possible is because stage yellow contains all the previous levels within it. When someone moves to a higher stage, they transcend AND include the previous level. Hence stage Orange (conservatism) exists within Tier 2. As Ken Wilber says about development: “All of the lower is in the higher, but not all of the higher is in the lower.” This is called a holarchical structure.
  11. Jesus was not enlightened. He was warning that god’s kingdom will physically come to earth. He was a Jewish apocalyptic preacher.
  12. That’s fine, but when you believe that British and German genetics are superior to all others, the pure Aryan Race, that’s when you become a white supremacist. To be fair to Don, he didn’t bring those topics up. The interviewer (a German, no prizes for guessing that) went full nazi and brought up white supremacist talking points, and Don beck agreed with them. A few minutes later he talks about how he helped South Africans against apartheid.
  13. If you go by the notion that German and British genetics (as they said in the video) is superior to all others, then you would have to be against interracial relationships, because the “pure” genetics is being diluted. This is White Supremacy 101.
  14. Yeah, let’s not forget Don beck was raised in the south! I think the most outrageous part of the conversation is when they agreed that the reason why Europe is so advanced is because of their superior genetics! You would’ve thought hitler was speaking.
  15. I didn’t say that most people here aren’t western. I said this isn’t a western forum. If you go by the logic that the forum is what the majority are, this means that this forum is a male forum. Totally Absurd.
  16. This isn’t a western forum. I don’t know how you got that idea. This is a global forum.
  17. These people are wise?! Come on man.
  18. The point is, if the evidence isn’t there yet, don’t be acting like it is. There’s nothing wrong with saying “it’s possible”, but people like Jimmy dore were saying “it’s definitely true”, when there was little evidence, and even worse “they are lying to you!”.