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  1. Every time I feel pain in strong determination sitting I just remember the marathon monks who sit motionless without food, drink or sleep for 7 and a half days, really really helps. In the future I'd like to try it. also, recently I got the brilliant idea of listening to the Neti Neti episode from Leo every time I do strong determination sitting, it passes the time and also I could do self inquiry and meditation in the same time.
  2. I'm no expert but just from what I saw in YouTube comments some people talk about some awesome experience they had and realisations about themselves being everything and they became very happy and stuff and they ask if that was enlightenment, and Leo just flashes a 'no' at them (quite funny ?) anyway just everything I know... btw I'm not enlightened at all so, yeah...
  3. Before I start watching it, what is Adyashanti?
  4. Life is short and I must make the most of it. If you spend your whole life on enlightenment life will be like those monks in China or wherever, which is nice, but I only have one life and I want to do everything possible which means doing everything as quickly as possible. Awareness and stuff is great but there's more to life than just that which means you can't take your time. A rant against lifestyle minimalism.
  5. Those stuff are nice but the point of enlightenment is to come up with those insights yourself right? Just my opinion...
  6. Why not just watch documentaries? In my opinion the era of books is coming to an end
  7. He already talked about the three enlightenments that people have. The first one is that they are nothing. The second one is that existence is nothing. The third one is that everybody else is nothing and existence is nothing so you are everything and everything is you. Quotes from 'All of religion explained in one video'
  8. Life is short I can't spend more than a decade on this I've got more important things to do but it would be nice if I could be enlightened early in my life
  9. The way to get rid of anxiety is by accepting yourself when you are anxious
  10. That's right. In his awareness video he said that 'mushrooms and LSDs won't help you.'