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  1. @Leo Gura I think selling cocaine at the pharmacy is a terrible idea.
  2. I agree that Buddhism is superior to other religions, in terms of higher consciousness. There’s no need to pretend that all religions are equal: they’re not.
  3. But you can’t ignore the increasing number of women that are entering what used to be male fields. Even in philosophy, every year the percentage of women studying it in college just increases. How do you explain that?
  4. What costs have you incurred?
  5. These Trump Supporters are more conscious than we think
  6. Virtually everyone drinks tap water, and they’re fine.
  7. @Tobia They forgot that he himself is a billionaire.
  8. @MsNobody I actually don’t find Leo harsh at all. Just because he’s not Matt Kahn doesn’t mean he’s uncaring. I think there’s a loud minority who’s telling him he is not compassionate.
  9. Do you mean law of attraction?
  10. Sounds more like Green addiction than genuine growth to me. A good rule of thumb is that anything which contradicts rationality and science should be thrown out, the rest can be kept. You don’t have to go to the extreme of replacing father, son and holy spirit with mother, daughter and holy spirit. Christianity should remain in touch with its 2000 year history.
  11. You don’t have to get rid of Christianity, just the mythical and outdated parts of it. Christianity needs to be updated, not destroyed.
  12. Doesn’t sound like you need talking out of Christianity.
  13. As Ram Dass used to say, you don’t need a bus to Detroit if you’re already in Detroit.
  14. I want to understand his psychology, his motivations. However evil someone is, relatively speaking of course, they all have backstories.
  15. If the state becomes permanent, isn’t that a stage?
  16. Inquiring whether your beliefs are actually true or not.
  17. I think meditation (if done the right way) can be more powerful, both emotionally and physically, than any yoga.
  18. @KatiesKarma There’s no need to abandon Christianity. Just add enlightenment and nonduality to your religion, that’s it.