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  1. The ego will die with the body. As you age, it will be more and more painful to live with it. You might as well rid yourself of the ego before that time comes.
  2. @TheSilentObserver It’s a state, and it will pass. After my big awakening in 2019, I was on a high for several months, and I did some very bold things that I can’t do right now. That state will fade in time. Whether it’s for the best or the worst is a different matter.
  3. That ‘precious self’ is exactly what you must get rid of. It’s illusory, false and will die.
  4. @Brahman Focusing on something is becoming aware of it. And as Leo said, awareness is everything.
  5. @mmKay French fries (or chips in the UK) with ketchup and mayonnaise. My tongue is in pain when I think about it. Though not optimal for either mental performance or physical energy.
  6. What about Neale Donald channeling God? Surely he could’ve asked God for the answer to any question he asked?
  7. This would make sense in real life, were someone bursts out laughing, and then apologises. But you purposefully put the laughing emoji, and then apologised when you didn’t have to. This forum isn’t the same as real life. Please don’t forget that.
  8. I wonder why you wrote this down on the post.
  9. Bernie Sanders?
  10. That pain is itself Love, because Love does not exclude any feeling. But it’s hard to call that pain bliss, wouldn’t you agree?
  11. Getting raped is Love. But is it bliss?
  12. My apologies. You should be meditating more in order to calm your monkey mind. Also check out The Work of Byron Katie. Really helps with internal suffering.
  13. Surely you have access to your roof?
  14. But the adults are not in the classroom. Surely they could just deceive the parents somehow? Once one child hits Green, all of his/her descendants will be Green, and it is irreversible. It will yield far more than anything you could do with adults.
  15. @Leo Gura Won’t society advance faster if stage Green people took to the schools to educate the children of Blue/Orange, as kids are spirally open. Surely focusing on children instead of adults will develop society faster?
  16. @Preety_India “What a woman says she responds to, and what she actually responds to, are very different.” I pulled this quote out of a pickup book.
  17. @Emerald And that’s why Leo (and most pickup artists) say not to listen to women for attraction advice. Leo has far more experience in pickup than you do. Sorry, but we know who we will listen to.
  18. Well, attraction isn’t a choice. Nobody chooses their feelings. Feelings of attraction will arise, just like they always have, without your permission.
  19. The chance of that happening is very low, at least in the West. Most people today die of sickness, old age or accidents, all of which are unrelated to honesty.
  20. @andyurb Check Manoj The Yogi on YouTube. He has some good videos on that.
  21. @Hulia Like many girls I’ve seen on this forum, it seems like you feel you’re being sidelined as a woman in this forum, because most of the people here are men. This looks to me like you are not proud of being a woman. Perhaps you’re one of the many girls that wished they were ‘born as a guy.’ Given all the harassment women face in today’s world, I can’t blame you. But this just means a lack of self esteem. You need to work on your shadow of sexism. Restore your pride as a woman. Pride, or self esteem, is necessary to feel better about yourself. You can’t change your gender. Change your mentality.
  22. @mandyjw ‘Waiting for an answer’ isn’t very reassuring. How long should he wait for the answer to come?
  23. @Charlotte Since March, my life changed completely. Unlike most people, this coronavirus time was very enjoyable. There was almost no suffering for the past year. I discovered new things, and am now pursuing things that I wouldn’t have discovered thanks to lockdown.
  24. @Leo Gura According to Don Beck, Iraq, like the rest of the Middle East, is on stage red/BLUE, which is the first half of Blue.