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  1. @Pistachio2 This is what makes girls very attracted to you. You are busy, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on one girl, so the girl must work to get you. Life purpose makes you a ladies magnet.
  2. Again, using absolute truth to dismiss the relative. You won’t stop will you? Neo-advaitan devilry.
  3. @Nahm You are close-minded to the material world. You’re clearly unable to balance absolute and relative truth. Instead of preaching spirituality to others, it seems like you need some spiritual growth yourself.
  4. @Nahm You are making a very basic mistake, mixing absolute and relative truth. If you’re so confident that the brain has no power, why don’t you just consume some arsenic and see what that does for you. It doesn’t matter how enlightened you are, you can’t escape biology. You are using absolute truth to dismiss the material world. This is a novice mistake. We are talking about the rules of the illusory world, which will remain even after enlightenment. Brain chemistry determines the state you are currently in. It matters completely if you want to ask whether someone can or can’t become enlightened.
  5. @Sempiternity You need to be able to resist all the hot girls who will come to your commune and want to sleep with you.
  6. @Onecirrus Not everyone in the prison will be at the same stage. Most likely there are three different stages: Leaders at red/BLUE, and followers at RED/blue and RED/purple. Nobody can live on just one stage. Everyone has two stages running at the same time, one primary (capital letters) and one secondary.
  7. If your brain can’t enter a state of enlightenment, nothing can help you. If someone manages to let those ‘judgemental dualistic thoughts’ go, and attains enlightenment, that proves his brain was capable of becoming enlightened. Someone with the wrong brain chemistry would be unable to do either.
  8. @GreenLight Most people are physically and biologically unable to attain enlightenment. Until there is a revolution in neuroscience, enlightenment will only be for a rare number of people. There are lots of people that enjoy listening to enlightened people, and learning about non duality, just because it helps them escape their miserable lives, but such people will never become enlightened, only because they can’t.
  9. @Godishere Rejection breeds obsession. When someone rejects you, it only makes you want them more.
  10. @Migue Lonas Life purpose is actually the best source of women. If you are out there, impacting people, you will definitely stumble upon women. And usually, they would be the available types.
  11. @Yahya He talks about it here: I watched this video two years ago and I still remember it.
  12. @Leo Gura He will be 78 by then. I doubt he will be able to do much.
  13. Unfortunately it seems to me like the police were more or less doing their job. This video, in my opinion, does not justify the massive black lives matter movement that swept across the world.
  14. And since when did he owe people 12.5k? Helping people is a choice, not a necessity. He’s a businessman, not a charity.
  15. Can drinking tap water cause heavy metal poisoning? I switched from bottled water to tap water after I discovered that the plastic bottle takes away some of the nutrients from the water. But I wonder if tap water is a healthy alternative? Does it contain toxic metals?
  16. @Leo Gura How about batgap? Surely they should be inviting you, since you have a million subscribers, rather than all the nobodies that are interviewed every week.
  17. I was reading an article, were a guy meets racist people, and asks them why they hate black people. Most of the answers given were very similar. It all centered around the stereotype of black people as criminals, not law abiding, and generally speaking very anarchical. They don’t fit into society, don’t behave the way everyone else does, and they give law enforcement a hard time. Whilst most black people living in the west do not fit that stereotype, unfortunately there are many things that work to hold that stereotype. One is the disproportionate number of black people in prison, or are arrested. The other is the lawlessness of many black-majority countries, like most African countries and Haiti. Those countries are predominantly stage Red. What this article showed, is that racism stems from Blue’s hatred of Red, rather than any genetic difference. The difference in skin colour only reinforces that stereotype. Until a significant number of Black people move to stage Blue, it doesn’t seem like racism will be going anywhere. The image of Black people as stage Red must be destroyed before racism ends.
  18. @Leo Gura Everyone makes tea from tap water. So if tap water can cause heavy metal poisoning, then are you saying that most people suffer from it?
  19. There was a time when you could do that. I don’t remember when that function was taken down though.
  20. @mmKay I’ve read that boiling water causes metal atoms to move down, since they are heavier than the water molecules. That’s why crusts grow on the base of the kettle. I’ve been having tea from tap water for as long as I was alive. I don’t feel like I’m suffering from metal poisoning. But who knows.
  21. How about boiling the water on a kettle? Surely that should help remove the heavy metals?
  22. I really enjoyed watching this. Two different cultures working on one project.
  23. There’s a difference between having a body, and being attached to it. The self will be taken away from you. The only question is, will you go through a painful removal or a painless one. That depends on how close you’re holding the self. Think of the self as a plaster. The more attached it is, the more painful the removal will be. It’s best to not be attached to it
  24. Transference is very common with spiritual teachers. If Actualized was a real space, Leo would be having a lot of fun lol. I myself was a mentor for a short time, and already I had three students who were not being very discrete about wanting to follow me home in the evening. I quit because I certainly didn’t want to get involved with them, but they also showed me how much more work I had to do with myself.
  25. The route doesn’t matter. The final destination does. The ego shares the same fate as the body. And the body is extremely fragile, as a countless number of things can put an end to it. You will be living in fear of those things on a constant basis, and the fear will increase as you age, because you have become so attached to the self, and you know it’s time is coming to an end.