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  1. They are tasty because the manufacturers went to such great lengths, adding in many unhealthy ingredients for the purpose of making them tasty.
  2. I wanted to put up an ad for my freelance business, so I went to to put it up there. The guy on the phone spoke passionately about the success of my business if I used this website. But to post my ad on the website, I must pay for an entire year, nothing smaller, and there is no cancellation allowed. Of course there was no free trial. After the guy spoke to me for an hour, convincing me that I would succeed, I signed up. It cost $350 per month, for one year. It’s been four months, and I haven’t received a single phone call. Other websites which were free gave me traffic, but this one, nobody called or inquired about my business. And now I have to spend eight months watching them take my money, knowing that I won’t get anything back in return.
  3. @asifarahim It depends on what you mean by ‘emotional mastery’.
  4. Self-inquiry.
  5. This shows the ego’s power of creating reality. You must now uncreate it.
  6. @asifarahim No, I stopped doing Kriya about 4 years ago. I tried it for a few months after Leo’s videos on it.
  7. @Olivia24 I would question whether it’s really true that he killed himself to begin with. The past is an egoic illusion being created NOW. It’s not real. Wake up from the illusion!
  8. @Zen LaCroix There are many. I did The Work of Byron Katie for several years, it worked really well. There is a section on Leo’s booklist for ‘emotional mastery’. The books there will help you.
  9. People kept thinking I was a woman. @BipolarGrowth Beige is a set of values, which is for the body to survive at all costs. The values have nothing to do with nature.
  10. Then so does suffering. The two are tied together.
  11. @BipolarGrowth Beige has nothing to do with nature. Beige is a state of extreme low-consciousness.
  12. @iboughtleosbooklist Sleep is not a break from suffering. With the ego intact, there is no break. The ego must be dealt with. No other way around it.
  13. @sara373 @hyruga Can you love me if I kick you in the back, in front of your friends, and call you a whore? Probably not. Because the ego is blocking that love. Without an ego, your love would be uninterrupted by such events.
  14. ‘Crazy’ is a societal label. It’s not real. It’s a label that the ego uses to survive.
  15. @BipolarGrowth Is the church aware of enlightenment/non duality?
  16. @sara373 The ego will not allow love to exist. Therefore, the ego must be destroyed first. When the ego is dealt with, love will come by itself.
  17. @Leo Gura Please update us on your health issues. We are waiting for another blog video on that.
  18. Many people have told me that I need to put a lid on something I’m microwaving, otherwise the radiation will somehow affect your food in a bad way. Is that true?
  19. I don’t agree with many things Ben Shapiro says, but it’s hard to disagree with him about this. He is attacking the barbaric and medieval aspects of Islam, which is definitely quite welcome. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is also doing a good job in attacking and exposing orthodox Islam. For once Ben is up to something useful.
  20. @m0hsen There is nothing to know, because nothing is real.
  21. @GabeN Forget about ‘God’. That is just another idea. Right now, all your perceptions are all that exist. Anything that you’re not experiencing right now doesn’t exist. ‘Your current experience’ is what all of reality is.
  22. In this video, George Bush discusses why it isn’t a good idea to leave Afghanistan. What do you guys think about this? Is Joe Biden right about the withdrawal of troops?
  23. @SQAAD This video has got enlightenment wrong. I’m sure Leo would agree with this. The future is imagination, it doesn’t exist.
  24. @Husseinisdoingfine Are you a Shia?
  25. I’m not sure what ‘digestion time’ and ‘poison’ have to do with each other. I once heard this from Sadhguru, totally absurd. Pizza is unhealthy because of the wheat, and other chemicals in there. That’s it.