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  1. What was Leo’s blogpost about the Jews?
  2. @MsNobody Leo can’t even make weekly videos, how will he manage an interview? The Leo of 2015/2016 is gone.
  3. That’s wrong. They want a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. They have stated that so many times.
  4. Hamas had a state, and for 17 years there was relative peace. As for the October 7 attack, the principal motivation was probably the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Remember that Hamas was opposed to isis, and they fought isis sympathisers in the Gaza Strip.
  5. @Leo Gura In Dennis’ interview, he mentioned that he was asked to transport an injured airman to the military base. But why would the military ask a civilian to transport their personnel to a military base? This seems very unusual.
  6. When did Syria expel 850,000 Palestinians?
  7. Hamas is enjoying widespread support among Palestinians, both in Gaza and the West Bank. When Israel withdraws from Gaza, they will simply re-elect Hamas. And if any elections ever take place in the West Bank, Hamas will rule it also. This war has guaranteed Israel will never be safe, since the Palestinians now want Hamas more than ever.
  8. No my friend. October 7th happened because Palestinians didn’t have a state. You were occupying their land. How is it working out for israel?
  9. It was good that you left Gaza, but you didn’t leave the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Remember that the Palestinians are one people, so the people of Gaza also care about what happens in the West Bank. Don’t act like the two regions have nothing to do with each other. If you want peace more than land, withdraw from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It’s really simple. No peace on stolen land.
  10. You’re supposed to give stolen things back, regardless of whether your victim wants peace. You are allowed to defend your land, but you are not allowed to steal the land of others and then demand peace. Israel will remain in conflict until it gives the stolen land back.
  11. Israel was not supposed to wait until the Palestinians love them. As soon as both sides agree to end the war, which they did, Israel was meant to withdraw completely from their land. Instead they established Jerusalem as their capital, and have remained ever since. As for the meeting in Khartoum, I totally agree with them. No peace on stolen land.
  12. So why are you building settlements in occupied land? Occupation after war is meant to be temporary, until you negotiate a settlement and then leave. Yet Israel hasn’t left for 80 years.
  13. @Thought Art Check out the YouTube channel “always in the now”.
  14. Just withdraw to the borders given to you by the U.N. partition plan. Easy.
  15. @Leo Gura Why have you stopped making videos?
  16. @Leo Gura With all due respect, what “groundbreaking intellectual work” have you been doing this year? There have been no videos and no courses.
  17. Because Israel is fighting terrorists and dealing with radicals.
  18. @Leo Gura Why did you stop making videos?
  19. @Leo Gura What? In the Israel-Hamas war, there is no more biased news source than they.
  20. @Leo Gura Why have you stopped making videos?
  21. I’m glad spiral dynamics is finally reaching a large audience. It’s about time it should be mainstream.
  22. @Leo Gura They will set up permanent demilitarised zones across Gaza to ensure the IDF can quickly take down terrorists in Gaza.
  23. @Leo Gura If you want to know the historical Jesus, study the work of Bart ehrman
  24. Or Israeli settlement at all. They want to return to 1948, where Palestine had everything.