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  1. Why did Leo take down the video?
  2. @Leo Gura Why not just post it on your blog?
  3. Nobody but a fool can believe that Joe Rogan is stage Yellow:
  4. How the hell do you know that? She’s not even a real person.
  5. How is that representative of ego? Just because she stimulates your ego doesn’t make her egotistical.
  6. Sounds like what Abraham teaches, that all illness is psychosomatic. They were asked if there was any limit to the body’s healing capabilities, and they replied ‘none’. Then they were asked ‘Then why aren’t people growing new limbs’, and their reply was ‘Because no one believes they can’. I must say it’s a radical teaching, but with significant implications.
  7. How about a leader that steps down when his term finishes. It’s not a difficult thing to do.
  8. @ChrisZoZo There are no planes of existence.
  9. This is pointless. We don’t control our minds. Thoughts come and go on their own. Focus instead on questioning your thoughts.
  10. @happyhappy What’s the benefit of astrology?
  11. Alcohol isn’t bad for your health if you are moderate.
  12. Nisargadatta was a heavy smoker. He lived to 84.
  13. That’s the disadvantage of being in a country with a small population. There aren’t enough volunteers.
  14. He’s talking about doing pickup.
  15. Most fruit juices are full of lead and arsenic.
  16. If you want to live a decent life, cut the sugar out. It’s nothing but a deadly poison.
  17. Rice also contains high levels of lead!
  18. @K Ghoul The problem isn’t about her, it’s about you. You are being neurotic.
  19. I beg to differ. Democracy is the better option for Russia and the world. The ends do justify the means (in this case).
  20. @Tim Ho Don’t you find it strange that Putin won every election for the past 20 years. Whenever a real opponent comes, like alexei navalny, they are poisoned and put in prison. In Syria, they came to the aid of bashar Assad, a man who chemically poisoned his own people. Russia is a force for authoritarianism. They cannot be allowed to win.
  21. It’s not that simplistic. Russia is actively fighting against global democracy. It’s trying to prevent liberalism from spreading around the world.