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  1. @Leo Gura you keep mentioning alien, but what’s the difference between alien and human in absolute truth? How is alien any closer to God than human. Both are forms in relative truth.
  2. That’s what the WIV told the WHO. WHO did not confirm that, In early 2020, there were news reports that workers at the WIV became sick with COVID-like symptoms. Do the math.
  3. I’m not saying this was intentionally spread by the Chinese. Rather that the virus accidentally spread to one of the scientists, and spread from there.
  4. You have some blog posts promoting fasting.
  5. The age of google is over. ChatGPT is the only way forward.
  6. You literally said earlier that they are totally different.
  7. This actually sounds like “women are inferior and secondary to men”.
  8. Yeah, I disagree with the notion of saving only women in an emergency. It just feels wrong to prevent an entire gender from getting the lifeboats, and it also perpetuates a stereotype that women are inherently vulnerable and need to be saved.
  9. My results: 0% hostile sexism, 0% benevolent sexism.
  10. @Leo Gura I disagree that women are more cognitively deficient than men, and it is sexist.
  11. Leo is an INTP, so his soul mate will be an ENTJ. ENTJ women are extremely rare.
  12. It depends on the person’s intentions. If they actually suspected that you had Covid, they are blaming you. But if they are doing it just to make you feel guilty, it’s gaslighting.
  13. A daring prediction regarding the future of former President Trump. As we all know, Trump has a knack for making unexpected comebacks. He is taking a bold stance, predicting that Trump will face criminal charges. This is going to be a fascinating development to keep an eye on!
  14. Nobody is talking about Ayman Zahawi. You’re right about Obama having the key, and bin laden was extremely hated in the US for 9/11. After his death, there was massive celebrations in the streets of many cities. As far as Ukraine goes, it's debatable but I don’t see any military success. In fact many have seen the Ukraine war as a failure of Biden. In any case, it’s better to underestimate the keys, so that you don’t get bummed out if he didn’t get the key, but if he did we can celebrate.
  15. He only has one foreign/military key. He doesn’t have the “foreign success” key and most likely won’t, the last president that had that key was George bush when he defeated saddam hussein. “No foreign failure” is the one he’ll get.
  16. The odds are overwhelmingly in Biden's favor for the 2024 election. With 7 out of 13 keys already secured, he's well on his way to victory. Incumbency, major policy changes, a scandal-free term, successful foreign relations, stable social conditions, and an uncharismatic challenger are all working in his favor. To secure the win, Biden just needs to lock in one more key factor from the final trio: avoiding a third-party spoiler, maintaining a strong economy (both short and long term), or keeping inflation under control. But even if he misses all three of these factors, the Republican nominee still faces an uphill battle. It would take a remarkable turn of events for the incumbent to lose this election.
  17. Using the power of prediction of the 13 keys of Allan Lichtman - a remarkable system that has accurately forecast every election since 1984, we see that whether it's Trump, DeSantis, or any other contender, they will face equal odds of defeating Biden in the upcoming election. But, here's the catch - if the economy continues to thrive (or at least maintain stability), Biden will emerge as the unbeatable victor.
  18. Who would’ve thought that we’d hear any good out of JP.
  19. Your video portrayed you as a beacon of kindness, yet I’m blindsided by your overwhelming egotism, surpassing even my own.
  20. Primary: 1.5, Secondary: 1
  21. @Carl-Richard No. Ti does care about truth. What’s logical to someone is what’s true to them. Te on the other hand only cares about the belief of others.