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  1. Leo’s booklist would be a good start. The health section has some amazing books.
  2. Can someone screenshot the comment and post it here? It will be much appreciated.
  3. But they have evidence that you ordered it, and therefore that you intended to possess it. Can’t they do something with that?
  4. The one episode that is definitely false is the ‘Radical Implications of Oneness’. It is pure falsehood. All of Leo’s videos on awakening are gold, so I was surprised when I saw that one.
  5. You’re right that they can’t exist at the same time. But if there was no such thing as darkness, then why would you need light? Why do you need a lightbulb if darkness doesn’t exist?
  6. If suffering ends, then it’s opposite, which is joy, will also end. Joy can’t exist without suffering, and suffering can’t exist without joy. You either have both, or neither.
  7. Of course Nato is not an angelic society. I’m sure they’ve had their fair share of excesses.
  8. I’m English. I have no connection to either Russia or Ukraine.
  9. Actually, when you invade another country, like Iraq invaded Kuwait, you can. This statement is proof of your bias towards Russia.
  10. @omar30 Bible: “Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.” Quran: “and in no way is the Command of the Hour anything except as a twinkling of the eyes or it is nearer still.” These verses don’t make it seem like the end of times is 1000 years+ into the future. Both Jesus and Muhammad were wrong.
  11. I don’t know why you guys aren’t worried about getting caught. The last time I checked possessing a psychedelic is illegal. If you are ever caught, you’ll go to prison.
  12. @thepixelmonk Some emotional health resources should be pinned to the top of the mental health section.
  13. @Lila9 The dog is a part of you. Therefore you decided when it should die. As to why, it’s because you wanted it to die. Everything in reality happens because you want it to happen. No exceptions.
  14. @omar30 They both falsely predicted it. It’s been 1500-2000 years, and the Earth is still fine. Shouldn’t that tell you something about their accuracy?
  15. @at_anchor As to your question, who said that ‘something’ wasn’t nothing? What’s the difference between the two?
  16. This forum needs better resources for dealing with suicide.
  17. @Leo Gura This comparison you’re making between the Iraq war and the Ukraine war is very deceptive. Saddam was by all standards a criminal, and his regime committed countless atrocities before the US invaded. Ukraine on the other hand is a peaceful country. Their only crime was wanting to join NATO, which was very popular among the Ukrainian public. Russia cannot tell the Ukrainian people what they can and cannot do. Your bias towards Russia and Putin is obvious.
  18. @Leo Gura If Europe invades and conquers (retakes) Africa, will you promise to defend them as much as you are defending Putin right now?
  19. There’s a world of difference between extracting resources from a place, and conquering it. One of them is more permanent. Lol. And Iraq was part of the Turkish empire. So it makes more sense for Turkey to invade and conquer Iraq.
  20. If God doesn’t know ‘something’, then by definition that ‘thing’ doesn’t exist. Hence God is omniscient.
  21. That’s a very bad comparison. It was obvious that America had no ambitions of controlling Iraq in any shape or form. Their sole target was Saddam’s regime. Zelensky was chosen by the Ukrainian people. Targeting him is the same as targeting all of Ukraine’s people.
  22. Even without the mind’s understanding, God is still omniscient. There’s no other viable alternative.
  23. That’s not Putin’s aim. It’s an unavoidable consequence of his actions. But his goal is to conquer the Donbas and Crimea, and thereby have access to the Black Sea for their navy.