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  1. Perception is reality. Rupert Spira says so.
  2. It can take a fair bit of 'stretching' the mind to get closer and closer to an understanding of this, let alone going past the intellect to experience it empirically. Maybe consider digging somehow further into the true nature of reality and what your consciousness actually is. Question the most basic assumptions about existence and consciousness. Try and see them as integral to each other, they are in fact, the same thing. Leo Gura has the video goods on all of this, but you have to open up your mind RADICALLY to get it right, and somehow be eroding and dismantling your intricate web of beliefs. Time to undermine the most basic, obvious, unshakeable assumptions you have always just naturally held as solid and unquestionable. Consider Leo's video episodes; A Rant Against Naive Realism, or the Enligntenment and No-Self videos, and force yourself to ingest the information as literal. The videos can force a major shift if you open up to the pure fact that Leo is speaking completely literally, not in any metaphors or allusions. The mind will pretty much refuse to play..but you are much bigger and much more than mind.
  3. Oh yes, and a trip report would be great if you feel like sharing when you're all 'consensus reality' again lol.
  4. Set & setting can make a nice difference when anticipating altered States. Little things can be fun and very novel and 'enhancing' while tripping through the rooms of a house for the evening or afternoon. Candles, tealights, incense, background music, pre-made smoothies or whatever treats you might go to as you are coming down. Sure, set an intent for your trip, but remember - during your first trip you may be pretty amazed overall at the 'melty', 'morphy', 'warpiness' of most objects appearing in your experience.. don't be surprised if you spend a few hours just being surprised and amazed as your visual field goes for a shit, your body sensations start feeling like you're experiencing them for the first time, and now, rather than just monkey mind, you have flabberghasted monkey mind with technicolour, horizontal mushroom-cloud orgasms bursting euphorically out the back of your head.
  5. Looks like an amazing book actually. I will have to add this to the library, thank you.
  6. Lol, you still the man munching back handfuls of truffles and having the inspiration and acuity to bring forth art! Nicely played, badass, thanks for sharing.
  7. If it was purchased at a store in Amsterdam, maybe it was the mushroom truffles, which are apparently somewhat less potent than the above-ground stems & caps? I don't believe dried magic mushrooms are legal there any longer, whereas they can still sell truffles, which are the underground part of the shrooms I'm guessing. Some twit dove or fell off of a building there a few years ago while on shrooms, hence the ban.
  8. From what I'be been gathering, the subconscious mind is how your body does the things you are unconscious of. Beating your heart, growing your hair and nails, operating your organs, regenerating your cells, on and on. I think our ego patterns and indoctrinated webs of belief are a part of the subconscious system as they inform our body, without us mostly being very aware of this. I think ego has become part of the subconscious, unnecessarily. But I'm often confused.. Also, try to remember what is illusion, in the larger context mind/body is not what you are.
  9. @zazed Nicely put, thanks.
  10. Sometimes, methodically and honestly figuring out what you are not, goes far to reveal what's left after the stripping down. What's left, to the extent in which you realise and allow it to shine, is far, far beyond words. The work to fully realise your true nature, and to begin to truly live from that place, is seen as a path. All the while, the simple fact that you are conscious(ness), and able to ponder anything at all, or just be aware and alive, is the most unexpectedly awesome, unfathomable (almost, phew!), pure mind-splitting miracle. I think unenlightened life is real for most folks. Being something amazing and unbelievable and having no clue that you are that, is the default mode I imagine. Sure, there may be sparks and pointers and clues presented daily, but for many the light never shines through the muck. I do find it a stretch to classify the low-consciousness individual as enlightened. I wouldn't call the homeless, miserable, beat up derelect sitting unwittingly on a wooden crate holding millions of dollars; rich.
  11. I would say the conditions for disaster and harm were likely already present, long before any drugs were ingested. He could've just as likely have been triggered and sent over the edge by stepping in dogshit earlier, or a store clerk pissed him off. Entheogens are a mirror of the self, not some evil substance causing people to not be themselves. I have a former buddy who is stellar to be around when sober or slightly buzzed, that regresses every time he over-indulges with alcohol, into a blunt-force trauma mofo with a questionable I.Q., an ugly, ugly, low-brow, childish lash-out of a frustrated, repressed, ignorant, mad human being. Notice I said former buddy. I hold him accountable for his ways in my book, and have completely disacccosiated. However, I do not blame Heineken for his abusive nonsense, he gets to hold that bag all by himself.
  12. ..And most likely unnoticed. The complete and pure level of serendipity of every single living being's life is ridiculous - off the scale. It will never, ever show in a way that's predictable or fathomable. This is usually seen only in retrospect, incredulously. When you begin to see it, it will be undeniable, and you will be floored.
  13. Why, to see how big of a load I can blow? It's a natural thing, love it or leave it lol.
  14. I have had several massive insights, understandings and experiences in the year since being exposed to and to a great extent, immersed in, this new world of growth. I'm coming to understand, through direct experience and lots of time for contemplation, that most of my 'aha' moments, though incredible and mind-blowingly expansive and progressive, have been only partially right, flawed, incomplete, somewhat misinterpreted, or to an extent, illusive. Witness; me having my first breaktnrough of this journey in a massive flash of universal consciousness, but literally only getting a half-second flash of this unfathomable beauty and power before mind catapulted in with a submitted image and 'further' feeling. As it goes, the slam of reality, as thin as it was for my ego as a newbie's capacity would allow, the power and Truth of that flash was immediately elbowed out by egoic intrusion and it's weak-assed, laughable attempt at 'enhancement' and labelling. My understanding was thin, my body/mind attempt at categorizing my experience was pathetic, my subsequent integration of my epiphany was (and still is) slow and stuttering, and it would almost seem, in retrospect, that I had half-assed a life-changing experience and that I wasn't equipped to take any of this on, or in, in any way that my dullard old egoic self could manage to understand or build on. Another time, I had a realization about how life, the spark of life itself, is maintained. How the tree keeps on growing, how the body keeps on living, all by itself. I suddenly became aware, out of nowhere, how the nature of nature keeps on 'naturing' after the initial spark. After it comes from nowhere, how life keeps on 'being'. It was an incredible realization, an integral understanding, a furthurance of my place amongst, and my affinity with, the spark of life that is me. However, it really became apparent that despite the amazing feeling of being closer to nature, and obviously, how more completely natural and mystic and miraculous just being was, that I had 'thought' my way into the thing. The feeling was sort of right, the idea I had about nature was sort of right, the place I was coming from was the same place I was looking for, but the 'aha' realization itself was flawed, speculative, too 'mindy', and rather small, despite the 'feelgoods' that snuck through, via the tiniest part of the idea that held some Truth. But Truth is Truth my friends. Get it wrong, fuck it up, mangle or repackage it beyond recognition with ego, dismiss the tiny slivers that poke through the garbage bag, and if there's any Truth to your slim understanding or misguided little excursions, it will stay with you, somehow. Any tiniest bit of Truth that you have swept the maelstrom of unconsiousness away from, will sneak it's way into the very center of your being. (Where it actually lives and hides and waits.) So, my epiphanies come, and are often impartial, scattery, messy, flawed, corrupted, close then distant, clear yet obscured, amazing yet frustrating, massive and full of light, yet sometimes made smaller and duller, embraced and laughed or cried over, then heaped upon by habitual distraction and weakness or complacency. But there was something too big, too real, too Truthful, too majestic and free, too intrinsic and undeniably exciting and progressive, too beautiful and powerful for any of the thin sliver among the packaging and debris to be anything but what it IS. Keep with it, trust it, let it be, and cultivate it with love, no matter what form it takes, no matter how much self-made garbage you have to embrace as truth and then discard. Keep with it, Truth knows itself, and will always remain a diamond in your slimy, stinky, gargage filled palm after digging through the bag. Get it wrong all you want, and love the process. Truth is sticky. Get a little bit of Truth into you, (rather, out of you), and don't sweat the bullshit that you added, or that flew in the window during your searching. The flotsam will fall away as it can, as your slivers of Truth gather, congeal, and shine through on their own, as only they can.
  15. Nice, we all need more flow and way less fear and doubt. In fact I imagine that 'flow state' is natural, inherent, and readily available to us for cultivation. Remove the fear, doubt and resentment from your operating system, dumb down the Default Mode Network, and voila, there sits a state of flow, ready to accomodate your expanded views and scenarios.