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  1. I imagine it's a preference thing for me if I'm sending off money & taking chances on the return. I'm more intriqued by some of those designer drug labs that ship AL-LAD & 1P LSD, etc, for about 10 bucks a hit. I get excited when I see a live review/comments section and lots of customers are able to submit and see their reviews, uncensored. Not to hijack the thread though, any reports on katy would be great.
  2. I guess you're right bud, maybe worth the experiment. They seem sketchy to me due to the fact that they recommended alcohol consumption as an enhancer to the effect of their pill, and they seem to be flakey on the actual testing and any real deep research or understanding of their little cocktail. It appears that customer feedback makes up an ongoing base for their claims. It would actually be cool to hear what your impressions are if you do part with a few bucks to check it out.
  3. I don't think I'd be sending that bunch $15 for an evening of 'I wonder if I'm high yet'. Real MDMA at ten bucks a pop removes any doubts about what you just swallowed an hour ago. ZOOOOOOOMMM!!
  4. I'm thinking that the less time spent worrying about paying the bills, the more time and energy to spend on the spiritual side of self-actualization. Also, if you're successful to the point of 'well off', you are able to more easily and effortlessly give back. Paying it forward and spreading it around as much as you are comfortable with is awesome, part of the good fight no? Success can be a thing of beauty. Look at Leo Gura - top notch, life-changing free content from the heart for years, including the overhead of top-shelf cameras & mics, website maintenance & development, including this very forum, all his research time and materials, travel and retreat and seminar fees, on and on. His success is a thing of beauty and he radiates that success out for all to benefit from.
  5. First review I checked out - not so shit-hot...
  6. That's interesting. I wonder if they're onto something. At least they tell you what the general ingredients are, so we can research them & their effects. It would be nice to see a real (REVIEWS) section, not just a few screenies of people's raving comments. I'm sure there are reviews available elsewhere online mind you.
  7. I was thinking about his soup yesterday while on my way home. My mouth started watering lol. I'm going to shop totally differently next time out to the supermarket. My buddy used to make an oriental soup with Chinese veggies and little balls of something in it and it was delicious. Always in the back of my mind to buy big pots to make my own goodies like that, like a week's worth. I used to make tuna pasta salad for myself in big batches but that's about it. Maybe 3 days worth of veggie fried rice stuck in the fridge. Nice thing about the big batch thing is you can freeze individual portions if you're not sure you'll go through it. Nice and convenient once you've invested that little time in making it. Good excuse to have a friend over on a Sunday evening too, for the first taste of the batch.
  8. I feel that I know that I Am, at this point. I can Be IT 'consciously' even, as IT is, empty and aware, for a fleeting moment, here and there. Permanently removing the many many, built up layers of what I am NOT however, appears to be a whole other thing. A much bigger beast.
  9. In my experience you don't even have to dose that high. One legit tab of MDMA was a glorius joyride of vibrating, high frequency love and joy and sensory enhancement for me, and I'm experienced with mushrooms and LSD, extensively. Mind you, if I'd had another tab I would've scarfed it back four hours into the trip in order to extend it bit. Some nice stuff that MDMA.
  10. @LRyan I can relate. It's ok, suck it all in, it takes a while to sort through and assimilate all this new stuff. You'll hit a point where you have grasped enough for that time period, and it'll seem like one week you couldn't wait to get more books to add to the months of voracious reading, and the next week, you'll just feel that you've got enough to go on for a while and all that you're learning needs to begin to be applied in the most obvious, suitable manner for you. Maybe you take on mindfulness practices, maybe begin to experiment with meditation, concentration and contemplation, as described all over, and here as well. It can all run in cycles too it seems. I can tell you that all the teachers you mention above that you have resonated with are amazingly effective, top drawer communicators of Truth, none of them will steer you wrong an inch, enjoy them all!
  11. Oh, it's a big PDF chock full of goodies, cool to have it downloaded on my tablet here, thanks.
  12. I guess having your brains extruded through your nose by a rolling bus tire would be the quick way to enlightenment. Oh sorry, were you having breakfast? Porridge? Oh oh oh... 'kay ..sorry...
  13. Wondering what fears? Also wondering what the fear is of...the ride itself or not coming back? Awesome post.