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  1. @now is forever You are racist because I say you're racist, there are no reasons. You also worship Hilter because I say so, there are no reasons why I say this.
  2. @now is forever Why absurd? I simply asked why you think I'm racist, yet you completely ignore the question and focus on other stuff.
  3. @tsuki It takes logical conclusions to tell racist from non-racist. You just said that you're being explicit about the absurdity of what you're writing. How did it occur that you call me racist? You're just a typical stage Green soyboy.
  4. @tsuki Mother is sick, the medicine I try to give her hurts, but if she accepts it joy will wash over her. Son tries help mom.
  5. @now is forever @tsuki I wanted to ask mommy why she thinks I am sad, but she started talking about completely different things, so I wanted to show her that we won't be happy if she says one thing, I ask why, but she starts talking about something else. Mommy needs to grow up and learn the basics of communication, established by our great ancestors thru pain and blood.
  6. @tsuki okay, you don't want to answer why I am a racist in your opinion ("play by my rules") , but talk about completely different things instead ("I am being explicit about the absurdity of what I am writing"). Child: Mom, should I drink the bottle labeled "poison" or "milk"? Mom: You didn't wipe your feet before coming in, you are assuming that the bottle will do anything to you, you said that in a context, the bottle is a metaphor, to me poison is not even bad... So who is a madman, the child or mom? The child asked mom a simple question, yet the mad woman is talking about completely different things.
  7. I wrote in bold letters the definition of a racist from dictionary, not my definition. I wrote in bold letters that my behavior doesn't suit the English definition of the word racist. Go argue with the authors of the dictionary. If you want to say there's no free will, I agree. But there's no need to go this deep. A simple answer is asked of you, not explanations of metaphors, non-duality, free will or the logical use of logic. Why am I racist is the question, I did NOT ask you: What is a metaphor? What is non-duality? Do I have free will? Is logic logical? I don't understand why the moderators let people like you write absurd things and insult people...
  8. @now is forever So many words written by you, yet the ONLY sentence related to the question "Why am I racist?" is that quote about black and semi-black. I explained that, but now you even call me a neo-nazi... Read this: In my country there are lots of gypsies, many of them have a much darker skin color then Mooji (in that photo from locked thread), BUT NO ONE calls them "black", just gypsies. I highlighted that distinction (black/semi-black), and I have at least (my entire country) 20+ million people to support it. By calling me a racist and even neo-nazi because I highlighted different biological/physical colors of skin you ALSO call my entire country racists and neo-nazi... You also ignore physical differences of skin colors. So with your thinking, colors are racist and colors are neo-nazi as well))) Which is completely absurd. @tsuki I asked you why I am a racist (maybe you'll follow your friend and call me neo-nazi as well?), instead of answering the question you tell me different things, which are complete nonsense in the context of answering a question. The only thing related to the question I could decipher from the puzzles you wrote, is that I am a racist because racism is a metaphor and it's all my projection? Of course, we can all just say there's no real world but only our own mind. That'll be correct, but it won't get you anywhere. With your thinking, a person seeing a car speeding in his direction, should ignore physical phenomena and just think "oh, the car is a metaphor and my own projection!" Good thing people aren't "wise" enough to think like you propose me to think. I didn't ask you to explain what projections and metaphors are or just go deeper then necessary, I asked a simple question and you refuse to answer it, because by doing so you'll realize calling me racist wasn't based on any logical conclusions. DEFINITION OF RACIST FROM DICTIONARY: 1. a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another. 2.showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another. 1. Do I feel discrimination against other races? All I did is stating a real statistic (95%, approximate number) and biological/physical differences in skin color (black/semi-black), both aren't even opinions but real world stuff. 2. Do I believe that a particular race is superior to another? All I did is stating a real statistic (95%, approximate number) and biological/physical differences in skin color (black/semi-black), both aren't even opinions but real world stuff. Well, you can't argue with the English dictionary, unless you want to call half of the world racists and neo-nazi. By calling me racist, you also call real world statistics and skin colors to be racist (and neo-nazi), which is absurd. I didn't get bothered or triggered by your absurd behavior, all I wanted is to teach 3 people a lesson and open their eyes. You can write whatever you want, I'm not gonna spend any more time in this thread. Bye and good luck with your highly advanced ego-mirrors.
  9. @Zweistein These guys call me racist, yet they won't say why I'm racist. Why? Because it's a false assumption, they see that they both can't come up with anything to say in their defense, so they just try avoid the straight answer:I was wrong in calling you racist, that was a false ungrounded assumption.
  10. @now is forever So discussing the effects of sun on skin, and different tones of skin color is racist?
  11. @tsuki I didn't call anyone meaningfully, just stated facts and real phenomena. I did not say blacks are stupid or whatever, I just said number.
  12. @tsuki That's progress! What criteria did I meet in your definition of a racist?
  13. @Zweistein Spiral Dinamics is a labeling system, to sort things out and save lots of time. Yes, there might be bias going on. I'm a psychologist after all (so I kinda know this basic phenomena)... Yes, I have dark stuff which needs to be worked out, that's what I'm trying to do.
  14. WOOOOOW, I didn't ask you what racism is, I asked why you think I'm racist. You know what Einstein once said? You can only be true master of physics when you can explain general relativity to a 7yr old. If you can't answer a simple question without going into your mental ego mirrors, then you'll get nowhere. I asked why you think I'm racist, yet you answered: What is Racism, Telling me you're not racist, what racism means to you, and even you went into touching non-duality. (Like literally go re-read your answer) Do you see the absurdity? Well, that's not really absurdity, but your ego trying to protect itself when it realizes it said wrong words and took sides with wrong people.
  15. @now is forever Teach? I was asked questions and I answered them. In order to avoid the answer being fully based on my opinion/ego, I supported the answer with Leo's examples. What teaching did you see??? If you want to communicate a message, avoiding unnecessary metaphors and indirect words will greatly speed up the process. If you want to say that I'm racist, please tell exactly why you think so, without metaphors and stuff. I still don't understand why you consider the thread being racist. All I said is a fact (95%+ are white males, the number isn't exact but an approximation). I didn't say blacks are stupid, all I said is a mere number/phenomenon going on. Now if people like you get triggered from some simple numbers and an actual, real phenomenon (which u can verify yourself if you want), that's your emotional problem. Calling me racist is just an excuse to ignore your inner ego. And yet so many words have been written, but you still didn't answer why exactly I am racist, like clearly saying without poetic metaphors I can't understand. That's the core problem with stage Green people, it takes ages to get somewhere (like just plainly answering a simple question).
  16. One out of many examples might be Leo's examples of stage Yellow and Torquise humans, didn't u see 'em? No, spiral dynamics isn't about short-term promotion of love. Spiral Dynamics is about distilling down societies to their core essence. Instead of just saying "animal" to every animal, we distill them down to different types like cats and dogs, thus making it much easier to sort them out and save a lot of time. Well I beg you, if you understood what she said, can you please decipher her metaphor ("you didn’t wipe your feet before coming in...") to me? And why do you consider me racist? Can somebody here just simply answer a simple question?
  17. @now is forever Last reply to you. You called me racist. I asked why. You said that I didn't wipe my feet. Did you see my feet? I look at them now and they are clean now. Anyway what do my feet have to do with the question? The answer is that your ego tries to hide and create as many illusions as possible, to such a degree, that you can't even answer a simple question. Deep in your mind you understood that calling me racist wasn't a grounded action, but your ego tried to save itself thru further illusions. What jokes? I thanked you for perefectly showcasing the limits of stage Green, reminding myself to be grateful to be stage Yellow. @Zweistein @tsuki Maybe I don't understand what NowisForever is trying to tell? I'm open to hear any ideas. If you think I'm racist, just tell why)
  18. @now is forever Thank you for calling me a racist anyway, and not even explaining why)
  19. @now is forever I stated a fact (not opinion) that for whatever reason 95%+ of stage Yellow and above are white males. That's not opinion or hatred but fact. Did I write a single word that blacks are stupid??? NO, I did NOT write it. (Look at the thread). So why do you call me racist?
  20. I would say very strong stage Green, because: 1. Stage Yellow or Torquise have no problem identifying themselves on the spiral. 2. You display lots of need to be inside a community/group of people. 3. Stage Yellow talks/writes considerably less. Yellow talks in a more distilled manner. 4. You shared a Vice documentary (Vice=stage Green). 5. You found enjoyment when you got into a group of clearly stage Green individuals, (I read your other retreat). 6. A stage Yellow would do psychedelic retreats SOLO to keep the external distractions/noise to the minimum.
  21. @Zweistein I realize the limits of my mind as it is, thus I'm not afraid to challenge my nature into exploring new waters. Being suicidal for many years helped me weaken my ego. I noticed different masters noticing that close experiences to death/being suicidal may help someone skyrocket on the spiritual path in case they manage to get out of the suicidal mindset. I will definitely keep an eye on this love-packed thread!
  22. Despite some individuals like me being cold as ice, there are humans like @tsuki @Zweistein @now is forever radiating enormous love. I never feel well approaching fire, for I am afraid that my rock/ice like nature will disturb it... forgive my presence
  23. Do we transcend into other creatures (because everything is one) or does our life repeat all over again (strange loop) ?
  24. Two of the most respected stage Orange monkeys : Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson, perfectly showcase the limits of their mindset in this video: Notice the mental masturbation taking place, talking yet not getting anywhere. Of course, the talking is geared 100% towards looking below at stage Blue and projecting their mind / ejaculating their beliefs over one another, instead of giving any attention to their own mental limits. The herd in the background are clearly S. Harris fan boys, clapping every time Sam makes smart sounding words which intimidate Petersons' position. Peterson is pretty humble though)
  25. @Gabriel Antonio Wow, such a beautiful response! I rarely see humans accept their own mistakes. Yes I did "Kriya Bow" a few times. I will defenitely give it a better try though!