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  1. "If you put awareness on something, it exists" How can you put "awareness" on "something" if they are the same thing? Try doing Neti-Neti self inquiry.
  2. Guru as explained by other gurus isn't a guru (Lol) A guru can be a book , it can be the internet and you can be your own guru... If you are searching for a person, then you already found one (Leo Gura) Find other gurus in books.
  3. Isn't reality a whole?! I suppose by realities you mean dimensions and "aspects" of reality. How can "You" manipulate "reality" using thoughts when both of these things are actually the SAME thing?
  4. If you want to debunk a concept you need an INSIGHT derived from "not-knowing" faced of reality, which means a state of mind which experiences reality as it is, without the multiple lenses (beliefs,social programming...) which can greatly distort your view.
  5. Almost all yellow humans will get "Architect" (Leo took it 2 years ago and got INTJ as well, he wrote it on forum). A yellow person would be able to easily identify himself as yellow (after studying about spiral dynamics) because yellow guys like to analyze their inner self. If after watching Leo's vids on stage yellow you are not still sure about your mixture of stages, then you are definitely not yellow.
  6. Watch the movie "Into the Wild" from 2007
  7. It has the vibe of "acceptance" to me (the creator of the movie tries to accept his weirdness) which screams a lot like stage green.
  8. Don't mistake cultural background with the stages. Read about Buddha, Muhammad (the one who founded Islam) and others. They were doing some pretty nasty stuff which was completely normal back then. Also someone might be half Yellow and half Turquoise, there are various degrees on Enlightenment and most people are mixtures of stages. Maybe someone might have a strong INTELLECTUAL understanding of spirituality (like me) but lack an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of it.
  9. I tried to do a Self-Inquiry the way described in the Neti-Neti book recommended by Leo on his book-list! After about 10 min into inquiring myself, I noticed that "Me" exists only when "vibrations" (everything from the "knowing" faced of reality, senses, thoughts, inner voice...) are present, as soon as these "vibrations" get weaker or almost disappear so does this "me". The "me" watching life unfold is actually life unfolding, or more accurately, the being "observing" these vibrations is the "vibrations" themselves! I also noticed that "me/the observer" pops in and out of existence is a very fast and almost unnoticeable manner. So was this a proper insight derived from the "not-knowing"? Or still a form of a belief from the "knowing"?
  10. By far the biggest motivational point for me to start doing self-development work was my past verbal dysfunction of pronouncing the "r" sound. In my native languages it IS VERY important to pronounce it correctly, if you pronounce it the french way, it'll be very noticeable (and funny) in my native languages. And because I was going thru the hurdle of fixing it by myself, it led to me being VERY suicidal for the past 5 years))) The only reason I did not kill myself is because I didn't have a reliable option available. Even though I read 2 books on ways to kill myself, the only option was finding a good rope but even so there's no non-public place to hang myself because I'm very tall. PS I am not suicidal anymore, studying my own mind over years helped enormously!
  11. Ha! I started meditating because I myself was a victim of a dysfunctional family))) Reading lots of books and just studying the way our mind works helped me transcend (at least on an intellectual level) from the pathetic mind loops 99%+ fall into... I live in the same dysfunctional family, but I'm way happier and more peaceful)
  12. Maybe read some of the books from Leo's book-list regarding Consciousness, Enlightenment & Spirituality? While Leo's videos are nice, they are no way near the depth you get in books. Also how do "you" consciously surrender your "life" when both of these don't exist to begin with?!