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  1. @Christian ikr. But Its difficult to acheive something like that. I wish I could give the end to this issue. Maybe I could try some tecniques idk. I have much to learn.
  2. What? I read all the post and found only one Greek person!!! Hahaha Thessaloniki,Greece
  3. I dont know what to say In favt you do things but you dont feel good inside. Maybe meditation isnt always the right way. Take a break. Do sth different. Hope everything's gonna be better for you.
  4. Its difficult for me to not put other people first. Sadly I care about other people's opinions. I havent found the solution to this problem. Also..people tend to effect me in some way.
  5. The problem is not us. That we are at least trying to find some solution. Other people havent just tried to fix sth. But we have to interract with them.
  6. If anyone can motivate me to start running from scratch I will be so glad and thankful.
  7. I have a style. Its called "wear whatever you like". Sometimes I like to go more casual/sport type. Other times I like to wear more feminine and serious looking clothes. Sexy etc. It doesnt really matter to me. If something fits me and I like the look of it,i will buy it. I dont care about brands and expensive/cheap.
  8. She protected you from her own following misery. She wanted you to stay away in order not to share her sadness ...her own rejection from the other boy. You should know that this was very good for you. Although..i think that if u like a girl and you see her sexually/erotically, you should stay away from her business/past/troubles with other people. Maybe she thought you were this guy that could do anything to help her with her own troubles and then she would get attached to you. Maybe she wouldnt like to be attached to anyone. And this is the natural way to live. You should do the same. Forget about the nice things she has. Meditation is good.well done and keep it up. I think that there is lack of self confidence again. I have wrote it in another posts in this forum. Know that you re an individual that has his own world which contains happiness and u dont have to drag happiness from others in order to live paracitically. Excuse my english. I do my best. Anyway. Do your best to find joy within you. There is nothing in this person that can make you so happy If you dont find happiness in yourself. People cant makes us happy. Healthy relationships are like this. A happy person meets a happy person and they share their happiness and journey. Find your way to be happy. Its important.
  9. Health (eating.exercise) Knowledge is power Self improvement Helping people Be happy
  10. If a girl is feeling good already ,she doesnt actually need that extra boost of confidence by your role. Making a person feel good is a part of a companion but if its an evil way to get the girl like you,its wrong. At least for me.
  11. I think that the opposites match better. There is more attraction .
  12. If you love yourself you can learn what is beneficial and what is harmful to you. You can avoid the harmful. People who love people do the same. You can show uour love about yourself by doing the best you can,avoiding the bad habits,embrace your own greatness.
  13. Rich inner !!! No doubts
  14. Yes YOU DERSERVE happiness. It wasnt your fault.