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  1. I will tell him the truth and I'll let him make his decisions then. I'll let it flow. Anyhow, its not in my power.
  2. @somegirl I just don't agree with the guy above. Anyway. Doesn't matter. How do u see when someone is developing feelings? Can you give examples
  3. Because I'll lose the friendship and I don't wanna hurt his feelings. I was always finding hard to reject a person because it's hard for me being rejected by others. We talk to eachother about others. So... He didn't seem to bother
  4. Do you know what chatting friendly means? Gosh! Whatever....
  5. I will, baby. Thank you for being my friend always. So supportive ?
  6. I can chat with any age. Older people are so much more interesting to me. They have knowledge, wisdom, and the self confidence that lacks in me. Also, he's not the only older friend I have. Older ppl are awesome. So cool. I would like to say that same applies to girls, but I thought twice, it doesn't work like that with us girls. We can suddenly like you after a whole year. Thing is, it's sad, because I know guys who didn't like me from the beginning and told me that they will maybe develop feelings for me in the future. Anywayz
  7. @something_else but he was so friendly!!!! I can't ne wrong. Maybe he now liked me for some reason?
  8. I said I don't want to be in a relationship in general. But he said, "you know I'm chill vibe I just want my peace and company and have fun etc etc you can come stay with me and we'll have time for ourselves" he meant he likes his peace. So he implied he won't bothrr me or cling on me or something. But that's not the point!!! The point is that I'm not planning to move from my home city. That's so sad that I'll lose a friend. I hate this
  9. That's making me nervous. I really respect and appreciate this guy. We just can't be togetherhe told me if I want to live with him and come here talk to my parents. That's too much. Its so hard to tell him. But because he's a good guy, I will tell him. I already told him that I don't wanna be in a relationship. Idk if that was clear answer or not. He said are u rejecting me? I don't think it will be very hard for him because he seems to have a healthy self esteem but I don't wanna lose the friendship
  10. @thisintegrated there are no bad questions. Only ppl thinking they're bad. Thanks for replying
  11. @Elton babyyy nooo not both. I'm just gonna have to start with one of them. @Osaid i I meant refined sugar, I didn't mention it. @Charlotte hey girllll how have you been? Oh I'm just trying to achieve a level of healthy diet, pure, nutritious and amazing. I removed sodium for health reasons, so I've been wanting to eliminate a source of calories bc I have to lose weight for health reasons. Besides that, I'm not a fan of sugar anyways, even though I know it's everywhere like sodium so yeah. It's not natural to consume refined sugar. We were not born with these needs. @Michael569 the only sort of excessive amount of sugar I consume is in ice tea so yeah. For example I rarely drink frizzy drinks or eat chocolate. From the other hand, bread is empty calories without nutrition so I guess both I dont need.
  12. Yeah but there was something she didn't like about you and that must be okay. I know it's too hard to accept, but it's better this way because you were about to give her your all.
  14. Wooow this brings out a lot of emotions That's amazing to look at
  15. I totally agree. It's not a desperate move. Being honest and polite at the same time is actually very attractive trait and whoever doesn't appreciate this, is not worth of your time and essence.
  16. Totally loved this answer ? ? ? Well no you wouldn't want her to come back if it was your future self seeing all this you would say no @Knowledge Hoarder trust me she doesn't give a fuck. Don't worry. It is how it is.
  17. Well that's the cause of all your problems
  18. If she'd let you do it, she doesn't give a shit about you. Trust me, she never liked you.
  19. Fave since 2010. Fave of all times forever and ever
  20. @Noahsteelers34 of course there's going to be someone more suitable for you. You feel such way because you have almost no experience and you're too young, that's fine. Stay strong ?
  21. It's okay to be shy, introvert, but bad at talking no, it can be offensive. Try practicing your skills and be more compassionate. Just try to think yourself in other ppls shoes. Can't love anyone? Do u hate yourself?
  22. Hey, your acne is not bad. How's it going with skincare? As for the topic, just let her go. Of course it's great thst she's honest with you, but at the same time its painful for your ego. And of course it's her life so she could do anything, but if that doesn't involve you, just leave! You're not some desperate guy who's gonna wait for eternity! Detach from her. She chose what she chose. She can't have everything, don't spoil her by staying with her and giving her all. She doesn't worth it. Nobody can have everything he/she asks for. She can't play with you whilst having other guys too. Let her go. You want a relationship type of girl. She won't have it all. It doesn't work after all.
  23. I believe you can't live that freely. In a way, you'll have to live by the rules of society. If u want to be all in or halfway, its your preference. Sense of freedom is relatively an illusion of the mind.
  24. Oh well, Leo. That's a great task to start my So... I dont remember much from my childhood but Most of the memos are with my mother. She used to take care of us and was a hard working woman as well. Still is. Used to take care of us all the time and didn't have time for herself. Always in the run. I was looking forward for her to return home as I was a child, I was waiting to hear the keys ringing. Taking care of us, helping us with homework everyday, going to the cinema or theatre together. Always by our side when sick. A loving memory is when she was saying goodnight and covering us with the blanket. I sometimes still want that. Or maybe a bar of chocolate after homework, I remember her saying only one because it's not for everyday. She supports healthy eating very much herself, rarely eats junk maybe once per year. My father was always emotionally and generally absent and still is.One loving memory is when it was Christmas he was recording us singing and mocking us at the same time. Another one, is that he still remembers our baby words and sometimes till now he's making fun of us. Lol that's probably it for him. My loving grandpa was the best thing that happened to me. He taught us how to be fair, polite and moral. He was the best person. He died at the age of 84. I wish he could live more.
  25. Hey, Its not like we meet a person and next step is marriage. See what happens in the long run. You want a relationship with her but you're afraid of losing her. Do you ever believe in "meant to be?" thingy? It goes like this, If you're super matchy matchy you're not going to forget each other or move on with another. Don't stress about it, if it's unique it'll stay. Just have fun and don't ruin it.