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  1. What is your preferred dosage of LSD for consciousness work?
  2. Have you read "Living on Light" by Jasmuheen?
  3. Me too. Have you ever been to the local buddhist centre ( ?
  4. @Leo Gura Do you make a tea from fresh or dried mushrooms, or do both methods work? What would be a medium dosage of fresh mushrooms (to make tea)? (one person) What is the right amount of water, and a good water termperature (= or < boiling point)? Do you cut the mushrooms into small pieces or do you grind them? Where did you find the information that eating the flesh is toxic? I know that there are some recipes on the internet, but they contain a great deal of contradictory information, so your advice would be highly appreciated.
  5. The video posted above gives advice on how to deal with the effects of chemtrails at 1:08:00 . @quantum
  6. Hi, I lately wondered whether mental noting is mandatory for mindfulness practice. I used to think that labeling is just an aid to sustain your focus in meditation, and that you can practise just as well with pure observation.Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu however says in one of his latest videos : “It is important and the fact that it´s difficult to do meditation with the mantra is also important ....if you want easy practice go home, just lie down, watch television.“ Is he just being dogmatic or is it really better to use the mantra?
  7. I read the following book: It contains various messages from spiritual beings, who claim that in the near future, after our financial system will have broken down, a new age arises based on peace and liberty. I am usually sceptical about any kind of predictions, but generally their channelings seem authentic to me. So it will be certainly interesting to see how this all turns out.
  8. What are your views on vaccinations?
  9. Nowadays there are many guided meditations with angelic beings or ascended masters like Jesus or Saint Germain. In these meditations it is claimed that you can connect to your higher self, who dwells in the spiritual world. Although the ones I listened to required payment, there may be also free ones on YouTube (although I can´t assess how useful they are). I was wondering how beneficial this stuff is and I am curious about practical experiences etc.
  10. @Piotr Thanks for your explanation. It´s surely difficult to evaluate topics like the higher self or spiritual beings, because they often are beyond human perception.
  11. Has anyone actually experienced jhanas? Ayya Khema, a Buddhist teacher, claims that anyone who seriously works on meditation can´t help but experiencing these 8 stages. (in "Meditation ohne Geheimnisse") What are your thoughts on this ? Do these stages even exist? Will it take me decades of practice?
  12. @Khin You mean samadhi ? I do not really know how a Samadhi experience is linked to jhanas. Wikipedia suggests that there is a close connection.
  13. Thanks @Grasshopper & @Lorenzo Engel