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  1. Iam glad you brought up this question. There are certainly many out there who want to know the answer to this question. @Gabriel Antonio Have you already made that experience taking cold shower even at times where you have a cold? By the way, many thanks for the huge inspiration
  2. @OBEler Welcome on board ! I happen to live in Hamburg, too It would not suprise me that there are a lot of fellow Germans being interested in working towards building an extraordenary life. So that we do not regret on deathbed looking back. I would be very glad if there are some meetups being organized in the near future.
  3. 1.What is the fundamental difference between unique ability and strength ? 2. To which extend do you consider a strength (let's say : the love/ high curiosity/open-mindedness for learning new concepts) to be your Zone of Genius ? Thanks for taking the time and sharing your thoughts
  4. Greeting from Hamburg, Germany
  5. This book is an absolute must read for anyone who holds a belief that DNA controls our biology. From a scientific viewpoint, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell biologist, demonstrates that the mind is more powerful than drugs to regain your health. In addition , he makes the distinction between the conscious- and subconscious mind and why positive thinking often doesn't work. A easy-to-understand explanation of how your emotions regulate your genetic expression !
  6. I am 19 years old and very grateful having been following Leo for 7 months .
  7. One person who has been helping me get through hard times is Ralph. An other great human beeing who runs a Youtube channel called ,, Infinite Waters ( Diving Deep)''. Go, check it out and enjoy the love he is sending out