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  1. Life created the universe Were doing this Thought is imagination There are infinite ways of believing/ imagining/ creating what is happening Freedom is to not be stuck in one way of believing what is happening You are able to shift True freedom is to not believe anything is happening To me the meaning of life is to no longer need anything to be ongoing/ continuation You are at peace with stillness
  2. contemplate completion as a concept or an aspect, and allow that to be the death of the separate self, accelerating you into a beyond 'state' neo-advaita enlightenment is the ground 'state' instead of this is it, paste in your imagination (as consciousness this is already your imagination/ dream) 'We are here to express the Unity that is already timelessly realized. Non-duality does not need you' clarification
  3. thought i'd share a Ben Howard playlist of my favourite versions. might not be for everyone. a lot of sentiment in his songs
  4. did the big bang create cause and effect if awareness is all there ever is (infinite/ timeless) and everything is appearing in awareness. and if nothing that appears in awareness is separate. - then 'I' did the big bang occurred in awareness, by cause and effect? nobody can know. is cause and effect the infinite nature of awareness or is it relative to this particular universe its definitely very interesting and its good to see the variation of perspective
  5. its very interesting. here are some brief notes/ thoughts that might elaborate or give further perspective. if there was no continuation there would be just a single still frame/ non linear empty space (nothing). if you paused the universe everything would be one still frame. the universe is switching on and off at the speed of light. this allows frames to move in continuation. every nano second (one thousand-millionth of a second) is a new frame. every possible frame, exists independently, without time, theres no time going by for the frame. every possible frame exists timelessly. each single frame has no physical structural relationship with any other frame. each frame is a parallel reality. every nano second you experience a frame while every other possible frame exists parallel to it. everything that can happen in the future (every potential configuration of energy), already exists now. now if you realize, every possible configuration of energy currently already exists inside of consciousness. then each frame is non physically immediately accessible. the next frame has no relationship with the current or previous frame/s. you can instantly shift your attention and decide the next frames configuration of energy. manipulate 'time' based on your evolution of preference and chosen vibrational frequency/ manifestations. vibrationally explore infinite potential regardless of space time circumstance/ physical representation. you are creating each frame that appears inside of the present moment, now, consciousness, you. continuation is seemingly in a linear fashion because of causality. access acausal free will, the source. this is mind blowing stuff because its like hacking the matrix. detour linear time and go straight to the peak of experience immediately, then decide from there how you want to evolve. here is a nice analogy for context. there is an intelligence currently active in existence that is much higher than hundreds of dolphins instinctively swimming together completely synchronized. you have/ are immediate, intricate access to the intelligence that is orchestrating the whole universe.
  6. can you quote the bit you disagree with