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  1. I felt better when I did it. But I wasn't able to make it stick for more than 1 month. (Tried several times, but never gave it so much importance) But I'm gonna follow your advice and put that as my top priority. Thanks!
  2. Offtopic I read that book when I was like 15. It made my sex life (even as teenager) much, much better. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to please the ladies and get the best of sex.
  3. Replying with "masculine compassion" @Grylls Will you let one rejection affect you like that? By looking at the capitalized title of your post I was expecting a complex and sad story about countless rejections, not a single and meaningless case. Get your shit together before worrying about "finding the right girl". By how much a single rejection is affecting you, I think you should work on your personal development first. Grow above that rejection and keep moving forward. There is countless girls that are better for you than a "confused still liking the ex", which would probably end up in a dysfunctional relationship.
  4. @Naviy Mine: 1) Gym, 5 times a week 2) Healthy diet (no soda, no sugar, no milk, and no wheat derived products) 2) Self-help & Personal development books 3) Studying about things related to my profession 4) NoFap 5) Long term planning (Finances, Professional, Direction), once a week. 6) Live the present moment and make decisions at the last responsible moment. I'm not meditating regularly. I have to develop that habit.
  5. That was exactly what I was going to suggest. It is amazing the amount of information and insight that one can access about each existing field through these courses. I live in a country where you also can't "taste" multiple courses before picking one for the next years. I'm glad I took my time researching and learning enough to found what I love to do before going to college. Most people that I know that have chosen their courses by impulse or tried to guess what they like without doing the proper research, ended up having trouble in their careers. PS: I'm 25, my job is one of my hobbies and today financial security is far from being a concern. (: