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  1. My 2 cents is that he has become enlightened.
  2. For me it's the opposite. I have so much more energy I don't need to sleep for more than 7 hours. Before I would sleep for 10, 11 hours.
  3. Sounds like you have emotional blocks. Meditation will help a lot. Psychotherapy might be useful to surface emotions.
  4. I've taken cold showers for more than 1 year and it was the best thing I've done. Now I don't even hesitate. Fuck yeah, bomb that ego!
  5. And my question is if you have an Ego which is highly influenced and not very rigid, is this easier for Enlightenment?
  6. Hello everyone, I've been using a lot of the technique Letting Go, doing meditation and I'm on 30+ days of nofap. I'm experiencing huge vitality and enormous amounts of energy. I feel like I will adapt to the energy. Nevertheless, it would be nice to hear techniques or practices to use this energy for growth. Thanks
  7. "Should I?" What a pointless question. You already know deep in your heart what's right for you. Should and shouldn'ts only create resistance. If you are not clear, than contemplate some more.
  8. We have all sorts of cool sub-forums: Meditation, Self-Help, Life-Purpose, etc. However, there's no place to discuss things related to the website/business itself... a place to discuss new features of the website, updates on how is evolving, etc. So I encourage @Leo Gura to create a sub-forum called Meta Discussions.
  9. Next time you reach such state of awareness, look at trees. Your jaw will drop.
  10. Exactly that's it! The whole world looks more 3-dimensional.
  11. Colors and objects do get more vivid. I'm on 10 months of everyday meditation with an overall of just 200 hours and I can now feel the Presence in everything much more intensively. Sometimes I walk in the street and I look at a random object and it feels so beautiful...
  12. Great to hear! What did it for me was constant surrender to the feelings through meditation and dissolving energy blocks. High five for the insight that it's the energy that matters.
  13. For all you wanna-be Sages that want the latest juicy blog posts and want to check out the forum each 5 seconds, I present to you a cool feature of iOS's Safari and Android's Google Chrome: But Afonso, how do I do this? Please tell me now? Wait no more. IOS -> Safari -> forum/blog -> Export button (little box with arrow point upwards) -> Scroll horizontally on the last row -> "Add to Home Screen" Android -> Chrome -> forum/blog -> three dots upper right corner -> "add to home screen" side-effects: addiction you're welcome! Ommmmmmmmmmm
  14. Do decisions even exist? The whole concept of decision implies there is something "in between" of subject and action, but action is all there is! Even if we take the concept of decision as valid, who would make the decision to decide? It seems there is no such thing as "decision". What do you guys think? @Azrael @Leo Gura @Wes Thoughts
  15. After ~10 months of meditating regularly, I experience consciousness distortion when falling asleep after meditating late at night. This is what happens: I meditate late at night (11 PM ~ 4 AM) I then lay in my bed and try to fall asleep After a couple of minutes, I notice my body shaking a lot, my visual field distorting and my sense of self distorting. It feels like I'm being teared apart. Before I get to that last point, I don't remember much of how I got there. It's like I was semi-unconscious (in a state prior to falling asleep but not really woken up) and then all of the sudden I got conscious of this phenomena. This has already happened like 5 times. Today it happened again and I decided to share with you guys. Then, my intuition says that I somehow have to go through it, that it's really valuable and interesting. However, I get intense fear and I somehow get myself to a normal state of consciousness. When the phenomena is over, I notice that all that shaking and body movement and visual phenomena that I experienced, hadn't really happened at all. My body was exactly where it was when I went to bed in the first place. Pretty fucked up! Ok, that's part 1! Part 2... Also regularly, I experience a similar phenomena when waking up. There's no shaking, but there's still messed up consciousness effects. Sometimes, when I "wake up" (I don't really know if I wake up), this is what happens: I notice that I sort of "woke up". My visual field is online and I can feel the movement of my body. However, I can't actually move, just feel the movement of my body. Haha what the fuck. Wave your hand and feel how that feels. Now imagine that you felt the same way, except your hand didn't actually move. I am aware of my surroundings and sometimes I see strange things like an outline of a human body or myself in the reflection of the TV moving myself hysterically. I am in a state similar to being chained to a bed and not being able to move, yet aware of it. I feel that I'm still half-asleep. I then blink my eyes multiple times and try to move my body till I snap out of that state. When I actually wake up, I realize that I haven't moved at all. My body is the same position as it was when I fell asleep. What is going on?
  16. The difference between going to the gym to look hot and going to the gym to have energy to work on your purpose. The difference between hanging out with people that are toxic and no good for you and hanging out with people who care and support you to reach your goals. The difference between reading books because you feel you should be knowledgeable and reading books to support you in your life quest.