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  1. I cant understand his gangster vocab i need the dumb shitt verstion of that book lol
  2. The natural was sent to me by my friend. I like the course. Rsd max GG
  3. Yea its like becoming a detached alpha thats the goal for me. Like i still want to become more alpha but i knwo i have to figure out how to detach from everythinggg.
  4. well i would know that know matter what spiritual practice i diligently did over the year before my death i would not reach the state i want to die in naturally. I would definitely go from long term thinking to just wanting to feel as amazing as possible over that period. So i would get cashed everyday. I would be eating shrooms for breakfast lunch and dinner.
  5. that wud be nice if i cud have that.. being pretty unconscious but 95 percent graceful is not how it is for me. i try to be that person u describe but im too wrapped in my own ego to really enjoy anything let alone 95 percent. for me more coscoisness equals more gracefulness which has me very concerned with my level of conscoiusness. i bet ther are people who cope betterr
  6. daydreammm it upppppp
  7. When i approach i say hi or make a random statement and they usually get creeped out. I have been rejected so many times that i might give off hesitant vibe that they find creepy. I need to fix this though beacause im actually a normal nice person. IM far from creepy or weird. I do resist the approach sometimes cuz ive been rejected so much. Im also young and good looking soo iknow i must really be approaching wrongg. Ithink i need a bootcamp
  8. How do you start building an Instagram from scratch. I have no friends so ive been doing cold approach to try to meet people. In highschool i had alot of friends but never wanted social media i regret that now. Couple years have gone by and im a lone trying to dig myself out of a hole. @aurum
  9. So ive dabbled in pickup before. Ive started again and am getting girls thinking im weird or crepy right off the open. Ih ave no idea whyyy. I always get rejected right off the open. i hear that mean im incongruent but i never feel like im being incongruent. Ive been getting rejected so fast i cant understand. Maybe i just need a bootcAMP. i know that once they gtet to know me theyd either like me or atleas know im just a normal dude. I alwyas get blown out before i can display my personality. Its kinda dissapoiinting. Any suggestionsss?
  10. Don't join an ashram because you will be skipping stages. That is for people with a much higher level of awareness. Deal with your current low conscious desires and then you can be in a position to spend ur life serving others.
  11. Bro accept where your at and realize you are at a level where you need to pursue getting really good social skills. The army is an escape from your stage orange problems. Go out and become a more confident person and you will transcend a lot of the issues that you have.
  12. yo just meditate a shit load and ull start to become aware of how unware you fuckin are ahahhahahha its part of the process bud u got it
  13. remeber a sign of progress is when ur meditation brings up negative shit. getting the shit out is a good sign. this might just be you purging. just sit down and let go and dont have excpectations. this path is a windy road. if ur meditation sessions are all rainbows and butterflies its a sign you need to change shit up.
  14. Had to swallow a few times kinda fucked up my rythm. Euphoria passed quick.