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  1. Perseverance means your stamina, your endurance. Like running a marathon. And if there are obstacles, you find ways to overcome them and move forwards. Dedication means focusing in on one thing. You set a goal and and then you work exactly on that goal and not on 100 other things. You keep your eye on it. You are committed. Determination means you are set to achieve your goal. You don't give up. You have set your mind to it. You focus on the results that you want to get and you put in the work required to get them. You have decided on a goal and you will take action on it.
  2. Find a teacher who better fits your style. Not all of them are that conservative. And you can also filter out certain topics. Imagine Hitler giving you a recipe for pancakes that you want to make. You focus on the cooking and ignore all the nazi stuff. Being annoyed by them talking about it can be a sign that you are not very sure on these topics yourself. You know, like people who are annoyed by gays because they are not sure about their own sexuality for example.
  3. Are you physically at the office or do you work from home? Any meetings?
  4. I don't understand your question. It's like saying a video of people in a club is the same as going to the club. Or that reading a story of people dancing in a club is the same as actually being there.
  5. This will be different for everyone. Taking massive action is one way to get things done. And then there are hundreds of other things that could work. For example your emotional state, strategy, leverage, creativity, motivation and mindset. Those are extremely important as well. It is trial and error. Find a way to measure your output or what you want to achieve. And then see if working 100h brings better results.
  6. If you can get 100h of high quality work done then yes. Normally around 40h week is a sweet spot where you can focus and get quality work done.
  7. Find people who have done the same. Get to know them. Ask how they did it. Write to all universities and ask for a possibility of studying or doing an internship abroad. Apply to these. Once you decided on a country, learn the language. Then talk to many people, be nice, make friends. Let them help you.
  8. Perfect question! 1. You could start by not talking yourself down. For example "Wow I am so dumb" "Why can't I do this" "I am so ugly" Delete these kind of thinking from your mind. Replace it with positive Self-Talk. 2. Accept and be kind to yourself. Especially when you think you fucked up, be gentle and loving towards yourself. 3. By being gentle and loving towards others. When you start to be loving and warm towards others, you will also start to be like that towards yourself. And there is no real boundary between others and you anyways. 4. Spend time with yourself. Doing things that you love to do. 5. Care for yourself. If you feel down or like there is something which doesn't feel right. Look into it. Don't just overlook it and distract yourself. ❤️
  9. The need for perfection comes from a want to control. You strive for perfection in order to avoid losing control. You can release that need easily via the Sedona Method for example. Instead of feeling this need to control things and feelings of lack like @UnbornTao mentioned, you could aim for higher emotions such as feeling abundance and feeling complete. You can only get these feelings now, when you give them yourself.
  10. Some people just don't like texting that much. Which I can understand. And then for hot girls things get different. Imagine your whole life you have been texted by random people who would not stop texting you. 10-20 a day. Would you think the same about responding to everyone as being respectful?
  11. The answer is: You bullshit your way through it. You are not straight, you are not gay, you are not bisexual. You are God. Just do what you enjoy doing. If you have to think really hard about if you are gay or not then I think it might not be worth it to ponder longer. But do what you like. Maybe you want to ponder this specific question. Some people like to try drugs before they give it a yes or no. Others never want to try. In the end you can never "know". But don't worry, life goes on. And it is wonderful.
  12. Well you also get some benefits: Possible tax savings, Visa, being able to decide stuff for each other legally and you can throw a big party. But yeah overall very traditional and a bit outdated ritual. I would say decide on a case by case basis.
  13. You can do both. The question is, do you want financial freedom or do you want to have a passion/Life Purpose. Being financially free entails that you are "free" from wage slavery and have time for whatever you like. However, it doesn't mean that you are aligned with what you do and live a meaningful life. Having a passion/Life Purpose entails that you are aligned with what you do and can live a happy / meaningful life. However, it doesn't mean that you are financially free and have escaped wage slavery. Those are two different qualities.
  14. If you like the government jobs in india then I'd say go for it. Sounds like it's your best option.
  15. Lung cancer can also be caused by diesel gas, asbestos and other things like genes. So you can add walking on the street to that list. That being said I avoid second hand smoke like the plague
  16. Get a girlfriend. So the opposite of consuming incel and blackpill stuff.
  17. The cat would clearly not get run over by the trolley as it was not bound to the tracks. The lobsters on the other hand I don't know...
  18. "God is one kinky-ass motherfucker" Carolyn Elliott
  19. It's quite fair I think.
  20. It's not your problem how other people respond to you. If feminist girls freak out because of something you said, it's their problem. The only one who is in power, is you.
  21. You could just ask if you can go with them. Or you talk about it. "Ah that bar (x), I like that place! We usually go to bar (y) after work, last time (story xyz)" It's not what you say that makes you look desperate its how you say it and if you really feel desperate. Of course if you want to go the safe route just wait until they invite you but that way they might don't invite you simply because they think you are not interested. Also depends on the culture / country you are in.
  22. By becoming aware of choices that you make that do not align with the core of who you are. Awareness Alone is Curative When you stop identifying with something or you become aware of negative consequences you will simply drop these behaviours. For example when I was 16 or so I stopped believing in "boredom" or that I could ever be bored again. I have not been bored since that day. Or I made the decision to not drink alcohol. I just did it less and less. You don't have to do something else instead, life just goes on.
  23. I think you have a good list already. But the main question is what do you want? If you don't know what you want you have a chance of wandering around aimlessly, wasting time. Also use the PM function. Make connections with people. You can literally talk to anyone and they will most likely answer. Even Leo answers so many questions here.
  24. Never tried 5 Meo but on LSD I got an intense body high. Like feeling warm and comfortable in your body, this lasted for months. I think it helped me to relax. Also this helped me a ton