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  1. You don't "owe" them anything. But being a provider is attractive for women. She doesn't owe you to shave her armpits or whatever but you wouldn't find long armpit hair attractive, do you?
  2. Never heard of Knight of Cups before. The scenes from the trailer look strikingly similar to Song to Song. Will put it on my watch list. His movies sure hit differently than most others.
  3. @LastThursday You are right. I didn't meant to make it sound black and white.
  4. While I think learning is an integral part of life and healthy I find it important to also question: why am I learning? And also question why am I not doing the other important stuff in life instead? Like doing and being. Balance. Because in the end you might find out, that you are doing so out of insecurities and inner problems. A good example of this are qualification-hoppers. People who jump from one expensive training program to the next one instead of applying it in the real world. ❤️
  5. So are crocodiles. And gravity. ❤️
  6. Of course. It's the highest consciousness there is. But I am not talking about that. In a practical and relative way your survival becomes very compromised when you are taking an active role in a war. Countries have military that is trained for this to protect from other military. I'd let them handle it. Now, when the military needs more help from me than just money, that's another discussion. I would have to make a nuanced decision.
  7. There is no memory, only infinite creation Because past doesn't exist
  8. No. War is such a lose-lose and low conscious business. You do not want to involve yourself with that if you can. Would you defend and kill for your religion, your job or your favourite sports team?
  9. I think this is a good question to ask yourself. If there was no money to be made at all. Would you still want to do it?
  10. How do you presume I gave any spiritual guidance? I gave you a practical way for protecting from bad influences
  11. What you are stating is kinda the obvious isn't it? From experience the people who see others as bad, gold diggers, creeps, frauds, psychopaths etc. are themselves a bit on the unhealthy/crazy side. Everyone does it slightly so that might be normal but the more someone is invested and locked into this kind of thinking the crazier they are. (Disclaimer: I do not mean crazy people see others as bad, I mean that by increasingly seeing others as bad you become crazy) Bad is a relative notion. It implies that you need something from the other person (e.g. they should be nice to you, not take advantage of you, not try to harm you, not be crazy). Which totally makes sense... BUUUTT If you live like that, you are giving these people power over you. The less you need of other people, the more free and powerful you become. Let's take gold diggers for example. I know that some people are gold diggers. Yet, this thought almost never crosses my mind. The problem is not other people, it is you ability to set proper boundaries. Where do these boundaries come from? They come from not needing so much from other people! Think about it. If you do not need anything from other people, you can easily distance yourself from them or be strict with them. Buutt... If you need validation, security or whatever else from them, then you will find it hard to set boundaries. "What will happen if I set this boundary? Will he still like me? Will he still give me what I want?" And of course when we do not set boundaries we will get taken advantage from other people at some point. So then we are hurt and label them as bad people, gold diggers, creeps whatever. Buuuttt This action taken from a hurt perspective will only hurt yourself. Now you are feeling more distrust and fear for other people, which will in turn make your life a living hell. What you want, is you want to feel acceptance and Love for other people. Which will make your life a living paradise. So you want to heal yourself and forgive others as soon as possible. (This also translates to accepting yourself and accepting others). In short: Bring down your needs and accept others for who they are. I do not dive into the perspective of other people here, which you could. You could empathize with other people to understand their behaviour and this could be beneficial.
  12. - Breathing - Love - Mindfulness - Gratitude - Acceptance
  13. Open your self to the possibility that your beliefs about what women find attractive are completely wrong. Then you either find someone who can teach it to you or you just figure it out yourself. Both will work, if you are able to forget everything about dating you thought you knew. PS: Don't label or judge others negatively, you are poisoning yourself.
  14. There is definitely a market for travel content. Just make it interesting and authentic. Build a relationship with your audience. Doing sponsorships and showing products in your videos would increase your revenue a lot. If you don't want to do that, you could start making your own product line and sell it to your audience.
  15. The next partner is the same.
  16. Depends on how much time and energy you invest in each domain.
  17. Yes, I've done it in the past. Actually, having too high standards was a trap, when I had almost zero experience with women. If you are inexperienced with women and you lower you standards you reap the trinity of benefits, which is: 1. You start interacting with more women which will help you to even start setting standards 2. As you date and interact with more women you automatically get more experience and get better at it 3. When women notice you with other women it will increase their interest in you a lot
  18. You are already here Maybe. But the same as you can increase your consciousness, you can also decrease your consciousness.
  19. You become aware of who you really are (not a human) while still continuing to be a human, because what else is there to do?
  20. This identity doesn't exist. You want to be more conscious and mindful of your Self. Here are some practical steps to take Also see this video
  21. What? I'd say that if you plan on staying in the area it's good to buy. If you think you won't then rent.
  22. Polyamory is in a way closer to Truth. As you become less and less delusional about Love being limited to one person in the universe. The practical part is a bit tricky though. I can see it in a healthy way with people who all know they want it and no one being "forced" to be in a poly-relationship with someone else. Also I see people being married to one partner while having rituals where they explore Love deeper with others, for example at green gatherings. Or you can just be conscious of the fact that Love is limitless and that the boundaries that is your monogamous relationship are an illusion. While simply not exploring that side very far. That can also be nice and I think is more practical these days. If you have a strong craving for poly while being mono or for mono while being poly it could be a good indicator to go inwards and see where this craving is coming from. ❤️
  23. What does that mean?
  24. That's some real mental gymnastics right here. The world is run by survival. Whatever has the best chance of surviving and giving the best survival options for the children is what women favour in the dating market. That plus a mix of mental quirks they acquired in their life. Yes, good looks have some survival perks to it but it's far from the only factor. So maximise your looks as far as possible but focus on the other super heavy pillars as well. Or you know, you could put your head in the sand and disregard whatever this life is.
  25. Hi jacknine119, Maybe normal but not optimal It's a self-worth topic. If yours is fluctuating a lot, could be a sign for narcissism. Narcissim is defined by not being able to give yourself value and love. Btw, it's a spectrum. Almost everyone is on it. Oftentimes rooted in childhood, for example when the parents have the same problem. They'll have a specific image of their child in their head (because they want to impress others with their child) and so they only give you love if you follow this specific image. Having no space to be authentic and express yourself as a child is a good way of developing narcissistic traits in the future. Either way. This is a must watch if you haven't seen it already: ❤️