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  1. No. Maybe because it's late or because of differences in culture. Playing with the polarity of feminine and masculine is fun and natural.
  2. Simple. Work on your money mindset. All your beliefs and feelings, preconceived notions you have about money in general. And build an aura of abundance around you. Or don't - and just don't buy a house, it is not something you must do. Renting is great as well. Bonus: You can remain as you are right now and rationalise and repeat to yourself the story you tell yourself, which brings you to this exact moment in your life where you have this problem. That way you can re-experience this situation for however long you find it fun and thrilling. ❤️
  3. Thanks for sharing. Does it include Law of Attraction and Shadow Work?
  4. Sounds like you are in a tough position right now. Hope you will figure out a way to make ends meet and get your own place and money. Everything will work out fine.
  5. Well at least the news is now all about Biden and not Trump as usual.
  6. Have only nice clothes, a few of them. I don't think it's so powerful but it depends on the person. If it is important to you and good clothing can make you feel good, all power to you. In general you want to avoid dressing so bad that it sticks out. This article sums it up nicely. https://www.leisuremartini.com/fashion-mistakes-men/ Just following the 1st rule is probably enough.
  7. With LSD I didn't experience that high of a body load as with mushrooms. The most stress on my body I experienced with weed (edibles). My heart was doing a super marathon of some sorts for hours. I felt like I might die - but at the same time totally ok with that. And that is the gist of it. We take psychedelics to explore the depth of consciousness. You have to decide how valuable this is to you. In that sense we are like astronauts or explorers. Is a mission to mars risky? Yes of course! But could you live on, knowing you decided not to take a voyage? ❤️
  8. Just because someone is not doing any cold approaches doesn't mean they are lazy. Almost all activities humans do is to maximise their dating potential. Some put on makeup, others go to the gym, others make money. The list goes on and on. Other than that. Yes, it can be easy. It can be normal. Because it's natural for you to know how to date. You know that in your ancestors, every single one of the men could mate? So why shouldn't you? Or the better question is, why should you?
  9. Please use the existing thread to share your location And make sure you read the User Guidelines. Local (group) meetups are not allowed.
  10. No, you got it backwards. Love between forms is always finite and incomplete. That's why love is a reduction of Love. When you see love between two objects you get a glimpse of the whole. And because love between objects is possible you know that love between all objects together is possible and that is what is meant with everything is one, everything is Love. ❤️
  11. @eTorro Your emotions are the key here. There is a shy and anxious eTorro but you see that there is also a courageous and peaceful eTorro. You just work on yourself - peel layer for layer - until the shy and anxious eTorro is present maybe just 1-2% of the time while the other eTorro takes over. Seems like you are on the right track.
  12. Reality includes harm and suffering, you are trying to cripple reality. Other examples in which you could try to control reality Getting rid of pastors because they spread belief Killing babies because they could experience joy Yet - none of these would actually stop belief or joy forever - because they are fundamental to reality. You would just be neurotic. Just while writing this comment my body must have killed millions of organisms. Yesterday I killed 2 insects maybe more. Stop fighting reality and get over it. ❤️
  13. Just have fun and be interested in her.
  14. Apply for better jobs. Can you observe in others areas of your life that people "boss" you around and set high expectations for you? Also there might be some things in your resume that put people off. The suggestion with chat GPT probably is best but you can also send it to me and I will look over it (delete personal data like name/location first). Of course, location is important. If you life in an area where jobs are scarce its gonna take a while longer to find something.
  15. While you could come to this conclusion and you wouldn't be wrong, I wouldn't say it's the main focus of the picture. It implies who the fuck you are. ❤️
  16. In 2018 I had a similar question. @Emerald made a great point that us speculating on female spirituality is just intellectual speculation. So why not take the inputs from this thread and use them to explore the feminine side of spirituality within yourself? I think a good place to start is with the body. In the end all roads lead to (infinite)-Rome. We turn inwards and deeply fall in Love with all. ❤️
  17. It's traps all the way from here.
  18. You are right, if you see no point in writing you probably shouldn't do it. Yes, the idea of a life purpose is an illusion. So far so good. Please use some paragraphs, no one likes reading a wall of text.
  19. @bambi The original german poem "habe geduld" (have patience) seems to be from Georg Runsky NOT from Adolf Hitler.
  20. That's the trap that comes with money. Let's say you won the lottery and now you buy yourself a nice car, home cinema, boat whatever. Now all these things require time from you, to also use them. You have to actually drive the car, watch the cinema and use the boat. If you value free time these things can backfire on you. It wouldn't change much of how I spent my time. Of course I would spent more time allocating money to people and projects. So would be shopping for the right people and right things to work with. Learning how to manage people better. But also free up time for creative work by outsourcing even more of certain aspects of day to day life, like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, driving, research for work, planning etc.
  21. Do you have the booklist? The 6th book from the first category really explains your situation quite well. It's about the topic of being a creator but translates well to any projects one can do. I think it would be helpful for you to find out what is really meaningful to you and what you want out of life. Yep, this is enough to move out. But if you want to double it this year it's ok to live with your parents for another year as well while studying.
  22. You want to feel and integrate these emotions. Also you want to accept what happened and how you are reacting to it now. Be gentle with yourself.
  23. Well while starting an online business you want to bunker down and focus the majority of your energy on the business. So winter seems ideal for that - no distractions. Of course, if winter is having such an impact on your psyche so that you can't focus, you'd be better off in brazil.
  24. You have to cater to what people know. So you could for example be the binge eating coach, that helps people stop binge eating. And you do that by working with them on their life quality. That's what you are doing on the backend, during the coaching. In the phase before they become your client you speak with them on the binge eating situation. How everything they have tried failed and how bad their life will end up with if they continue to have this problem. And how wonderful their life will be when they stop binge eating.