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  1. Thank you man, from one addict to another. This is what I needed to hear.
  2. How do you guys feel about cutting habbits that used to be what your life revolves around? For example some people could be into doing drugs and going out at parties or in my case staying home and playing video games. I have a couple of video games that I paid money for but I just can't find a good reason to stop doing self actualization or pursuing my career to do it. It's a bit hard to let go but for those that have been through this challenge, how do you feel about it?
  3. Lately I have been feeling like I'm stuck in the past while I'm trying to move forward towards a new life. It feels like there are so many old dogmas within me that even I myself don't know what they are at times. Of course I do have limiting beliefs and it's not so easy to break them all within a day. For those that have created and constructed a completely new set of personality and life, what do you recommend? Right now I'm just reading books about becoming a newer person and going to a job interview here and there but nothing solid right now. Any advice?
  4. @Pallero Thank you for shedding light on this subject, I've definitely feel that I'm rushed to lose it as soon as possible but after hearing everyone's remark, it makes sense. Thank you.
  5. There are a couple of good books on the subject, check out Louise Hay stuff and I forgot what the tittle of the book but it's about spontaneous love. How to heal your life is a pretty good start. It's different for everyone but I think loving yourself means that accepting that you are enough and that you don't have to try so hard in life to be able to love yourself or receive love. This is different from being complacent because here we are in a state of acceptance rather than stagnation.
  6. I think you should post on an online poker forum and ask them for a reality check on making money by playing poker. The ethics of it is debatable but what's important is are you willing to stick with it till the end? How much do you want to earn? Most poker forum recommends beginner to grind it out in the penny games to better their skills before they start betting $1-$5 (you can only bet one penny) and even then I'm not sure if they still have those types of games anymore. How legal is online gambling in your area? Some states in the U.S it's illegal to gamble online even though there is no federal law on online gambling. Playing poker is far from fast fix on acquiring capital as I saw your other post about acquiring capitals. Check out Leo's video on how to get results that might help you.
  7. @Lee There's a lot of different ways to do a single thing, I forgot the quote but there's at least 40 different ways to wash the dishes...so if you're going to Edinburgh try out their methods and add it to your repertoire. The funny thing about pencil holding is that I've been taught two different ways as well, but it's all about experimentation and finding what works for you (just be open-minded about it). I hold the pencil sideways now as oppose to the end of it now because my wrist doesn't cramp up as often and I can use my shoulder for gesture. It's scary but I think as long as you treat this opportunity with reverend and respect and healthy dose of fear ( if I goof off and party a lot, my art won't be as good/ I won't be as employable) thne you should be alright.
  8. Remember that guy who gave up? Neither does anybody else.
  9. You and I are on the same boat to become master artists, realistically speaking you just gotta stick with it and have social emotional support. I would recommend you focus on your social skills because you will be working with people for the rest of your life. Be practical and take criticism from everyone, that includes your classmates and teacher. I've been to an atelier before and it's quite daunting and emotionally frustrating because you end up facing yourself over and over again. Day in and day out you face whatever is in your psyche and pour out that battle onto a canvas. Trust me, even Leo would agree that emotional labor is highly underestimated towards any endeavor nowadays. I'm always up to talk if you need to hear a voice. Just send me a pm
  10. Your destiny is yours to behold, Anything that you can dream, can also be the fate that you enjoy.
  11. I think a new perspective on why you feel these projects are meaningless to you is because your definition of what a "good person" is a construct given to you by society and other people. Volunteering projects that have no meaning to you will be meaningless if you do not see a meaning in them. It's like giving change to a homeless person and expecting it to end homelessness. If you want to help out a homeless person then by all means please do, but don't expect giving change will make you a "better" person. Here's something for you to think about, who deserves $5 more a waiter busting his chops or a homeless guy on the street? I say the waiter because he has much more obligations to fulfill, but that is my opinion. You might say that a "good person" would give it to a homeless person, but are you that type of good person? How do you truly feel about this situation? And would you act upon it or go with what society considers to be the good choice? Once again realize that there are no right or wrong answer for this scenario, it is a thought exercise designed for you to think about who or what you really are. What exactly do you want from personal development? I highly doubt you want to be an idealistic altruistic spiritual figure that you project yourself by doing "positive projects that a good person does". Your ending statement is that you want to develop your experience and grow yourself. Ask yourself "How do I want to grow myself within the next 5 years?" Do you want to be funnier? Do you want to entertain life with philosophical thoughts and be a better writer/philosopher? Do you want to go on spiritual retreat and experience the voided existence of reality? I don't know what you want so I ask you to think about it. And of course once you figure it out, your next step would be to set goals and work at them. There's really no one size fit all answer. Explore, create and make mistakes. It will all count for something, but never what you think it is.
  12. Thanks bro, I really appreciated you explaining it to me like that. When I read that I felt like as if you were an older brother looking out for me with your words. I think my head is starting to understand that sex isn't the main point of life with everyone's input. Thank you so much, everyone.
  13. I have another thread that is similar to yours Also this one as well For example for me, the reason I value losing my virginity is to keep the same pace as my friends and to feel like I have some value of who I am as a human being. What do you think is the underlying issues with your masturbation issues? I feel the same way at times, which is why I find porn a bit distasteful nowadays since I'm not in it LOL Try to love and love yourself and appreciate who you are as a person. You need lots and lots of love and I'm sure that you are the perfect person to give it to yourself. We need love to grow, and when we can't get it from another person we need to get it from ourself. Our self-image does not stem from the fact that we have a girlfriend, a house or a lamborghini. Our worth and values are unlimited and I truly believe that you need to see this in yourself. You might value yourself at a certain number based on what you have or don't have, but the deeper truth is that you're so much more than where you work or what you have. You are love. And I think that once you start practicing to love yourself, you will start to find peace and love inside yourself. Now this is easier said than done, considering I feel the same way as you do. But what's important is for us to practice loving ourself and appreciating who we are as a person and be grateful for the things in our lives and work towards the things we want.
  14. Thanks for all your help everyone, I feel a lot better hearing some of your own input to this situation