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  1. 17/05/27 Eating only when I am hungry - Streak 0 Eating only until I am full - Streak 0 Meditating 1h at a time - Streak 1 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 17 Concentration (10min) - Streak 0 Fasting until 12 - Streak 1 Getting up directly - Streak 3 Waking up my body outside - Streak 22 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 28 Programming my Subconscious Mind (10min) - Streak 7 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 28 Gratitude - Streak 73 The new experience: I went running right after waking up, at around 7am, because it was already very hot. At midday it would have been too hot. I drove with my new car to the farmers shop. And I figured some stuff out with the car. I cooked pieplant with my sister and I played a game with her. I was only hungry before lunch. The other stuff I ate really just out of habit, because it would be strange to not eat at these times.
  2. How to advance human consciousness import earth.*; import human.*; public class ConsciousnessAdvancer { public ArrayList<Human> human_population; public ConsciousnessAdvancer() { ArrayList<Human> human_population = earth.getHumanBeings(); human_population.sortByConsciousness("descending"); } public static void main(String[] args) { ca = new ConsciousnessAdvancer(); for(HumanBeing being : human_population) { ca.advanceConsciousness(being); } } public void advanceConsciousness(HumanBeing being) { //this method is the whole mystery } }
  3. Zone of Genius I need to make a little bit more precise what I mean with "developing and implementing solution processes." I guess the best would be an example: Here is the problem: I want to simulate an rubiks cube in 3d in a program. And the user can give commands to turn the rubiks cube, like turning the top clockwise. The my mind starts to break down this big problem into smaller problems. Firstly in which form should I store the data of the cube. Secondly how to render the data into the form of a rubiks cube. Thirdly how to change the data when a part of the cube gets rotated. Then I continue with the problem of storing data. You cannot really store them in a simple list or in an array. There are different types of blocks in a rubiks cube. There are the middle stones - which don't move at all - , there are corners - with three different colors - and there are edges - with two colors. I could define each stone bock differently. Or I could just make a model where you look on top of one side of the cube where you have a 3x3 field, and you have six of those fields for each side. Another problem: I want to create an app where you can study vocabulary. The first problem is how the user interface should look like and which functions it should have. The second problem is how to store all the data. The third problem is how to add data... I also love it to solve mathematical problems, especially when the task is more complex and there are a lot of variables. Once I wanted to solve a equation with vectors, a scalar product and angles. In the end I've had multiple papers full of huge equations. I worked on them until night because I was so excited. But in the end I figured out that it was impossible to solve this equation this way. Then I looked on wikipedia and found a stupidly simple equation which can solve it all at once. But it still was so fun. I just love solving problems this way and thats what I call developing solution processes. Then implementing is another part. I don't know whether this is my zone of genius or not. I love starting to implement the stuff at the beginning. Then I can say what each class and method is doing, or what types of data to store and how to store it, like strings, integers, arrays, arraylists... But then there comes a point in the process where I start to test the code. And then there come all these exceptions, like NullPointerException, IOException, RuntimeException etc in hundreds of lines of text. Then I have to search on the internet and various on forums to find my mistakes and to solve the problems. That takes hours. But I still love it. I especially love the part when all these problems are fixed and the code just works. Then I just feel this happiness and excitement for a few minutes and can forget about the previous hours of frustration. And even though I am frustrated often I still feel joy in this frustration. I could describe my zone of genius more by saying: developing and implementing solution processes for big problems by breaking them down into smaller and smaller problems. But there is no place for that in the life purpose statement - it should be less than 15 words.
  4. If you are passionate about the subject then pursue it. Your life is long, very long. You will have multiple decades left to master this stuff. Not knowing the basics of maths and physics is not bad. You will have a lot of time and if you work hard enough you will be able to master the basics in a few months or even a few years. But still then there are many many years left to work on the advanced stuff.
  5. thoughts from yesterdays trip picking up my new car There are soo many soo fat people. They eat so unhealthy and have such an unhealthy lifestyle. There its no wonder that their body looks so badly. But it was astonishing how many people are soo fat. In the train we sat next to two guys who drank all the time beer and talked about bullshit - so convinced from their beliefs. There was also a group of old fat women, who drank cheep champagne, ate cheese, and sausages... The employees at the place where we picked up the car seemed very mechanic. On the inside they are bored and hate their jobs. They have to do the same thing over and over again, day after day, year after year. But on the outside they have to look nice, friendly, happy... So the way these people spoke to us was so artificial. These huge car companies have so much money. They can invest so much money into advertisement and customer loyalty. They have build this huge complex, where the people who pick up their car can walk around. I liked it. We could spend 70€ on food, car stuff, and souvenirs. I felt kind of special - and thats what they want. We walked around little exhibitions with new cars. I sat in a few cars and it was cool. Especially the one from porsche or an electronic car from VW. There are all kinds of buttons to adjust the drivers seat. In one you could even get a message in the seat. I feel like they exaggerate a bit with all these technology gadgets. No normal human being needs this. I was able to participate at a drivers safety training. It was fun. I had a golf with a automatic gearbox. But I never drove with a automatic car before. So I firstly had to figure out how this works. But then it was fun. I liked the car. We had to make emergency breakings with a speed up to 90kmh. I firstly was pretty scared of driving so fast. The trip gave me also a new perspective on technology and engineering. There were two towers where all the cars were stored and a think picked automatically the cars out of the tower. This engineering has to be so complex but also so cool and interesting. There is so much more possible with technology and engineering than I can imagine at the moment.
  6. New Habits I want to change some of my habits now. I feel like I can handle eating less oat meal, raisins and nuts. I can control it, I guess. I also don't eat something rather unhealthy like bread for lunch anymore. But I still see that I eat much more than my body needs. Sometimes I feel so full. I just continue eating out of habit. Sometimes I just eat some "reasonable" snacks although I feel no need for eating anymore. It just feels good to continue eating and afterwards I feel rather bad. I also want to try out eating more fats in form of nuts and seeds. Maybe my desires to eat more and more comes from my rather high carb diet, although I eat already medium fat. Maybe it comes from the blood sugar level stuff, so eat more fats could regulate that and I feel less hungry. So I want to eat only if I am hungry. I don't feel hungry often. A new habit that I want to build will be "eating only when I am hungry." Now the hard part is to define what I mean with hungry. It could be having an empty stomach or it could be having a very strong desire to eat. Another habit is "eating only until I am full." This is especially hard at dinner. Sometimes I just take another plate because then all the food is empty and my mother doesn't has to store the rest. I feel like obligated to do that. In the last few weeks I have meditated very little. I feel that, and I feel that I need to meditate more again. Therefore the next habit is "meditating 1h at a time." Sometimes I meditate more than an hour a day, but in shorter sessions, and I don't feel the same effect there as with one longer session.
  7. 17/05/26 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 16 Concentration (10min) - Streak 16 Fasting until 12 - Streak 0 Getting up directly - Streak 2 Eating no unreasonable snacks - Streak 2 Waking up my body outside - Streak 21 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 27 Eating no oat meal - Streak 0 Eating no raisins - Streak 0 Eating a raw lunch - Streak 0 Programming my Subconscious Mind (10min) - Streak 6 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 27 Gratitude - Streak 72 The new experience: The whole day was a new experience. I was for 12 hours away from home. I went with my father to a certain German city by train, and collected there my new car. Then we drove back home. I have gained a lot of new impressions.
  8. 17/05/25 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 15 Concentration (10min) - Streak 15 Fasting until 12 - Streak 1 Getting up directly - Streak 1 Eating no unreasonable snacks - Streak 1 Waking up my body outside - Streak 20 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 26 Eating no oat meal - Streak 16 Eating no raisins - Streak 16 Eating a raw lunch - Streak 38 Programming my Subconscious Mind (10min) - Streak 5 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 26 Gratitude - Streak 71 The new experience: On my run I met someone from my English class who had yesterday the same oral exam. We talked about the exam and the grades. But after a few hundred meters I took a different path to end this awkward conversation. But it would have been a comfort zone challenge to stick to my original plan and take my normal running route - which was her route. In the evening I picked up my sister from a friend. I had to go into the garden of the friend. I messaged someone on this forum.
  9. Little Insights Until now I thought that I'd have to develop a device that connects AI with the brain itself. But who says that brains exist? Maybe just consciousness itself exists. Maybe its better to develop a device that is placed into the "aura" of a person, which then sends out some waves, and those waves influence the consciousness of the person in some way and the AI sends some information to this consciousness. Oh man, this sounds so weird.
  10. The Oral Exam My exams are over. In the oral exam I got 12 points (B+). The grade is okay but I am kind of jealous of others people grades. The topics of the exam were Trump, dystopia, The Hunger Games, and global migration. I would have liked topics like India, the British Monarchy or globalization more, but it was okay. At the beginning my voice was a little bit shaky, but that went away. There were some moments where I didn't find the right vocabulary but that was okay too. The grade is acceptable for my performance. I did some calculations which end grade I could get with the results of the other exams. I would have to get on average 14, 14, and 15 points to get 1.2. Or 13, 13, and 14 points to get 1.3. Or 12, 12, and 12 to get 1.4. I guess it will be 1.3. But my mind is hoping that it will be 1.2 although its really unrealistic, but still possible with a lot of luck. And then my mind thinks of whether or not I should go into a oral re-exam if I "only" get 14, 14, 14 to still get 1.2. Its all about appreciation. I don't need a good end grade at all. And now I am free. Its the next morning and I woke up with the thought that I don't have to study anything anymore for school. I can dedicate my whole day to self-actualization and mastering computer science. And I can do that now for the next couple of months. What an outlook!
  11. why? I used way tooooo many raisins. Sometimes I went because of boredom into the kitchen and ate like 3 big hands full of raisins. I was/am addicted to them. But its getting better. At some point I will eat some of them again.
  12. 17/05/24 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 14 Concentration (10min) - Streak 14 Fasting until 12 - Streak 0 Getting up directly - Streak 0 Eating no unreasonable snacks - Streak 0 Eating less than 20g nuts and seeds - Streak 14 Waking up my body outside - Streak 19 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 25 Eating no oat meal - Streak 15 Eating no raisins - Streak 15 Eating a raw lunch - Streak 37 Programming my Subconscious Mind (10min) - Streak 4 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 25 Gratitude - Streak 70 The new experiences: final oral exam small talk with another student, who I don't know well laying down on the street with a friend as a comfort zone challenge (a old woman looked at us and just shoke her head) climbing in a tree being in a little climbing park getting the results of the exam and shaking the hands of my schools director and two other teachers cleaning up my room and putting my whole school stuff away installing my operating system again
  13. I just registered myself for a 10-day Vipassana Retreat in late August!!!!! Its getting real. Now I just have to find a very good way to explain this to my parents, or a good story about where I am in this time and why I have to internet access. I have to remember that I am 18 and am not dependent on my parents anymore. Tomorrow morning is my oral exam in English. Somehow I felt pretty relaxed today. And after a call with my friend I was pretty happy. I hope that I will not be too nervous and that my teacher asks not too complicated questions. It would be nice if I remain calm and can control my voice. Today was probably the last time that I had to study for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And after the exam tomorrow I will never have to do anything for school again. Just going to a few events and collecting my certificate. Then I can fully concentrate on my life purpose and self-actualization - finally!
  14. Visioning I did some visioning exercises from the Life Purpose Course. It was a good idea to do this. Now I am even more excited. This would be a huge life calling. Some of my answers got repeated a lot, but thats a good sign I guess. What are the greatest possibilities for my life purpose? I could develop a device, that makes people in a short period of time very conscious and therefore enlightened. This device is cheap, easy to use and to implement, and is wildly accepted by the people. Thousands - no, millions- of people use it and become enlightened. Then they become inspired, more peaceful and loving, and therefore also work on improving the world. The world becomes a much more peaceful place. Conflicts stop, in politics they start solving problems holistically, relationships become beautiful, beauty gets created... What could it look like 20 years from now if I went all-out? I own a company with great, talented, passionate, open-minded, conscious people in the team. It are not just highly skillful software engineers and scientists, but also spiritual people with a lot of experience in the field of enlightenment. Together we create the next revolutionary technology that makes people highly conscious and enlightened. We are able to spread our products all over the world and see huge improvements in the consciousness of society. Where could it take me? I work half of my days at the company. The other half of the day I spend at nature and work on my consciousness. I am fully enlightened, am totally healthy, and love my job, I am full of passion... I just love what is and am content with reality. In what ways will I be impacting other people/society? Many people become enlightened through my technology. And those people will then improve the world too. Its a chain reaction. The world will become a very peaceful place. Love, beauty, passion, visions etc. are spreading. Social problems will be solved. And everybody is amazed by the beauty of reality and consciousness. What kind of leader will I be? How will I lead? I infect the team members of my business with this vision. So they become super excited as well. We are a great team and then just develop this amazing technology device. I will there mainly focus on working on the software. I will develop solution processes which then get implemented. What kind of inspiring example will I set for others? People will see that its possible to make the impossible possible. Its worth it working many many years on an amazing world-changing project. What breakthroughs and good fortune could occur on my journey? I take the courage and start my business. My business will get funded with a few million dollars by rich people who believe in my vision. I will make breakthroughs with my team on the field of AI (artificial intelligence). We will find a way to connect the AI with the human brain successfully and safely. I will find people on my path who are very talented and passionate as well. I discover the true nature of consciousness and find a way to connect it with AI. How will my personal life be improved by reaching my life purpose? I will become enlightened. I will be financially independent. I can work whenever I want. I can travel. I become super healthy. I will feel good in my body. I am self-actualized. I will create great relationships with like-minded people. How much money will I have? I will have enough money. I can buy myself whatever I want, but I don't want much. After we have launched our device the business will receive a lot of money and donations. We invest that money mainly into new devices, to spread enlightenment even more. What will my schedule look like? My mornings I spend firstly in nature with movement, meditation, and contemplation. Then I go to the business and work with the team. There I always feel inspired and that we move forward. I love working there and solving problems. At lunchtime I eat together with the team and enjoy their company. In the late afternoon I go home. I work out, eat, study, meditate and enjoy life and nature. Maybe I spend some time with my close friends. Maybe I will continue this tomorrow.
  15. 17/05/23 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 13 Concentration (10min) - Streak 13 Fasting until 12 - Streak 13 Getting up directly - Streak 0 Eating no unreasonable snacks - Streak 2 Eating less than 20g nuts and seeds - Streak 13 Waking up my body outside - Streak 18 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 24 Eating no oat meal - Streak 14 Eating no raisins - Streak 14 Eating a raw lunch - Streak 36 Programming my Subconscious Mind (10min) - Streak 3 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 24 Gratitude - Streak 69 The new experience: In the afternoon I drove to the car dealer. I didn't know the exact way, but I found it. And the streets were fuller than expected. There I collected the license plates for my new car, a lot of important papers, and a few advertising gifts. Normally my father would go there but today he had no time. So I had to talk to this guy. It was a pretty awkward conversation for him I guess. I said mostly just "hello, yes, yeah, alright, mhm..., thank you." And on the way back I almost didn't find the way. At home my sister wanted to show my grandaunts my new license plate, so I went there with here. Normally I wouldn't have done that but I did because I was in a good mood.
  16. Research I have started to do some research on AI. I watched some videos and interviews. This stuff about IBM Watson is crazy. And I have started an online course on Udacity - an intro into artificial intelligence. There is so much to learn. At the moment I have almost 0 knowledge about it. I need more knowledge to even just figure out what I want to do and what my vision is. Self-Doubts Throughout the day I have been watching a few videos about these programmers. There are 12 or 13 year old little boys who work at IBM Watson or Facebook and have huge success. So my mind almost immediately started doubting myself. How will I ever become successful in this field, when I even now have problems with my program and make almost no progress? How will I be able to compete in this field? What can I contribute to this field when all these inventions are already made now? What can I do there? I remembered one aspect from the Life Purpose Course: Creator vs Competitor. I am there to create new stuff, not to compete with other people over the best jobs and best opportunities. And I also realized that my vision is not to just create some new AI stuff, but to combine AI with consciousness. These smart little kids know nothing about consciousness and spirituality. This is my job. I don't just have to know computer science but also consciousness. Another subject of doubt is my oral exam in English in two days. I kind of feel not prepared well enough. I know that I will be nervous in the exam. And when my teachers asks me a question I will firstly have to think a bit about it until I can start talking. And my voice will be very shaky... I will be very happy with 11 points (B).
  17. 17/05/22 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 12 Concentration (10min) - Streak 12 Fasting until 12 - Streak 12 Getting up directly - Streak 3 Eating no unreasonable snacks - Streak 1 Eating less than 20g nuts and seeds - Streak 12 Waking up my body outside - Streak 17 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 23 Eating no oat meal - Streak 13 Eating no raisins - Streak 13 Eating a raw lunch - Streak 35 Programming my Subconscious Mind (10min) - Streak 2 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 23 Gratitude - Streak 68 The new experience: I meditated in my grandparents living room. That was kind of odd. While I was running I took some breaks and just walked because I felt like it. I played cards with my sister. These are not big new experiences, but in the next days some big new experiences will come. I removed the Self-Love habit, because I cannot fully appreciate this yet. I firstly need to learn more about this and read the six pillars of self esteem.
  18. I didn't know whether I should post this topic into the life purpose section or the philosophy & science section. So I just put it here because its about my life purpose. I have a problem with my life purpose. Through all of the exercises in the course I now have a pretty good sense that my life purpose is a combination of the two fields of computer science and consciousness stuff. I am naturally good at maths, science and computer science. I get into a state of flow, love it to solve problems, and to implement solution processes in code. This is sort of my zone of genius. On the other hand I want to have an impact on the world that isn't really connectalbe with this. I love it to understand these concepts Leo talks about. I am fascinated by metaphysical questions. I love it to understand various topics deeply and to see the impact of them on life. I love it to be open-minded and learn new stuff. I would like to make the people more open-minded and conscious about these things in some way. The problem is that I don't know what to do with these two fields together. Its like I want to combine logic with nothingness. Its simply not possible for a computer to grasp nothingness. I feel like this: public boolean alive = true; private boolean enlightened = false; private I i; public Life() { i = new Something(); } private void inquire() { i = whatAmI(); } private Something whatAmI() { return null; } while(alive) { if(!enlightened) { i.inquire(); } else { i.doNothing(); } } Because the return statement of the method whatAmI() is null (nothing) I would get NullPointerExceptions all the time. Nothing cannot do doNothing() or inquire(). I have been thinking about doing something with artificial intelligence. There is much undiscovered potential in this field. But what the hell should the AI then do? I could try to create some sort of new technology that makes it easier for people to have new insights, but there are already psychedelics and so on. Or I could try to rebuild a human brain with computers and see what happens. Or a software that analyses all the blockages in the minds of people, but people can do that well enough too. Any ideas?
  19. Top Goals until the end of May 2018 developing 3 usable programs/apps reaching advanced Java skills -> working through a Java book -> working through an intermediate and advanced Java online course and I will also learn it in university basic knowledge about artificial intelligence and cognitive science -> going through 3 online courses contemplation habit -> contemplating each day for at least 15 minutes with concentration 50 social comfort zone challenges strong concentration ability -> 20 minutes concentration without drifting apart there are also some other goals, but I don't have to work on those throughout my average days deciding to take maths as a minor subject in university and not electrical engineering (the main problem will be that my father prefers electrical engineering) having one magic mushroom trip doing 2 meditation retreats the list goes on but these are the most important ones
  20. The Morning I don‘t like one thing about my mornings. And this is the very first moment after turning off my alarm. It means that I have to get out of my comfortable bed in a few minutes because otherwise I would fail with my habit or eventually fall back asleep. And then I think of what I would have to do in the next hour. I would have to get outside and jog around in the garden. I would have to do x, y, and z. As soon as I get into the flow of the morning I feel great. But I feel kind of bad in the first 10 to 20 minutes of my day. I want to change that. Maybe staying in bed for 5 more minutes and thinking about the upcoming day or the visions for my future would help. Practicing some gratitude, or self-love in bed, or praying. I just need to make sure that I don't fall back asleep again.
  21. 17/05/21 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 11 Concentration (10min) - Streak 11 (not yet but in a minute) Fasting until 12 - Streak 11 Getting up directly - Streak 2 Eating no unreasonable snacks - Streak 0 Eating less than 20g nuts and seeds - Streak 11 Waking up my body outside - Streak 16 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 22 Eating no oat meal - Streak 12 Eating no raisins - Streak 12 Eating a raw lunch - Streak 34 Programming my Subconscious Mind (10min) - Streak 1 Self-Love - Streak 8 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 22 Gratitude - Streak 67 The new experience: I studied English in my grandparents living room. There is was quiet because they are on holiday for quite a long time. I practiced the second part of the oral exam and talked to myself and tried to answer questions. I ate about 200g of dried figs. I will start to feel shitty soon. But at least I didn't ate two bowls of oat meal or something like that. In the last days I've had the urge to eat more fruit snacks although my stomach is full. His is homeostasis. In comparison to the beginning of 2017 my eating habits have improved a lot. I just need to make sure that I don't slack off and keep improving my eating habits. At the moment I often feel the need to eat after dinner. Then I make myself some more fruit because I am used to the sense of sweetness after dinner, and now the nice fruit season begins again. So I guess a new eating habit would be a good idea: "Eating nothing after finishing dinner." In one of the last posts I've said that I would give money to my sister if I break the streak. But I don't want to give her my money because I know that she will waste it on stupid plastic toys. Instead I should do something like playing with her "Das Spiel des Lebens" (the game of life). It takes quite a while but she loves it.
  22. Skills I have been thinking about skills that I need for my life purpose. Here they are: Programming Maths other Computer Science stuff Knowledge Artificial Intelligence Epistemology Spirituality Psychology Social Skills Communication Leadership Charisma Business Skills Contemplation The business skills I will need only in the far future, I shouldn't work on that now. The social skills will come mainly from socializing and improving little areas. I will hopefully take mathematics as a minor in university, so I will learn that there. The other computer science stuff probably too, like in practical training with hardware. Programming will be in university too, but this is the main think that I can do now. This means doing a lot of programming projects, and if possible also in other languages. Until now I only am good in JAVA and this will probably be the main language in university too. So another language would be nice. The knowledge part about epistemology, spirituality and psychology will come with the time when I read books or do research. For the knowledge about artificial intelligence I need to do more research. But I think I need to have all the basic skills first until I can do programs with AI. I guess contemplation will be a big thing. I need to contemplate consciousness, open-mindedness and this sort of stuff. Otherwise I don't know what technology I could create. So what should I work on now? A lot of programming. Contemplation. And slowly building my social skills. Maybe also a little big of basic knowledge about computer science, so that I am not a total noob when I go to university.
  23. 17/05/20 Having a new experience or doing a comfort zone challenge - Streak 10 Concentration (10min) - Streak 10 (not yet but in a minute) Fasting until 12 - Streak 10 Getting up directly - Streak 1 Eating no unreasonable snacks - Streak 1 Eating less than 20g nuts and seeds - Streak 10 Waking up my body outside - Streak 15 Dorsiflexion exercises - Streak 21 Eating no oat meal - Streak 11 Eating no raisins - Streak 11 Eating a raw lunch - Streak 33 Self-Love - Streak 7 Apple cider vinegar in the morning - Streak 21 Gratitude - Streak 66 The new experience: I was with wet hair at the farmers shop to buy apples.
  24. Yes, I know that too. I call it understanding, but thats probably not precise enough. The name itself is not so important, but what you understand by the name.