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  2. What am I trying to get at is what to do after I have kept order in order in my own house and are then seeking to impose order to elsewhere. What do I then? (Yes. I acknowledge I have a lot of inner work still to do, but I want to know the practicality of the actual process of getting shit done and getting the changes in place, mediation and self-inquiry wont do that)
  3. Fear is a good place to start? Where should I study fear? I do not understand.
  4. What are the core things to study? I have been told and seen other told on this forum to meditate, self-inquire etc. But it seems that they give that advice in a way that they would hope quit trying to attain power. I was considering a good place to start was to buy books on leaders from past to present, Napoleon, Churchill etc. To study and examine how they went from birth to power. I want to understand what goes in to the mix that makes the world turn.
  5. I am having difficulty trying to describe and articulate this. So try understand what I am saying. I am drawing from limited knowledge and understanding. I do not mean to sound naive, correct me if needed. A common theme I notice is that, I note that there is to much passivity, and I kind have a resistance to it. (The sort of vibe I get off you Nahm). It is just not practical. How do I explain. The higher consciousness tier 2 thinkers(Sages as such) would be better off in holding power in the world in way that would net more total happiness and decrease total suffering. But tier 2 refuses to refuse to concern itself with anything to do with holding political power and such. And what ends up happening is tier 1 thinkers take control, who do not mind concerning themselves with political power, and so society manifest itself such that people suffer a lot more compared to if tier 2 ruled? Does that make any sense? Its like if you have the good guy, the bad guy, then the people. The good guy does not want anything to do with holding power, but the bad guy does not mind. So the bad guy takes control, and the peoples happiness suffers as a result. Such that Tier 1 sort of exploits Tier 2's excessive passivity. Enlightened Motherfucker: "I dont know. Just go meditate or self inquire in a cave or sumthin lol. All your problems will go away. No need to concern yourself with politics" Some cunning stage red dude: "Right then, I'll cease power" Society under red's rule : "fOr FuCKS saKE" Do you get what I mean?
  6. Existing, and all the drama that comes along with it is a mindfuck. And that can be quite the predicament really. I do not have much experience in life and so, do not have much to talk about based on experience , but what I do have experience with and had results with in dealing with periods of immense inner suffering may help you. I had been rejected by my crush. The circumstances I put upon myself before asking her out made it very awkward. I had all this negative self talk. A lot of them self blaming, judging and guilt "You fool , you messed up so bad, if only you did this" are thoughts I would say to myself. I cried. I felt a heavy anxiety in my chest. So as I sat there in my room in pain I had to do something.So for immediate relief in this situation here is what I did. So 1. I started breathing as heavily as I could. To really get the air pumping in and out of me. Not hyperventilating mind you, like Wim Hof method style of breathing. Really breathing deeply and loudly and focusing on each breath through my nose. 2. I did lots of push-ups. I used my anger to really push myself. Back bridges helped especially, for some reason reason, they make me feel good. Especially ones where you can get a good stretch. 3. I listened to music mixed in with motivational speeches 4. Positive self talk "I am the greatest" "I will be the greatest" "I am unstoppable" whilst busting out high reps. 5. After I was all worn out from push- ups. I lay on the floor and enjoyed my rest and just continued listening on to the motivational speakers. Looking back. One thing I will note is to avoid Black and White thinking. This mentality of "All or Nothing" is destructive. Do not fall into this trap. You will just wear your self out needlessly. Outside of this. On days I felt particularly lazy or wanted a boost in happiness. Cold showers helped me 100% of the time. I have never regretted cold showers. Or cold exposure. May you find peace on your Journey.
  7. Well. I was not suggesting everyone go balls to the wall , max levels of consciousness ASAP. A significant improvement would be a place to start. For example. Imagine this. However society functions right now. Throw that out the window in your mind for a second, you wont need this here. Think of what goes on in burning man. Imagine that going on 24/7 in global society, with an infrastructure that somehow allows for it to maintained in a eco-friendly sustainable way. (So some systems would have to be put in place to deal with gathering the resources necessary for supporting human life, health, education, construction etc in order for it to work. So, some sort of system would have to be put in place for he manufacturing of material goods etc) Try do some of the imagining yourself. I do not want to be writing out walls of texts of wish washy ideas on how it might look and work. Do you see the potential? It's OOZING with potential and its just waiting to happen The crux of it is, that it would significantly better than what we currently have (If the idea was fully fleshed out and functionality and sustainability was kept in mind). Why do we live in the dark ages when could live like something like this?
  8. How? What? Why? Where am I going wrong? Where are the flaws in my paradigm of my thinking? I am all ears.
  9. Do you have any examples? Specifically. Those dealing with how we should all live together. I have heard of the Venus Project and the Humanity Party.
  10. Well. It's basically to just to have a higher consciousness global society. I think we would all see the benefits of that. It's specifics I am uncertain, it is a huge project, and it cannot be done alone. I do not know how such a project would get started. Getting more people to ascend stages is a start. If 3 billion are still unhealthy manifestation of Stage Red, Stage Blue, Stage Orange, and Stage Green, its not going to happen. Again. I do not know. It is a speculative and huge topic.
  11. I do not know. I see the video and it does not make sense to why it would deserve a label for being stage yellow. The behaviour of the boy does not communicate anything linguistically in the video. If I had some opinions expressed by something in a video I could have a guess at what stage it was at given my current perceptions of what yellow is. I do not see how I am supposed to judge a stage of a person by looking at the movements of their body. Am I supposed to perceive a stage of development from a mere action? For example... Stage Red = Someone raping or killing Stage Blue = Someone praying Stage Orange = Someone sweating Stage Green = Someone Hugging Stage Yellow = Someone Dancing?????? I do no understand what is being projected as yellow. Are you projecting Youtube as yellow? The filming and commentary that goes along with it as yellow? (As in it being neutral) This could be the case, but I do not think it is what you mean. Re-watching the video. It seems you would have to derive meaning from the movements and set. I did not try to do this. I do not see it as any stage, so as in as much a picture of a tree is a stage. What is being pointed at as stage yellow?
  12. Yeah. I can really see the stage yellow shining through here. Especially in this video. Am I right Leo?
  13. I have not studied him enough to develop a satisfying enough feeling that I know the extent of his yellow, I also sense blue. Such as the quote "You are a slave, you have no voice" No context given, just the that quote and I remember him having a tug of war dialogue with himself about whether gods exist, and in the end of the dialogue deciding that they do exist and they care for mankind. Whether he means this in a dogmatic way or in a way. I do not know. A fascinating person. If I were to study him further I think I would like it and derive more benefit.
  14. I have read only half of his book. I sense stage blue, and stage yellow. I am likely wrong, or wrong that I am likely wrong. I do not know. That is how I perceive him with my perceptions on what stage blue and yellow are which I would think are not fully accurate if even half accurate. I do not know. I like him.
  15. I understand. If your genetic disposition for your appearance is not in your favour. It will be harder for you, the difficulty varying in how bad you look. If your genetic disposition fro your appearance is in your favour. You will have an easier time, depending on good you look. It is no ones fault (or perhaps no "one" persons fault). You were not the one in-control of whether you had genetic that make you look good or not. (Or perhaps you were, I do not know, it is a mystery, or was it? But from the default perspective, you and me are not in control). So naturally, it makes sense that those who were dealt a bad hand, will be a jealous of those who were dealt a good hand. It simply not fair. It is not in your control. The opposing party's have a better position then me by default! This can be quite triggering. For males who are average looking and below. This can be quite the predicament really.It depends on your perspective. Both sides suffer. Feelings of anxiety,envy and jealously, victimizing yourself, pointing fingers, feeling not-good enough. It is hard(but both satisfying) to improve yourself to be on par with your competition who just had it good by default. The pain of self-improvement is acute,and it is much easier to hollow away. Saying this is one thing, embodying it is another. Improving your self is really really fucking hard, especially in areas where your just shit in by default (looks).
  16. We all suffer. Forgive yourself.
  17. Truth is Treason, in the Empire of Lies. Keeping it real. I agree with that. I do not know.
  18. The following is an imaginary scenario, I would like to know the best answer for this question in the imaginary not true to real life scenario given: The broad question: How big can you grow your muscles without the use of steroids can you get doing calisthenics with only access to an infinite flat plain on which to exercise. You can not exercise anywhere else.(No Walls, Nothing to hang from, just a big flat empty space). The goal for exercise is purely bodybuilding (hypertrophy). You have five years to train to develop your muscles the biggest you can the best you can. Food is not a limiting factor. (You have all the food you need, brown rice, tuna, chicken, green beans, spinach, kale, apples, anything). You can gain as much weight as you want. What is the best course of action? What is the best way to go about Specific questions: 1: Is only having an access to a floor to exercise on a limiting factor to getting to even close to your genetic max in muscle size? 2: Does this limitation slow down the speed at which you grow muscle compared to if you had access to firstly (a) A Calisthenics Gym(No Weights or Machines) and secondly (b) A Gym with weight and machines. If it does slow down the speed at which you can grow muscle compared to having access to a, and b, by how much does the limitation slow you down. 2: What muscles suffer the hardest from this limitation and what muscles suffer the least? 3: Of the muscles that suffer the hardest from this limitation, how do you go about training those muscles to maximize their size. (eg. The Upper Back) 4: All the above questions(including the broad question) but regarding muscle strength instead of hypertrophy.
  19. What do you mean they do not mix well? "yes it is a weight game. The more weight when lifting the bigger results" So a 300lb man doing pushups will have bigger muscles than a 150lb man doing pushups because he is pushing more weight per rep. But I would assume, even though the 300lb guy has more muscle mass,he would not look as good as the 150lb guy who has much less body fat. Right? The higher the weight, the more the fat mass starts to take up more space than the muscle? Is that correct? What would a 300lb man master level calisthenics dude look like. (Being able to do advanced calisthenic exercises for multiple reps, in the double digits even) What would he look like? What does calisthenics do to your muscles at high weight? It would almost be as good as bodybuilding right? I cant imagine a 300lb man getting past then 8-12 hypertrophy rep range doing handstand pushups. What would he look like? I see none of these on youtube, they are all light weight/mid weight(the ones who arent on roids)
  20. Already have read it, and enjoyed it. I'll get back into a proper routine(been slacking off). He mentions early on in the book that there are other way to progress without having objects such as a brick or rock on which to access some of the progressions (uneven pushups). But he never says what those other ways are, which I would really like to know. Its a good book.
  21. Is the weight just to low in calisthenics? What if you bulked up to 300lb whilst training with the limitation? Your muscles would your muscle not be forced to get bigger with the extra weight. Sure you would look fat, but, you would get bigger muscles. Then all you have to do is lose the weight back down to where you look aesthetic (150lb-200lb say). But then, if your shrink back down to that, you no longer are damaging your muscle fibres as much as when your were 300lbs so your muscles would shrink back down again and adapt to the lower weight right? Is it a weight game? You said "calisthenics are not meant to build big bulky muscles" But what if.... We have a 150lb man strap 110lb of weight distrubuted across his whole body. So thats 150lb + 110lb = 260lb. THEN we make him workout. He surely should be able to get big bulky muscles right?
  22. Wait. This is the user Egoless? This man here?
  23. I am looking to get a part-time job in a hardware store. So how do I do it?
  24. Why dont you try this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemianism