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  1. Looks like I am a bit late to the thread but I saw this and wanted to post as I recently had experience of two individuals doing transmissions - both associated with Franz Bardon's Hermetics. First is Clint Sabom he has a YouTube channel and does videos to help people get through Initiation into Hermetics, the first book of Franz Bardon. He recently started to do private transmissions for small groups. I have not experienced this personally with him but did see that he got positive feedback from the first group. The second individual is Bob from Sixty Skills who I do know much more about as I have been following his videos on YouTube. He actually does lots of different transmissions and though the subject of the thread is enlightenment, his transmissions are more about experiencing even enlightenment taken from a Hermetics perspective is about the void, akasha and non-dual light. He can only ever give you a taste to get the work started but having a taste at least shines the light on which direction to head in. So certainly, Sixty Skills is someone I can recommend as he does them on almost every Sunday. You can find both of them on YouTube, I don't want to spam links.