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  1. So I been listening to quite a while. I'm sorry for blaming everything on you. Your wonderful teacher and thanks for your self help content, your blog, and forum. I just wish. I'm sorry for the inappropriate comments, reddit account that discredit you, and using your content for my own evil. I really believe you need help. You need morality. You need Jesus. You have everything a platform and a audience. Why not redirect your life to Christ? So this is a farewell to for me. If your reading this (everybody) follow God not become God and don't attack Leo. He needs God just like us.
  2. Fly by Hopsin
  3. When it comes to enlightenment, I think the universe/god has no favorites. When I was in jail , I was extremely stage red with hint of enlightened blue. I got enlightened. Who are we to judge a serial killer, pedophile, or cartel leader. We all came out of the same infinite love essence. What's stopping them, take a's you. Evil was a intelligent invention to love hating people that are less intelligent then them. This explains why rational people hates unenlightened Christians because it undermines there intelligence. Stage Turquoise hates hate and evil. While some stage red society allows dismemberment, slaughter and beheading and other is rational, wealthy, and has a lot comfortable luxury. Deep down they hate each other mostly the stage orange one. The Stage Turquoise is the most intelligent but everything is Love/God including lower stages of morality. If you guys seen DotheWork post which he the most enlightened on the forum. There is no difference between a homeless man and businesses man at least in the love level. When it comes to evil, it's not matter of Love, we already have that. It's matter of intelligence. Cognitive, Emotional, and Universal. Intelligence can't be measured because created the measure. Neither Spiral Dynamics or Ego development can't figure out what is true Intelligence with a upper case I is. Leo has in one of his blog videos saying "you don't know what intelligence is" and think it was 2019. With his stage orange, yellow, and turquoise Infinite intelligence he made 400+ hours self help, spirituality, and psychology YT Videos. With thousands of replies to comments. And promoting and using psychedelics known and unknown. Psychedelics and his YouTube channel are two major inventions to this reality and I guess the forum. And the morality has always been based upon ironically enough stage blue presentation paradoxical spiral dynamics model. The thing is does Leo actually uses his God powers to for example instantly take us to mars. To end all the animals suffering. To heal (which hinted at leaving for awakening video) people and create Jesus like miracles. And what I think should happen Actualized becoming mainstream. This goes with the enlightened people on the forum too. With Science we have so much inventions like cars, lamps, tvs, consoles, chairs, Cheetos, houses, bikes, and etc. With Science/Rationality we actualized our pleasures, exploration, and creativity. Rationality gives us certain moral truths about pain, suffering, mental disorders (people out of the norm), what's socially acceptable, and so on . Major Questions: Is Morality about being selfless, selfish, both, or neither? Does Truth of our universe has anything do with a morality and survival. Will a survival first serial killer out live a good moral intellectual? The answer is probably the intellectual. Jeffery Dahmer would probably out live Morgan Freeman if it was the other way around. Who's is more truthful tho?
  4. I listen to griffin gaming and synthetic man. I think griffin is a little stage red and orange. Griffin talking points/presentation seems like yellow that's why I listen to him. Synthetic Man kinda stage blue because he always uses " old games good, new games bad " argument. Anyways trying to transcend to green and yellow gaming channels.
  5. So I understood Goodness in a Metaphysical manner and half epistdemlogical level. My thing is how do we apply love and goodness in a ethical and atheistic way. How do we look at murder as that's beautiful but to take step back and say that's still suffering. Which perception is more important? Ethical or Atheistic?
  6. Clarity by Zedd
  7. Creating a pt.2 because I couldn't figure out how to delete the quotes. SO someone said that sleeping is more productive than gaming which is false because your complete love doing nothing while awake your divided love working. Which means being productive. A method that used to complete all halo, fable, and gears of war was to treat every game as it's good unless it was illegal. Gaming nowadays is pretty much work, dreaming but alive. I think watching YouTube shorts, twitch, reviews, and game clips (before completing the game) is more of a procrastination than actually playing the game and putting your heart and soul to it.
  8. So in Jail, I almost ate some guys eyes because I was hungry and had only 10% human contact. So before I had a food journey that was inspired by the burning karma video. I ate beef touge, octopus, been to various around of restaurants, lobster, and etc. I remembered that I always praised Leo in there, some of the inmates were annoyed because that all I talked about. Leo always been critical about morality but where you literally like eyes that's a problem. Open minded took me to dangerous places mentally and physically. Hopefully you guys could see my logic "all food is good , so that means everything is good" "All woman are sexy, so that mean everything is sexy". I would like for Leo to make what is morality part 2. To keep us spiritual intellectual people angels and not devils. Thanks for reading.
  9. So I was wondering, how do I get back to gaming in a productive manner. I have so many good memories riding around the map of GTA v listening to Leo's videos. It's part of my life purpose but it's like there too many games and so much hours to them. Also I had a awakening in jail, I realize that it's simple as it's just nothing and my arms are nothing so that means I'm God. But during those times I miss gaming so much. Now that I have all my games back, im indecisive. So how do I become ultra high consciousness IQ gamer.