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  1. If a life coach just tells you what to do, they are a shit coach. /thread
  2. Sounds like you know what's important to you (family/dad), sounds like you know where you want to be in the near future (back in Italy) sounds like you know what you're good at and can earn a living with (teaching guitar), sounds like you know you want to do in the future (help people, learn about spirituality), sounds like you know the problems you are creating (overplanning), and sounds like you know what you need to be doing right now (focus on your studies and see what happens). So my advice is, follow your own advice! Trust yourself, stop worrying about things too far in the future, and enjoy the now.
  3. A personal observation: marketing yourself as an Andrew Tate supporter could be very bad for business. Some people will struggle to see past that. I think a lot of the things that Tate says that people find valuable are just regurgitated from somewhere else. So perhaps dig a bit deeper into the things that resonated with you and see where they originated from. Branding yourself as a big believer in Stoicism and Marcus Aurelius' number 1 fan is a lot less polarising and will paint a very different picture of you. That's just my two cents. Best of luck with your venture and I hope it brings you much joy.