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  1. Any type of sales job, even closing on the phone, would be great. It puts you in circumstances where you get all sorts of pushback and objections that you have to handle. Not only do you gain social confidence, but you can also learn persuasion tactics that will greatly help you in life.
  2. I'm excited to check out the video. Thanks again
  3. Leo, mentioned a special research chemical that gave him a very easy path for channeling the words of God. even better than 5-MeO-DMT. Does anyone know the name of the research chemical? Is there a reason why you didn't tell us the name of the research chemical? 'It feels like becoming a superconducting mouthpiece for God. You get into this slick groove and words flow out of you like honey. Completely effortless. I never normally feel that way. Even on 5-MeO-DMT I don't feel that way. There is a special state one has to enter, probably something involving the verbal parts of the brain. The verbals are supercharged. Like your verbal IQ goes up 2000%.' I'm really new to psychedelics, so I apologize if there is some type of rule or reason for not saying the name of the research chemical Thanks!
  4. He didn't say that in a video. He was responding to someone on this forum, and the topic was "Do you think channeling is real?" Here is the link to his exact post: [link]. also, This is the one I mentioned before [link]
  5. This could be true. But if it was, why didn't Leo just use the name 5-MeO-Malt?