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  1. @Charlotte I am somewhat still dealing with long COVID, but right now this is my main symptom. Before that we thought I had recovered. It's been about a year and a half since catching Covid. Thanks for the source! Thanks @Leo Gura and @flowboy . I've heard about Alpha Lipoic acid, might be worth giving it a shot. Fish oil and improving my diet seems to be helping a little bit.
  2. @flowboy By the way, which brand and how much fish oil would you recommend?
  3. @The0Self @flowboy @The0Self Thank you so much for the help. That's interesting to hear about the benefits methionine, fish oil, and psilocybin have for these symptoms and nerve growth. Can I ask, how long did it take for you to recover or for the symptoms to go away? So far it's been a month for me but still have some symptoms.
  4. Does anyone have experience/knowledge of symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy? I have been experiencing symptoms for 4 months. Cold sensations, pins and needles, numbness and tingling happen in my hands and feet. Sometimes achy arms. Makes it hard to play guitar, which is my career. Doctors are having trouble finding the cause. All that was found was my B6 is high (26.7 ng/mL) and my vitamin D is low (20 ng/mL) . For a month they've been treating me with amitryptaline 25 mg and Vitamin D3 5000 IU, and I stopped taking my B complex and multivitamin because of the the high B6. I also had long COVID since June 2022 but these neuropathy symptoms are new as of August 2023. Normal A1C checking for diabetes (4.4%), thyroid, syphilis blood test negative, B12 (370 and later 449 pg/mL), blood tests were normal except high monocytes auto (10.4), Iron was normal (96 mcg/dL), Ferritin was okay (44 ng/mL).
  5. @Yimpa Very true, I wonder if we can ever fully understand the complexities of the human brain. @Michael569 When you were describing cold exposure and body scanning mindfulness I thought of Wim Hof. I have heard some success stories with Wim Hof's breathing method and cold showers/ice baths (he himself takes it a little extreme) and am curious what do you think of its use for long COVID?
  6. @Michael569 @Michael569 @LfcCharlie4 @Leo Gura Thank you so much for the help!@Leo Gura That's definitely been on my mind a lot. Thanks, that helped put my fears in perspective. Dealing with a disease that we still don't fully understand has been quite a mind fuck. I was young and healthy so death wasn't too much of a worry once I got my vaccines, but I wasn't ready for it to negatively impact my health and at least am fortunate I'm improving. Michael you gave me a lot to work with, thank you! I've tried a few of these already, such as vitamin d supplementation, cleaning up my diet, meditation and breathing exercises, zinc and magnesium. Unfortunately with the plant based diet I was really losing weight (almost underweight) and it was tough getting enough protein, so I switched back to eating meat. Doctors have done chest x-rays and blood tests, no vitamin tests yet though. Really appreciated what you said about the yin and yang approach to exercise, cold exposure, stress resistance, etc. @Yimpa Thanks I'm hoping this one will better target the new variants! Still trying to figure out the data on how long haulers handle boosters. There is so much we still don't know.
  7. I've met some people who have had good results with nattokinase. Im considering trying it if there aren't too many side effects
  8. @PurpleTree @Recursoinominado I'm interested in how carnivore diet and creatine help with fatigue. I didn't know they could help that
  9. It seems interesting! It sounds like it could be helpful for people with ME/CFS, and maybe even those with similar symptoms with Long COVID
  10. Looks good! Solid diet honestly
  11. I am a male Covid long hauler in my late 20s who is finally starting to recover after a year of not being able to work or go to school. Now I'm worried about reinfection and continuing my career as a musician. Playing gigs as a guitarist and teaching students can be risky for avoiding COVID. I'm worried reinfection may cause my long covid symptoms to come back to how they were a year ago or get even worse. Playing guitar has always been what I've wanted to do since I was 9, so I really don't want to give it up as a career. My friend think I am just worrying and being too anxious. I know the public and politicians are saying the pandemic emergency is over but I'm still pretty scared of catching it again. But it hurts seeing my friends and fellow musicians having the time of their lives while I'm at home. How can I accurately assess my risks, especially with so many unknowns surrounding covid? Also @Leo Gura I wonder if this is something you may have some insight on in terms of assessing risks or even career advice. (My symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue, and GERD which have improved since last year. I've had 2 Pfizer shots and one booster. Contemplating on getting another booster but worried how that will effect my long COVID too.)