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  1. @Danioover9000 eternity to me is the length of what something will be infinity is all the different things that thing does
  2. if a zillion years go by and that is nothing to eternity. is god living threw content on repeat forever have i lived this life already ?im really just wondering if god is stuck in a circle and i cant figure it out can god see different things forever or does he get stuck i don't know how it would manage to make newness forever maybe that's why we cant remember anything before birth god wiped itself so it would forget that it ran out of things any comments are appreciated
  3. Half the shit you see on YouTube is jibberish junk with no real facts hence that video
  4. If I am this timeless presents. I am me nate and I'm also you , I am also a squid in the ocean And an alien in outer space a bird in the sky I I have infinite variation in each of my self there are infinite versions of the way all these Infinite kind of life's unfold my series question is this and this is not something I can wrap my mind around what happens when God's lives threw everything and variation of that thing is that why amnesia exists when I'm born because God is ginormous but in the end stuck in repetitive combination on the grand to the max scheme of things is forgetting that important in this thing called God Thanks all
  5. I think it’s interesting I’m suprised it’s not as a big deal as it is .