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  1. Hey all, here is friend of mine's new project, that I think you'd be interested in For the last ten years Miska Käppi has been teaching Indian philosophy and hosting podcast about it here in Finland. Now, with his new project, Ancient Science, he is starting to produce content in English. It has just started, but I'm sure that this will be long and productive journey. He's going to present an interpretation of ancient religious/philosophical traditions through monistic idealism. It is not going to be just trivial and shallow intelectual bullshit, nor newage woo-woo, but a rigorous philosophical study of what kind of stystems and practices our ancestors had as the foundation of their whole life and culture. Also one main goal of this project is to show how these systems and practices still have so much to give for modern people that we cannot even comprehend it. Miska is also able to synthetise wide variety of modern and premodern branches of science when precenting his thesis, this will be clear from his very first video. This makes it really credible and trustworthy way of aproching ancient traditions. Here is a link to the first video: Have a nice day!