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  1. @Brivido God I love you! These are all the things I felt too lazy to write.
  2. @Water by the River you didnt understand his question. He already knows we are all ONE (One Consciousness). He was asking if this ONE is living through others' pov as well (seeing, hearing, feeling etc) or others just act in accordance to the ONE intelligence but they are dead on the inside (no life inside, no conscious experience, no pov)
  3. @Mikesinfinity what difference does it make if both 1st person perspective worlds are only internally generated by each person? If you kill me, I will die both in your internally generated reality and in mine. So it makes no difference if this is a shared dream or individual dream, since what happens in your visual field will also happen in my visual field if we are in proximity. But to answer your real question, whether there is only one pov or an infinity of povs, well, you already know the answer to that question by reading my previous posts and comments. I'm sure you wrote this post just to get your belief validated by someone with "a degree in spirituality", by Leo himself or whatever. Truth doesnt come from "qualified" people a lot of the times. Infinity isnt what people here say it is. Infinity means an infinite succession of dreams (worlds). Not infinite possibilities experienced from 1st person perspective inside a certain dream (world). You see, this experience you're having in this "complex" universe could be unique, singular. This universe could be thrown away after just one use. Your lifetime is all this world (universe/ dream) was all about. When you die, you will enter another dream universe with completely different physics laws, time etc. Now when I said 'you' and 'after', dont take that literally. There is no you and time might not be a thing outside this current universe. So, back to my main point of this paragraph, just because you imagined infinity to be ALL possible 1st person conscious experiences in THIS universe, it doesnt mean it has to be like this. Infinity doesnt need to be manifested like that, or to be experienced from 1st person perspective in a particular universe. You can check out my previous posts and comments if you havent already
  4. @Leo Gura Don't waste this opportunity you have to learn and grow.
  5. @tuku747 A facet of God, just as Love is a facet o God. Consciousness is not a very good defining word in my opinion
  6. @Thought Art Yes you're right. You know spirituality and studied a lot that's why you understand what spirituality means when it says Consciousness. But explaining God to a newbie and using Consciousness ... it can be misinterpreted. Explaining spirituality in words is very limiting. It all depends on what meanings we attribute to certain terms
  7. Amazing. I remember I found this in a video a few years ago
  8. @Devin not even intelligence is the right word. There is no right word. They are all pointers, some of them better
  9. God is not Awareness/ Consciousness. God is Intelligence. Pure, Sole, Absolute Intelligence. God is Intelligent Design. God is not Awareness. That sounds so stupid if you think about it. Why would God be defined as Awareness? Now of course you can say God is all things, but saying God is Awareness is just as accurate as saying God is Cigarettes. Terms like Awareness and Consciousness are very misleading, because they imply something which is the object of Awareness, thus creating separation between the two, creating the illusion of duality. You are not the Awareness behind, you ARE YOUR THOUGHTS, you ARE YOUR FEELINGS. YOU ARE YOUR FUCKING KHAKIS !!
  10. @Breakingthewall I know who I AM. I know what THIS IS. I don't know any details in between. I don't know how. I don't know WHY. I just know what IT is and I know I will never know for sure anything in between. I don't care whether a dmt entity or Leo or Jesus himself tells me, I won't know for sure and frankly I don't even care. There's no higher awakening because the answers to who I AM and what IT IS will never change. The highest awakening already took place. You will know it's the ultimate - by its nature. I don't care whether I am in a simulation, or I am controlled by aliens, or I am in an alien simulation, or a simulation in a simulation etc, it doesn't change the highest awakening concept of who I am and what it is
  11. @Gesundheit2 When I say awakening I mean realizing who you are, what the nature of reality is. Not all spiritual epiphanies are awakenings. Not all spiritual knowledge is awakening. If you have more than 4-5 awakenings there's something wrong. Some of them are delusions. When you truly awaken, you realize there cant be any higher awakening. That's just pure fiction or mental masturbation, cheap thrills
  12. Leo understands the fact that others do not have a mind of their own, that it's essentially ONE MIND who rules them all. Now, you can associate this ONE MIND with the term MY MIND, since you ARE IT. So, he understands solipsism as ONE MIND who essentially is alone and only interacts with ITSELF - in the sense that everybody is just a figment of your own imagination and is ruled by YOUR MIND. That is correct. Now the problem in Leo's thinking is that he thinks he will live through others point of view (as consciousness inhabiting ALL the avatars - that is all the people who've lived and all the people who will live). He thinks this dream called reality is a shared dream between multiple instances of consciousness (HIMSELF) being through each and every one of the human avatars. This is his idea of infinity. But thinking it has to be like this is false. Infinity does not have to manifest itself it its entirety, by experiencing all the possibilities from within this dream (this universe). NO! You can very easily be the only conscious experience - the one you are having through this avatar. In the sense that Consciousness (YOU) never have been through other avatars present in your life, never will be. This means that other people are essentially deterministic robots, there's nobody in there who feels pain for example. They are not having a conscious experience: seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking. They just behave like they're alive because you imagined them to be this way. You (as consciousness) will never experience the world through their skin, through their point of view. Infinity does not have to manifest itself it its entirety, by experiencing all the possibilities from within this dream (this universe). NO! This universe was born when you came to into life and it will end when you die. ALL OF IT. It only exists in your mind. The past never took place. Nothing happens outside of your visual field, it doesnt have to. Nobody feels pain but you. Think of it like the game Grand Theft Auto, the world is being generated as you walk by. Nothing exists and nothing is happening outside of your field of vision.
  13. @Holykael At the end of your life, the pain and the pleasure you have experienced throughout your life will be in perfect equilibrium. The positives will cancel the negatives. In the end it's 0, Life is neither good nor bad. It's 0
  14. @Inliytened1 First of all, I'm not Lester ! I dont know who that is or why you guys think I am him Second of all, It's impressive you have become enlightened without drugs. I used a lot of psychedelics and dissociatives and let me tell you the states and feelings you get while tripping are MERELY POINTERS to very complex concepts like infinity, oneness, nothingness, God, everything-ness, etc. These concepts are so abstract and out of this world YOU CANNOT EXPERIENCE THEM. They were not designed to be experienced. They dont exist essentially. Everything you feel on drugs is fake, but can work well as pointers, to open your mind to possibilities. So to all the people who claim they've experienced nothingness, infinity, God on drugs, IT"S ALL FAKE, IT"S ALL A HALLUCINATION. I promise you. Yes, the feeling was metaphorically close to the actual 'concept', but it was mostly what your limited human mind thought infinity or nothingness should feel like. Even if you were close, YOU"RE NOT EVEN CLOSE! Do you get it? Nothingness is not a feeling! Infinity is not a feeling! God damn, it should be obvious, I feel so stupid even saying this to you. They're all hallucinations! Trust me, it requires you to really abuse these substances until you truly realize the meaning of what a hallucination is. They work wonders to open you up, but then if you continue using them you'll slowly enter the schizo realm by thinking you're actually speaking to "aliens" and entities and God or whatever. The drug hits you so hard that the thoughts that pop inside your head seem like they come from an alien entity. Schizo stuff. That's called psychosis, not enlightenment. It's very easy to fall into drugs' trap of "there are more awakening, there are higher and higher awakenings" that Leo seems to have fallen into. It took me a while to realize this. I kept using and using thinking there are higher and higher awakenings when in reality I was going deeper and deeper into complete delusions, total schizo realm. Complete enlightenment is definitely possible without the use of any drug. If it's 'your' destiny to awaken, 'you''ll awaken. I seriously doubt the "AWAKE" state of Leo (awake with capital A , because you see apparently there's a difference between awake and Awake, or AWAKE, who tf knows?), mainly because this post definitely came from a place of arrogance, narcissism and complete disrespect for everybody. If you think you know more than someone just because you DEDICATED YOURSELF MORE AND MADE MORE SACRIFICES AND DID MORE DRUGS:))), you're out of your mind, you're operating under a limiting belief. Whoever says he's the OnLy oNe AwAkE is probably ego tripping. It's understandable
  15. Stop with the stupid word games... it's pathetic. You're getting too hung up on wording. It's also very arrogant and closed-minded of you to believe we haven't experienced higher awakenings, or that we don't know there are higher and even higher awakenings. I have told you this before and I'm telling you this now at the risk of getting banned since it seems like you're Mr. know it all seen it all tripped it all: you don't understand solipsism in its entirety. I know your pride and your ego mind doesn't like to be challenged and your immediate response is to completely reject questioning yourself BECAUSE YOU HAVE DEDICATED YOURSELF TO UNDERSTANDING MORE THAN ALL OF US, YOU HAVE TRIPPED MORE THAN ALL OF US etc etc which are all limiting beliefs I hope one day you'll become so enlightened you'll be humble. "This guy talks about being humble but look how condescending he is!" Yes, it's called gAsLiGhTinG :))))))) Funny how you see me as arrogant and I see you as arrogant. I have watched you video on solipsism and you're not quite there yet.