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  1. Hello, I am offering free video readings for members of this board so that we can become better acquainted. A Cartomancy Forecast & Extensive Reading covers many areas of life, and the cards show and indicate the lines of action that should be followed in many phases of human affairs, and in many of the complicated situations that can arise in the life of an individual, there is a solution to be found in the cards, and in the way they present themselves, as they affect this situation, and the individual, in any phase of their life. It requires considerable skill in the art of Cartomancy to read what lies hidden in the leaves, but this office is prepared to deliver only the highest grade of work, and that is thoroughly intuitive, founded upon the laws of Nature, as they have been worked out through ages of observation and experience, and as they are handed down to us today from the Ancient and Medieval people. Trusting we may be of service to you along this great and important line, and that we may have the privilege of getting you started right in life, or to get you into your proper work and calling, believe us to be, Yours for greater success, M. El-Mirak *This personal reading will be available for you via video and you will recieve a link as soon as possible, which is usually on the same-day or at most 72 hours after your request is recieved. It is fully understood in advising you on any subject, El-Mirak makes no claim to the supernatural, and does not locate lost friends, lost or stolen articles, nor tell fortunes. This reading is provided for entertainment purposes.
  2. Personal develop and growth will lead you to becoming the person you want to become and living the life that you want to live. Having studied this area for many years I developed a series of Guided Meditations where you meet Muses who will inspire you to grow and flourish in new and unexpected ways. Many of my followers have told me that this was a life-changing and transformative experience that helped them to stop bad habits and find the focus and clarity of mind necessary for them to succeed. Enjoy meeting the Muses and let me know what they have to share with you!