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  1. Hello, I took Jordan Peterspon's big 5 personality test 4 years ago, but I was having a rough time back while I was doing it. I want to understand myself more accurately and I hesitate that I take this test wrongfully like a placebo effect. What other resources can I use for my personality? I think identifying my types of inteliigence can also be a great addition.
  2. You can read nootropicsexpert. He is as good as it gets when researching nootropics. I also recommend David's book Head First. It seems to me bible for nootropics
  3. Which book? Mastery by George leonard, or robert greene?
  4. And I am a university student. I want to read more books that can me intellectual, that is my primary goal. But I don’t want to spend too much time specifically on investing beacuse I am not that productive. I saved a lot of money that sits in the bank, and I just don’t want to lose its value in the long run. So I will give a break from intellectual reading and work towards this goal for some months. Shortly speaking, how can I start financial management to protect my saving’s value? Is this achieavable in 3-5 months?
  5. Hello everybody, what do you think about patience? What are some mistakes you did and regret by not staying patient in life?
  6. Although I like these two quotes and others I have seen, I did not do any study like I just described. I looked at them only for a minute or so, but they were still beneficial. Quotes are powerful
  7. I used to kind of have to read a quote a day in my insight timer app before every meditation as the app shows a quote before it starts. There were some that were interesting. I think they can be studied contemplatively, for example 15 minutes a day for a quote, and get some wisdom out of it. One quote that was great for me was from Rumi, Life is a balance between holding on and letting go, and another from him, Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
  8. I think if someone wants to awaken and lives in western society, they would probably need to have maslows lower level needs met to the degree of esteem needs at least. Because the western culture always forces you to meet these needs and therefore there must be a solid ground for a serious spiritual path to happen without giving up. If the person doesnt have so much material pleasure and earns a decent amount of money, then there is no reason not to pursue spirituality.
  9. I expected a different kind of answer, that was more explanatory( like habits, career, family information etc...)and less philosphical. But this explains a lot, as it is dense and feels very true. Thanks @Moksha
  10. What goes on your regular day? The first thing I found when I searched YouTube was a parody of "a day in the life of a self actualized being"
  11. So I started following The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa, which is great as it gives detailed fundamental information about the nature of conscious awareness. I am in stage 2 now, have greater concentration. So I have 2 questions for The Mind Illuminated readers: 1. When does The Mind Illuminated style meditation show actual benefits? 2. I heard it is easier to do jhanas than TMI meditation. If it is easier I will switch to Jhanas because I think I can get faster results with Jhanas being pleasurable by its nature. Thanks
  12. Hello everybody, I have been depressed for a long time and also had anxiety. I also become confused often and sometimes become unstable. I sometimes don't know what to do and this makes me very upset. What can I do to make myself more decisive and stable? I took many kinds of psychiatric drugs, and I see my therapist but they are not deep enough, they don't solve the problem and I am getting worse.
  13. What are some books on Lucid Dreaming? I am a beginner and want to learn more. I tried some exercises but they dont work. Thanks
  14. @Carl-Richard It was good. It made my perspective a bit larger. Thanks