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  1. What are your favourite positions in bed? Any kinks?
  2. @Aidan Children should be raised by both mother and father together.
  3. Invest in real estate or something like that, making sure my children will not have any financial worries in their future. And travel the world!
  4. @Waves I agree, the "English person" is the most open one. I always thought German to be a rather ugly language until I read Hermann Hesse and discovered that it can be beautiful when used properly. Spanish is my third language and hearing and speaking it puts me in a relaxed mood, I love the sound of it, it can be very colourful. @Mondsee Where do you learn Nahuatl? I lived in Mexico several years and I've heard many words here and there and would like to learn more.
  5. Which are the best (natural) ways of boosting estrogen levels? Thanks!
  6. @Santiago Awareness is key. Read "Running on empty" by Jonice Webb. It's an eye-opener! Best vibes your way!
  7. @texter It's a new vaccine. Have there been independent controlled double blind studies made to ensure the safety? Never forget that doctors and the pharma industry make enormous amounts of money with this and like any business all they think about is profit. The HPV-vaccine was also considered "harmless" and hyped after it came out and hundreds of girls fell ill, some of them even died. Well, at least you looked at both sides. However, before you truly go for it I strongly encourage you to let your doctor give you the package insert to read (and read it well, you now have more information after reading the links and other pages). I am extremely skeptical of vaccines and to me the risks outweigh the benefits. Watch this:
  8. @Akshay How about you simply tell her to stop playing games and stop flirting with you if she's not interested in you "that way"? Tell her it screws you up and you want to maintain a good relationship to her but if she really considers you a friend she sure doesn't want you to be hurt. Just be honest with her.
  9. @texter I wouldn't! I highly encourage you (and everyone else who reads this) to read up on the dangers of vaccines instead of blindly listening to doctors and/or pharma industry without informing yourself properly. Asking your doc about side effects won't give you the whole information because they either like to conceal it or they don't even know themselves. Know both sides of the coin and then you'll be able to take a well informed decision prior to a vaccination because you can delay or deny one but once you've been injected you can't go back on that decision anymore. Here is some general information (there's A LOT more out there but this is what I found with a quick search) I'm be curious to know which decision you'll take in the end.
  10. Could it be she's simply enjoying your attention and does these things to get an ego-boost?
  11. @Shir When I was still a virgin I also wanted my first time to be something special, a sacred moment shared with that special someone, etc. It all came to be very different than I could have ever imagined. In my case in it was a very very negative experience but I'm not saying that's normal. What I am saying is that it's nice you have all those ideas about virginity and future sex life and all but don't get too stuck on any type of ideas you may have because life often surprises us and turns "plans and hopes" upside down. Don't overthink this issue and simply go with the flow. Everyone is afraid of being let down by a partner but this uncertainty is part of life. No risk no fun.
  12. @TRUTH_SEEKER If you can "fix" your childhood trauma everything else will follow. You may want to read "Running on empty" by Jonice Webb, it helped me.
  13. @brovakhiin I know. But I also know which my particular problems are @ill Thank you! I'll try that!
  14. @Jhonny Stay in the shade as much as possible, put a towel drenched in cold water on your neck, wet hair as already mentioned, spray cool water in your face (for example thermal water spray so your skin doesn't dry out in case you have skin issues), drink coconut water (for electrolytes), and super basic: get a hand held fan
  15. @Voyager Don't have any experience, never heard of it up until now but it sounds really interesting. Would love to hear more about this.
  16. @SFRL Thanks for your words. I don't have acne. And I don't wear make-up. I don't really care what my skin looks like anymore nor do I care what others think. The only reason I'm looking for something is because it can be very painful sometimes. The skin on my finger joints literally cracks open when my estrogen levels are low and when it's very severe I can barely touch anything without being in constant pain. I do use oils and lotions to lubricate the skin but by far it's not enough. That may treat it but doesn't cure it. I don't need something that covers up I need something that fixes the problem at its core. As I said before, the problem is from within and I am looking for natural ways of boosting estrogen levels because this cracking of the skin only happens when my levels are low.
  17. @Michael569 I have tried pretty much everything there is for the skin. The problem is from within. Also treating the gut is not enough. I have had my levels checked and all the doctors want to give me are hormonal pills which I refuse. There must be a more natural way without side effects.
  18. Mood and skin issues mainly. When my levels are down I have skin problems (extremely dry and it literally cracks open which can be quite painful).
  19. @Socrates I understand you for the most part (though I don't get what going vegan has to do with anything). However, remember you also started small on this journey and not everyone you encounter and feel superior over has had the same chances as you in their lives. Each one has to travel their own road carrying their own load so don't feel disrespect for them. If you were in their shoes would you still be in the same place of knowledge you are in now?
  20. @Leo Gura Why did you chose that particular logo for actualized? VERY similar logos have been used to symbolize rather sinister things.
  21. @lens not sure if this makes any sense to you but get your hands on a homeopathic remedy "aurum metallicum". It's natural so there's no side effects. It helps to calm your nerves and doesn't let "intruders" in I've heard.
  22. @kieranperez I can relate to your being afraid of losing someone. You mentioned you're 22 and I also had that type of "low" around those years. Life is still very confusing at that age, at least it was for me. It still is sometimes but different. Anyway, I got over this by forcing myself not to think about those things anymore. Observe your thoughts and stop them. Re-direct them to something nice. It takes some practice but you may want to give it a try. Your "baby blanket" is your safe heaven, you're with something familiar, non-judging where you feel secure. Makes sense and it's fine you have something like that I suppose. But it shows you have a very deep needs. Over the last few years I've educated myself a lot about early childhood trauma and neglect because I am simply intrigued by the topic and it has been an eye-opener in some ways for myself as well. Maybe you want to read up a bit on that. If you're interested send me a private message and I'll recommend you some books. Find out where your needs for safety come from (yes, it's a basic human need but your need seems to be more intense), why you have this fear of loss. Have you been traumatized by the loss of someone or something in the past? To tackle a problem you often have to dig deeper and find its roots and then go from there. Once you understand what's going one, where the issues come from it's easier. Knowledge makes you stronger.
  23. @Siim Land Other than regular supplements can you recommend other ways of ingesting magnesium? Thanks!
  24. @starsofclay Don't forget that EVERY child is born into this world with infinite potential. The problem is never the children but the parents. The parents are the ones who create or destroy in every sense.
  25. @ThirdEyeSees "we're wasting time raising children"? I didn't see the video. Is that really what was being said? Words like that could only come from someone without children or from a very uncaring parent whose children I would truly pity.