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  1. What sport or exercise benefits you the most? Curious on how it's helped you -mental health, body transformation, achievement? Do you feel like sport/exercise is a big part of your personal journey? I've been drawn to a lot of different exercise the past few years. For the past year I've been weight lifting in attempts to improve my physique, but recently slowed down on that and picked up martial arts again (bjj and boxing). I feel like it's benefited me massively in general happiness, fitness, gave me an outlet, and actually showed me that I'm capable of learning something. Hbu?
  2. True true, London is a lot of money. How much more attention do you feel you get in different countries where you're seen as more rare compared to your home?
  3. Yeah, I can understand that
  4. @meta_male Haha that it is
  5. @Lila9 I feel you on walking being therapeutic ? Very simple, but always helps change my mood
  6. @meta_male Not that I've seen in London ?
  7. Shooting is really interesting. Always wanted to try it, but it's hard to find a range where the membership isn't mad expensive
  8. Yesss! I actually used to do that a lot. One of the few forms of cardio that wont bore me
  9. Curious, is it necessary to uproot your life and move countries to find girls?? Why not just go to a larger city in your own country where it's more multicultural and find girls there? Saying this as I live in London now and most of the dates I go on are with men who aren't from the UK.
  10. Follow your own choice. You know you want your girlfriend and would like to build something with her. Don't allow a parent to control your happiness because of what they have threatened or to gain their approval. There will be a day when they aren't here and you'll have to continue the life they've laid out for you. It's better to make a life you actually want than be stuck with someone else's version of what life should be.
  11. I'm in sales too. We have sales impact academy and Chris Voss runs a pretty good course on negotiation through tactical empathy. There's also courses for multichannel prospecting. Daniel Disney does some videos for utilising linked in. May be worth checking out ?
  12. I work because I'm not ready to give up the lifestyle I have and live with only the basics like a tent and tinned food?‍♀️ I recently started a job which is a lot better than all of my older ones, and gives me more time off, so it feels like a huge improvement. I think if I didn't work at all, I'd get very bored, but in an ideal situation, I'd be working for myself. Sometimes work does feels like a massive scam though, to spend such a large part of your time raking in cash for someone else, but I try to think of it as the payment to access the world of regular society. You have to play your part in doing what needs to be done, even when you don't want to. Otherwise you don't get all the good parts you like indulging in.
  13. I feel like there's definitely phases of this. In my past, the struggle was more with other people, as an adult the struggle is more against myself than with others. My fear of gaining but also not gaining the life I want. Trying to battle anxiousness and the limitations I've placed on myself. What about you @StarStruck
  14. Hey, when I felt like there was no right path, I found it helped to look into hobbies and jobs that would give me skills that would be useful for me. I looked into martial arts, writing, and went for a job in sales in order to get more conversation/confidence skills. Maybe look at the dream board you made and plot out things that would help you get there, even if it's just by building skills that might vaguely help towards the goals.