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  1. I've been using MidJourney AI for a while to do my graphics because I am not good at them at all. This is how I implement it although I'd love to learn other AIs as well. What is everyone else using?
  2. The way I view other beings and souls suffering is to look at it like an observer that has no stake in the suffering or in finding a solution. It is not mine. It doesn't belong to me. I feel compassion for what the soul is going through, but I also know its not mine. If I learn by proxy, so be it, but I don't feel the pain, nor do I let it sit inside me and fester. Suffering is Godly, it's balance, it must be looked at like a need for the person or thing suffering. Suffering brings growth and development, don't be sad for them, be happy for their soul path, they are doing the work.
  3. @Aiwass Thank you for your feedback!
  4. I just finished the classes and this is what my life is all about now. Doing research to start my own practice. That is all.
  5. @OBEler That's interesting. I didn't account for the meo reactivations. Thank you for bringing that up. I have had both. That's why I'm asking others. To compare what I've been through to their experience. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. @Pudgey Actually, hypnosis is geared toward anything you need from it. Not just breaking habits, not just healing... you can do anything with it if you're skilled enough and have the tools. Either way, thank you for your opinion. This is what I was seeking here. A conversation. <3
  7. @flowboy No at all. I have just experienced this is all. Wondered if anyone else found going to source during a QHHT induction was beneficial over drugs. That's all. I found it to be for me. We can take this down if this is the feeling toward the post. I wanted opinions to compare to mine. That is all. I don't and haven't received any money to say what I say. Quite the opposite, it's expensive to have a session to even experiment with it. That's all. I'm sorry if this upset you. That was not my intention.
  8. I feel that what people are looking for in the psychedelic community is connecting with the oneness of source and discovering the unlimited potential of the healing Source offers to those who are ready to do the work. QHHT Dolores Cannon's Technique offers the same thing. I feel that this can be used to guide more safely than those tripping to find it. Also, I see it's easier to integrate the guidance afterwards. Plus, there's not all the vomiting and body chemistry changes that tax and take a toll on the body itself. Opinions from those who have tried both please! Or anyone!