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  1. You're intellectually reasoning that you, the music in the bluetooth speaker, and the person in the park are the same consciousness, which is true. But you are still presuming that there is an individual consciousness in the person in the park and in yourself, which is why you can't grasp the answer. You've already said "my consciousness IS NOT listening to the music of that bluetooth speaker" but you are asking if the consciousness of the guy in the park can hear it. The short answer is No, he can't hear it. And you can't hear it either.
  2. How do you clean your drinking water? Have you found a way to remove forever chemicals and hormones?
  3. Ultra fast wireless communication between brain and server would eliminate that issue.
  4. What do you mean by this. Are you saying that it is not a state one can attain? Or are you saying that it is a real state, but is not useful or worth pursuing? Surely centerlessness should still be pursued even if your consciousness goals extend far beyond it... or no?
  5. Can you describe the phenomenology a little? Has your realisation of no-self permanently shifted your day to day perception, if so.. how? What does your moment to moment experience appear like? Also, How come you don't talk about centerlessness in your videos? I've never heard you talk about it, or even claim to have attained it after all these years of awakening and enlightenment talk. Maybe you have... but I am not aware of it, so I imagine you haven't spoken on it much.
  6. Are you referring to the "Beyond God Realisation" video? As I understand it Frank was talking about how "God" is just a more expanded experience of ego, and that there is more to go to arrive at total permanent centerlessness. He wasn't exactly saying that Leo's insights are below "traditional Enlightenment". He was outlining some trappings on the path that prevent people from attaining centerlessness, which is something that Leo doesn't really talk about... I wonder if Leo's attained it. If he has, awesome. But if not, he should.. and THEN critique Frank. From how Leo talks about and dismisses the no-self insight, I am not sure he's actually had it. Not deep enough to realise permanent centerlessness anyway. Maybe he has... But I don't think so simply because I've never heard him mention it. And I've watched basically everything he's put out on enlightenment, consciousness and nonduality.
  7. I partially agree to that. I think Frank articulates the goal of meditation a LOT better than Leo. And I say that having tried both, and been an avid viewer of Leo for years and years. The whole thing about dissolving the centre of solidity in the head is brilliant, and something Leo doesn't point to quite so directly. And I'd say at the end of the day that's really all you need to go all the way. At least if your goal is Anatta realisation. Which I understand is not the be all and end all in Leos books.
  8. That's interesting to me. I have a few friends that I share Franks videos with who are just not interested in it ?. But for me there was an instant resonance that catapulted me into deep deep practice. I love Leo's videos too, I've actually been watching him for a hell of a lot longer than Frank and I've gotten a lot out of them.. but just nothing as visceral and embodied as the shifts I got from Franks guidance, more intellectual stuff. It's funny because, since getting the shifts my way of thinking has changed a lot too. My perception of the relative world has been updated. So now when I watch Leo's videos I resonate a lot more, and he says things I've been contemplating on by myself. So I can appreciate his work a lot more since doing the work via Franks methodology.
  9. I basically just watched his videos on a loop and practiced Vipassana, got all the Jhanas, my first cessation and stream entry within a few months. Permanent changes in perception as a result. I don't know what Kriya Yoga is.
  10. I haven't done 5MEO but I've done basically everything else.
  11. Speaking from experience, Frank has done more for me practically than Leo has. Although, Leo has done more for me theoretically. I've attained stable states of consciousness totally naturally because of Frank. I've never gotten anything of the sort from Leo, and in day to day life that makes a difference.
  12. essentially "trust me bro"
  13. Have you seen Terminator, or 2001 A Space Odyssey? If not. Check out those films and you'll understand why people are afraid.