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  1. As someone who has tried this new compound/mushroom and is now a member of the church, I can say that it is indeed legit. It's meant to be microdosed but the full experience is reminiscent of the 5 meo experience but not debilitating and overwhelming. It's the ultimate spiritual supplement. There is a sense of unity, love, joy and connectedness. It is a deeply spiritual state that allows you to function while also giving that 5 meo love and understanding for hours. I personally have grown and healed because of this medicine. I've seen mention of people being suspicious of it as a scam or that the founders have less than pure intentions. People can believe what they want but I can attest to the purity of heart and motives of the founders of this church after meeting them. This is a building block on road to being legally allowed to practice our "religion" and seek spirituality in the way we see fit. I think this is a courageous and inspiring move to seal in stone our right to consume the sacraments that the good earth has always provided for us. This is how policy and change is made. I'm very proud to be a tiny piece of that. I assume most people reading this understand the life changing potential of these medicines. Whether you are a free spirited, dreadlocked hippy or a war veteran or rape survivor, these medicines have the power to heal and this is telling the government that you can't take that away from us.