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  1. Leo could make millions by putting honey into our mouth and tell us the same buddhist bullshit we hear everywhere else. I'm glad that he offers us a different perspective, and I think his posts are very funny. You want to awaken, yet you feel offended by being called a rat? He is fulfilling his purpose by making us think and dig deeper. I had a very strong feeling that there is something wrong with all the nondualists in the field and that they are not enlightened at all. I personally like Leos new style, he could just post more videos like that haha. Why do you even take this stuff personally? He is just joking and using his kind of humor to point to the truth that most people, who think are awakened, truly aren't. That is great. If that triggers you, guess what that means? It means you are not awake.
  2. Use your loved ones to dissolve your ego by fully serving them. Use the Situations with others for forgivness and learning how to unconditionallly love. God didn't pur us here to live seperate in caves because thats the only way to wake up. We can wake up anywhere ind every circunstance and actually every circunstance is there to help US awaken. So use whatever life presents to you, it is there for you to grow...
  3. For me that would be if my ego is lost constantly and Not just at the peak of my psychedelic trip
  4. So for a few years now i use lsd to open the gates so to say. I am already way past my mind and my ego when i am in that state and i experience myself as God (i become everything in my experience) I always sit down, Focus on my sense of being and than "the god head" opens up within me and huge amounts of energy flood my System. Sometimes the Energy gets so strong that i have the feeling if i go on i will physically die or my nervous System will be deytroyed. I then stop the process because i dont want to leave my body yet. Everytime i let the Energy flood my System, my consciousness expands even more though... Its maybe important to mention that my ego already dissolved when i am in that state of flooding myself with energy. It just feels like im going deeper and deeper into what i TRULY am and at a certain point Its just too much for my body. It Literally starts hurting in my nerves... Now my question is should i just go deeper and is there no danger to my body or should i go slow? Is this maybe just some ego Mechanism, which is still there and keeps me from having full enlightenment? Thx
  5. You are dreaming everybody else and also yourself. You are as much a dreamcharacter as "the others"... I once noticed that nobody was real, but i still thought that i myself as this body mind was real, i than gave this a bit of a deeper Observation and found out that im also just a dream hehe
  6. Oh man...humans are just petty little egos. You want to get over your breakup, than fucking keep loving your ex and realize that you dont need to posses her to love her. You got together because you loved her so just keep on loving her and Set her free. She is probably better of without you if you are so attached to your ego anyways... I have had 3 ex girlfriends i loved with all my heart. All relationships ended because we just went different paths. I still love them to death and they appreciate my love so much that they Do anything for me. They help me financially if i need it, they even hook me up with their beautiful girlfriends. You dont know what you are missing out when you stop the relationship to your ex... You think you should See them as they are Not that special, i say See them exactly as special as they are. They are god. they are your teachers. they wake you up to who you really are. If it wasnt for my breakup with my ex i would have never awakened. i would have never started working on myself. i would have never experienced infinite i Fall down on my knees and Thank my ex for leaving me everytime i See her. See this breakup as the greatest Gift ever give to you and stop bitching around... Just use the breakup to dissolve your ego and never stop loving someone just because your ego is broken. Let the ego die man, it will be the best Thing that ever happened to you... Everything that happens to us in life is just a Chance to grow so we can experience deeper levels of love. Acknowledge that and be greatful for your ex and also for the breakup. Thats the way..
  7. @Jowblob no, 1p is better. 1v Takes forever to kick in and doesnt feel as smooth...
  8. @eggopm3 The government made it legal to sell so there are weed Shops every where. They also sell it on Market. I think Its still recommended to smoke inside only but pretty much everybody is Smoking on the street also. I persinally wouldnt Do that though. I would just smoke at the room, coffe Shop or on the beach... Lets See i will use it soon i think to see if i can have the Same awakenings as on lsd
  9. Hi I was wondering how exactly you use Weed for awakening? I used to smoke but just for recreational purpose and i thought i might give it another try and use it for spiritual growth. I am currently in thailand and they legalized weed here hehe so I thought it might be convenient. Do you smoke it? If yes pure or with tabacco? What Dose Do you use? Do you reccomend eating it? When you are high what are the further steps you practice in order to open up the Gates? I aprecciate your answer.
  10. Hi I have very deep awakenings with even a small Dose of lsd. 50 mcg is more than enough to let me break through into enlightenmen World. Once the lsd kicks in, i am somehow able to awaken my energy which than shoots up my spine and comes out of my head. When that happens it feels like "I" have dissolved and completely merged with everything. I can then stay high above my crown chakra and all i feel is extrem bliss. Everything is pure golden bliss and i stay there as long as my body can take it. After a while i come back into the "Illusion" but im still fully lucid in it. I dont have the feeling im in the body, instead im just everywhere. Also i dont move my body anymore, it is moved by pure intelligence. It feels so amazing because it litterally seems like god has overtaken my body and is now working through me. Whats interesting is, that my ego is also somehow there, but Its just very quiet and even wants to surrender to that greatness. Sometimes i then have encounters with "other" entities, which i Do know that they are really just myself. But if i interact with them from the ego mind they seem like "other". They sometimes give me insights or work on my energy System so I can reach even higher States of bliss. I know, Its just me working on myself... Whats always weird is Droping out of that state again. I feel so sad and almost depressed. I pray every Day that this will be my default state. I just want god in my life, always... Why Do think one always Drops back? My theory is that maybe my nervous System cannot hold such high energy for a long time, because Literally my nerves hurt after a few hours of being so conscious. I am then curios if it is good to work with psychedelics to cultivate that energy or if they Do harm to the Energy System, so that it will even be more difficult to reach These States permanently. The next few days i Do feel more tired and a bit exhausted of energy... Thats why im wondering. What Do you think?