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  1. It's not worth taking it solo. It has a similarity to ketamine but is too short to really take something out of the experience. Besides that it is also addictive and many people don't know how to inhale it correctly. I've inhaled it a few times on LSD and it did intensify the trip for a short time and gave it a good taste, but nothing I would recommend to others. There are better substances than that.
  2. He said: "Psychedelics do not fit the criteria because they simply change the way you perceive reality. Thus not making them reality." To the second question: "We are part of reality because we are inside it and and have the consciousness to perceive it from the inside as well. Imagine it's like a fish in the Ocean. He is part of the Ocean. But he can also perceive the Ocean which is outside/around him." To this he just replied why do you think that he assumes that. Okay thank you. I ask myself if it benefits me to have conversations with people about this topic that a critical and I don't only mean psychedelics. Sometimes it just triggers my ego. And it is also very hard for me to put this in words that others can understand what I mean. I guess it is better for me to go deeper into this topic and to have more psychedelic experiences before I start talking with other people (besides this forum) about it.
  3. This is a question I ask myself all the time. With my past experiences it feels like only consciousness is real but consciousness is everything. Does it mean that everything is real because everything is absolute?
  4. I already asked him that and he said the following. "Reality is the Universe outside of us which we can perceive with limited senses. Because if there wasn't something real outside then there is nothing to perceive. Something must be perceived and that something is reality."
  5. When do you plan to release it?
  6. Are you contemplating or do you try to be without thoughts while you are on psychedelics? What do you do to go as deep as possible besides taking a high dose?
  7. @Leo Gura I wanted to ask if there is a reason why you don't reply to my post. Don't you like to be asked with your name in the title of a post; did you ever speak about this topic in one of your videos and you just don't want to repeat it; is it because I didn't make a lot of post yet or didn't you see my post? I'm here to learn and to improve myself. I would like to know if there was a reason for that or if I am just overthinking it.
  8. I was always interested to know more about the effects of this mushroom. Yesterday I saw that you tried it. Feel free to share your experience.
  9. After a few N,N-DMT breakthroughs I feel like moving to another psychedelic. I would be interested to know if you have periods in which you take different psychedelics or if you always stick to one. For myself I think of taking LSD on a regular base again and also smoking 5-MeO-DMT. I still need to try plugging it to see the difference. I also think of smoking 5-MeO-DMT on the peak of a LSD trip. Curious if anyone in this forum ever tried this combo.
  10. Do you smoke it in a bong, joint or do you use a vaporizer?
  11. After watching many videos of Leo, meditating and taking various psychedelics I finally had my first God-Realization. I didn't expect it to be 1D-LSD. Two weeks earlier I was taking N,N-DMT for several days in a row. My expectation was to get my first God-Realization there. Even with many breakthroughs, I didn't get to that level. Yesterday I tried 1D-LSD for the first time and decided to take 300µg. The trip started to feel much stronger than expected. My ego wanted to resist. I haven't felt this uncomfortable with psychedelics in a long time. I suddenly had suicidal thoughts. Even though I didn't want to kill myself, having those thoughts didn't feel good. I was afraid. I needed distraction and started watching a video of Leo. In middle of it I was saying to myself that this can't be it, I need to give this trip a second chance. So I stopped the video, put on my headphones, lied down and closed my eyes. I had the strongest visuals I've ever experienced on LSD. My mind tried to understand what was happening. It was new to me. And I couldn't remember the things I had learned about consciousness. It felt like I was about to go insane. My mind tried to figure out who I am until I realized it's not me thinking about it. I started noticing that I am the observer of my mind, watching it all the time, trying to understand what is happening. I realized that it's not possible to figure out what's going on with logic. Up to this point, I knew that if I tried to understand it, it would only get weirder. At this point I completely shut down my mind. I was conscious like never before. And suddenly I had this indescribable feeling. It was so profound. I experienced Awakening. From then on I was pure consciousness. All senses merged into one. There was a new kind of intelligence. Human intelligence didn't even come close. I got a full understanding of reality. I only exist in the here and now. There is no past or future. There was never a birth or a death. Just Infinity. I am nothing. I am eveything. Leo was always just an imagination of mine. It needed to be like. I am Leo. Then the following questions came up: What is religion? Also just an illusion of mine? And who is God? I AM GOD. I am the Creator of everything. I am Love. I am. That was the most profound experience I've ever had. It was beautiful. And even if I'm talking to myself now... ...thank you Leo for everything.
  12. Meditating absolutely helps you for trips. No matter if you do it in general or right before. It helps you to be more present and to let go. I don't know how it goes with schizophrenia. Better start with a low/mid dose of 2C-B or Shrooms. LSD is also good but be aware of the long duration.
  13. In the absolute moment it was totally okay. My ego tries to relatively categorize it and this makes it harder to accept it.
  14. That's indeed true. At this very moment it felt like this but in the end I realised that there was a lot more to discover. I think it was more my arrogance a few days ago. I told a friend that I can't get a bad trip because it is easy for me to let go. Thank you for all your comments. I'm just super grateful for this experience, for this forum, for life, for everything.
  15. Thank you for sharing this. I experienced something very similar last night. My time has not yet come to take a high dose of 5-MeO-DMT though.
  16. And what exactly do you want? Is it to realize that you are god?
  17. What do you think about mixing psychedelics with dissociatives? I see a lot potential in it. With LSD & Ketamine I experienced things that wouldn't be possible with only one substance. My field of vision was so distorted that I had still images. It was a complete loss of identity. Not trying to disrespect the substances. They are already very powerful alone. Plugging 5-MeO-DMT & Ketamine could be very profound. They only problem might be that you won't remember a lot of it and this makes it harder to integrate.
  18. It's good to have at least 10+ trips with every substance before mixing them.
  19. They all convert to regular LSD when you consume them. There are only a few small differences like duration but they are that small that Set & Setting has a bigger impact on how the trip will go.
  20. LSD is a good help for that. It made my K-Hole last 2-3 times longer than usual.